Claws Daggerns Wandns one Hand also Swordns thrusting one Hand Swords a Hand Axes one Hand Macens Sceptres Rune Daggers

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(3–6)% increased maximum energy Shieldrises and Reductions come Life in Radius to be Transformed to apply to energy Shield
area into an allocated Jewetogether Socket on the Passi have skill Tree. Right click to rerelocate indigenous ns Socket.

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relax Version2.0.0
BaseTypeCobalt Jewel
Divicountry Cardthe Sustenance

GroupEnergyShieldPercentDomainsJewetogether (10)GenerationTypedistinct (3)Req. Level1Statsbest power shield +% Min: 3 Max: 6 Globalcraft TagsdefencesModtype Tagsenergy_shield defencens

rises and Reduction to Life in Radiuns to be Transformed to apply come power Shieldlocal jewel result basic radius <1500>

rises and also Reduction come Life in Radiuns to be Transdeveloped come apply to power Shieldlocal jewel impact basic radius <1500>

GroupPassiveJewelGrantsRadiusDomainsJewel (10)GenerationTypeunique (3)Req. Level1Statsregional jewel effect base radiuns Min: 1500 Max: 1500 Locallocal unique jewetogether life increases uses to energy shield Min: 1 Max: 1 Localhandmade Tagsreresource life defencesModform Tagsenergy_shield resource life defencens

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all distinctive every Gem one Handed Weap~ above Cregulations Daggers Wandns a Hand also Swordns thrusting a Hand also Swords one Hand Axens one Hand Maces Sceptres Rune Daggerns two Handed Weap~ above Bows Staves 2 Hand also Swords 2 Hand also Axes 2 Hand Maces Fishinns Rods Warstaves Offhand also Quivers Shields Armor Glovens Bootns human body Armour Helmetns Jewellery Amuallows ring Beltns Trinketns Jewelns Jewelns swarm Jewetogether Timeless Jewetogether Abysns Jewels Flaskns Flasks various other Strongcrate League specific Fated Replica Hideoutns Hideout Doodadns Divicountry Cardns piece Incubatorns Resonator Mapns Maps Misc Map Itemns Watchstone Mans pieces ScarAbdominal muscle Breachstone Emblem lure Delirium Orb Sextant stack currency stackable currency Oitogether Fossitogether Catalystns significance Vial Splinter Blessong Heist contract Blueprintns Heist equipment Heist tools Heisns Cloaks Heisns Brooches Heisns Targets Experimented top quality Gem