giving to the Goddess ins a map fragment. Thins item grants access to the Eternatogether labyrinth native Aspirant’s Plaza. Girlfriend have to have completed ns 6 various Trials of rule discovered in Maps in stimulate to accessibility this area.

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PoE 3.14 Changes: girlfriend have the right to currently consuns a offering come ns Goddesns in the map device to open up portals straight come a arbitrarily trial.


each operation of ns Eternal Labyrinth needs and also consumes one Offering. Only a Human being every group needs come use one Offering.

offering to ns Goddess Harvest Upgrade

Vividentifier Abberarach Bulb is a tier 3 Harvesns Seed. Ins permits friend come upgrade a supplying come ns Goddess as soon as Harvestedonce friend harvest thins seed, ins will unlock a random option come update ns offering to the Goddess.

Dedicati~ above to the Goddess
1 providing to ns GoddessHarvestrecipe
1 Vivi would Abberarach Bulb
Tribute to the Goddess
1 providing to the GoddessHarvestrecipe
1 Vivid Abberarach Bulb
Gift to ns Goddess
1 giving to ns GoddessHarvestrecipe
1 Vivid Abberarach Bulb

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giving to the Goddess Mans Device

as soon as friend have actually completed all six Trials, you are maybe to use your supplying to ns Goddess itemns in a Map tool to access ns EndVideo Game Labyrinth. These items are not technically maps, therefore you cannot use Sacrifice pieces or blades top top them.

providing come ns Goddess Farming

1. Divination Card

Botop top the Justiceins adivicountry card. A set of six deserve to it is in exadjusted for an giving come ns Goddess.

2. Eternatogether Labyrinth Trials

Triatogether plaquens in eternal labyrinth trials drons an supplying come ns Goddesswhen clicked, regardless that whetshe ns certain trial has been perfect previously.

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3. Purchase ins native various other players

ns price the supplying to ns Goddess is about 2

Chaons Orb.