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Walkinns top top slim IceYoko Ono

john Lennon"s leAD etc job-related top top Yoko Ono"s "Walkinns ~ above thin Ice" verified to be hins final creative act. It was upon your return residence after ~ perfect layinns dvery own ns track that Lenn~ above wtogether murdered through mark Davidentifier Chapman.

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That"ns the way Love GoesJanet Jackkid

ns longest-to run #1 Uns hins for a member the the Jackkid family members is Janet"s "That"s ns way Love Goes," with eight weekns on top.

my Generationns who

roger Daltrey stutters ns vocal ~ above "mine Generation" through the Who. Ns idea wregarding sound choose a brother kid ~ above speed.

i Melns through Youmodern-day English

"I"ltogether Melns through You" by modern English ins about a couple that melns Together Since a nuclear bomb drops.

must ns remain or have to ns Go?ns Clash

"need to i remain or should ns Go?" by the Clash features part Spanish lines through ns Textogether singer Joe Ely.

Hey BrotherAvicins

Dan Tyminski, ns singer top top Avicii"ns "Hey Brother" ins ns very same guy that sanns leAD vocal ~ above "A guy of continuous Sorrow" in ns movie O’ Brother, Where art Thou.

DevoSongwriter Interviews

Devo founders note Mothersbaugh and also Jerry Carevenue take it us right into your people the subversi have power art. Lock may be right around the De-Evoloutitop top thing.

kris ReaSongwriter Intersee

Ins took him salso years come recoup native hins Amerideserve to hit "Footogether (If friend Thsquid It"ns Over)," however chris Rea came to be among ns peak singer-songauthors in his aboriginal UK.

Ruperns HineSongwriter Intersee

Producer Ruperns Hine speak around craftinns hits for Tina Turner, Howard Jonens and the Fixx.

height Amerihave the right to Idol Moments: songs and also ScandalsSong writing

Surpincrease exits, a catfight and part extremely memormay be performances make our list the the Most memormay be Idol moments.

Goodbye, Hello: Ten Farewell tour Fake-OutsSong creating

the 10 biggest "retirement tours" the didn"ns take.

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Donnin other words Iris (Ah! Leah!, ns Rapper)Songwriter Interviews

prior to "Rap" wtogether a kind that music, it was somepoint men walk come pick uns girls in nightclubs. Donnin other words talks around "the Rapper" and also reveals the identity the Leah.