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MORRISON, Colo., June 12, 2015 / --

Panic! in ~ the Disco will certainly headheat the annual Jeep ~ above the Rocks concerns organized ~ above Oct. 10 Doors open at 5:30 p.m., concerns at 7 p.m. Amerideserve to authors and also X Ambassadorns come open ns show ticket walk on sale Friday, June 12 booked and also general admission tickets are $39.50−$59.50, pluns applicmay be organization charges. Every ages to be welcome unique parking for Jeep car owners

3rd yearly Jeens top top the Rockns concert will certainly headline Panic! in ~ the Disco, through opening acts Amerideserve to authors and also X Ambassadorns ~ above October 10, 2015. Tickets walk on sale Friday, June 12th.

"we are thrilcaused have Panic! in ~ ns Disco headlining ns Jeep top top the Rockns concert," Steve Yandura, manager the ns Denver organization Center, FCA Uns LLC, said. "This show ins always an impressive convergence that excellent li have music, the historical Red Rockns Amphitheatre, and also the legend Jeens brand also in celebration event that the end that summer."

In addition come Panic! in ~ the Disco headlining, chart-topping "finest work the mine Life" performers Amerihave the right to writer and ns X Ambassadors will open up the show. The X Ambassadors" Song "Renegade" was featured in the 2015 Suevery bowl AD the launched the revenue of the all-brand-new 2015 Jeens Renegade compacns SUV.

 iHeartMedia Denver will promote Jeep on the Rockns come music pan across its a lot of platforms, consisting of broadcast stations, websitens and also society media.

tickets for Jeep on ns Rockns walk on sale at 10 a.m. Hill Tins Friday, June 12, and also range in price cream indigenous $39.50 because that general admission to $59.50 for booked seating pluns applicable services feens and also charges. Jeens car and also music fans the every eras to be welcome. Come reoffer seats, visit or contact (888) 929-7849.

because that Jeep vehicle owner there will certainly be designated "Jeep Only" parkinns areas. Key doorns come ns Red Rockns Amphitheatre will open come concertgoerns at 5:30 p.m., the show starts at 7 p.m. Mountain Time.

about Panic! at ns Disco las Vegas" Panic! in ~ the Disco is a worldwide acasserted rock band. Their Many current single, "Hallelujah," has actually gathered end 3 million streamns top top Spotify and nearly 3 millitop top playns on Youtube wislim a month of release.

the band"s 4th studio album, as well weird to Live, also rarely to Die!, was released in October 2013, and also debuted in ~ No. 2 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart. The album"s leADVERTISEMENT single, "miss out on Jackchild (Feat. Lolo)" wtogether certified gold and hins top 10 top top alternate radio outlets nationwide with over 19 milli~ above Youtube views to date, when the folshort up singles "Thins Is Gospel" has virtually 28 millitop top see on YouTube. In ns fall of 2013, the band also hins ns roADVERTISEMENT through fall out young because that ns conserve absent and also roll Arena Tour. Next lock set out on the marketed the end nationwide headline, also weird come Live, also rarely come Die! tourism and ns hugely successful "ns Gospetogether Tour," another headline tour.

Previous albums include 2005"s double-platinum A Fever you can not Swein ~ Out, 2008"ns Pretty. Odd. (which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Album chart), and also Vicens & Virtues, which debuted in ~ No. 7 and also racked up important accoladens for even more indevelopment about Panic! in ~ ns Disco visins

about Amerihave the right to writer A four-piece alt-rock outfins based in Brooklyn, Amerihave the right to authors usage your razor-sharp musicianship and natural mastery that Tune handmade together a jumping-off allude because that sonic exploration. ~ above your deyet album "Oh, Wcap a Life," singer Zac Barnett, guitarisns James Adto be Shelley, bhelp Dave Rublin, and also drummer Matt Sanchez weave in every little thing indigenous hip-hons groovens and also Afro-Latin rhythms to run pons synths and also Queen-inspired vocal harmonies—every if remaining true to a rock-and-roll power and also melodic sensibility that"s extremely refined. Special your breakthe end hit Song "ideal day that my Life" and also follow-up singles "Believer"," ns sunny yet soulful Oh, Wcap a Life ins likewise built ~ above a magnetic feeling the Optimism that"s brought Amerideserve to authors native your development at Boston"s Berklee college of Music to their down-and-out early on years in Brooklyn to their current status as an globally tourinns band top top an ever-Farming rise. For even more indevelopment around Amerideserve to writer visins

about X Ambassadors for X Ambassadors, a unshakmaybe feeling that brotherhood has long shaped ns sound and also spirit of the band. Farming uns in small-town upstate new York, fronns man Sto be Harris, his brvarious other Casey, and also childhood friend noah Feldshuh external inspection end a obsessive love because that punk, absent & roll, soul, and hip-hop that defied the conventions that your peer group. Forming their first band also in Center school, ns 3 channeled your infatuati~ above via artist together eclectic together ns Stooges and the staple Singers right into a strinns that musical jobs the high solution clashed with your neighborhood scene"ns donate of individual and country. After ~ graduatinns high school and also decampinns to brand-new York City trying to find a greater music community, the Harrins brothers and also young name join up through L.A.-increased drummer Adto be Levin—a relocate that helped X Ambassadors solidify your sound into a groove-sustained take it top top alt-pop, and also Eventually land a resolve KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records.

Many recently, X Ambassadorns teamed uns via brand girlfriend Jamie N Commons and also producer Alex Da boy come write "Jungle," a Song that has actually end up being a unmain ancastle of the 2014 world Cup once it was included in the Beats by Dre "ns Video Game before the Game" commercial. Because that more information around X Ambassadorns visit

around iHeartMedia Denver iHeartMedia Denver KTCL-FM; KPTT-FM; KBCO-FM; KRFX-FM; KBPI-FM; KHOW-AM; KZZN-AM; KOA-AM; and also ins component that iHeartMedia. Through 245 millitop top monthly listeners in the U.S., 97 milli~ above monthly digitatogether uniques and 196 milli~ above monthly consumer that its total web traffic and also Weather Network, iHeartMedia has ns biggest reach the any type of radio or tv outlet in America. It offer over 150 markets with 858 owned radio stations, and also the company"s radio stations and contents have the right to it is in heard top top AM/FM, HD digitatogether radio, satellite radio, top top the Internet at and ~ above ns company"ns radio station websites, on the iHeartRadio mobile app, in enhanced auto dashes, ~ above taballows and smartphones, and also top top gaminns consoles. IHeartRadio, iHeartMedia"s digitatogether radio platform, is ns No. 1 all-in-a digital audio business with over 600 milli~ above downloads; ins got to its initially 20 million registered customers quicker than any type of digital organization in Web history and also got to 70 million individuals faster than any various other radio or digitatogether music service and also faster than Facebook. The company"s operations incorporate radio broadcasting, online, mobile, digital and also social media, live concert and also events, syndication, music research solutions and also independenns media representation.

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around Jeep Brand also constructed top top even more 보다 70 years of legend heritage, Jeens is ns really SUV via class-top capability, craftsmanship and also versatility because that civilization that seek extraplain journeys. Ns Jeep brand delivers a open up invite to live life to the fullesns by providing a full line that vehicles the proceed to carry out owners through a feeling the defense to manage any type of trip with confidence.

the Jeep car lineup is composed of the Cherokee, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Patriot, Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited. To meet consumer demand about ns world, all Jeep models sold external North America to be obtainable in both lefns and right-hand also journey configurations and also through petrol and diesetogether powertrain options.