one of the greatest alters come ns Period that Sigmar 3.0 rules is a totally overhauled Narrative Pplace rule framework. This new system takens the finest elements of 40k’s Crusade rules and also marries castle come part Classic Warhammer Fantasy project rule come offer football player the devices come both run larger projects and also develop your own personal ongoing projects in the Mortatogether Realms. These rules to be among ns things we’re Most exquote around via ns new edition and this day we’re diving right into lock and talk around exactly how castle job-related and also what renders lock great.

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What is ns course to Glory?

ns path come Glory project system is Era of Sigmar’ns answer come the 40k Crusade device in i beg your pardon girlfriend can emphasis on producing a narrati have story. In course come Glory your Warlord and also Army start native humble beginnings, with a tiny doMain of territories under her manage that, together friend fighns battles and accumuso late victories, will certainly prosper into a mighty Empire.

A route come Glory project begins through football player structure a roster, choosing a faction and realm to build from, climate generating areas and also developing an order of battle that lock deserve to build armies from. Together castle pput in games, the systems in their militaries get glory points and enhancements, finish quests, and also acquire abilities, if your territories become mighty strongholdns that contribute to your army’ns power.

building a route come Glory roster

There are 5 essential measures come structure your course to Glory Roster:

choose a Faction and Realmpick founding size and also Territoriesconstruct an stimulate of Battlecore Enhancementspick your first quest

choose a Factivity and also Realm

girlfriend begin through choose a factivity for your Military – factions to be defined through battletomes here, for this reason you’re basically picking a battletome come build native – and also ns realm they cons from. Ns realm doesn’t carry out anypoint because that friend rules-wise, but does offer friend part methods because that cool modeling or conversions you deserve to do. If you goinns to use a particular subfaction, girlfriend also pick the here too.

Rob: Thins ins fine. If i’m hoswarm it’ns a little as well restricti have – I’d have liked to watch somepoint comparable come Crusade wbelow friend choose a superfaction, therefore choose Order/Chaos/Death/devastation right here would have been even more fitting – 보다 something wbelow friend focus on a solitary Battletome. However it’s also most likely even more reflecti have the how Most world will in reality build your path come Glory armies.

RagnarokAngel:ns think this was a decisitop top as a result of how Period the Sigmar listns to be created differently from 40k. In 40k you have the right to incorporate multiple militaries in one perform and gain Many the their Army traits included, in Period that Sigmar allies carry out not get their Army traits. I’ve always assumed thins to be a mindful decisi~ above to cut dvery own ~ above the variety of broken combons the can cons indigenous mashinns uns various militaries (even if the effectiveness that thins goens uns and down, thefear of ins is there) and also lens players focus on their battletome. Grand partnerships to be a vestigial body organ held on as a tradition mechanic until everyone obtained their battletomes. Currently the everya in ~ least has one, even if it’s outdated, ins doesn’ns offer much and 3.0 has actually discarded lock together a valid allegiance. So while nobody will certainly likely speak girlfriend from doing a Grand also Alliance, you just won’t obtain many type of abilities to work through and probably wouldn’t be a lot of fun.

ns don’ns disagree the ins might feeling restricting, but I’m no certain what else can have to be done with the game’ns abandonmenns of Grand partnerships in all Game modes.

pick founding size and Territories

next she going come choose a beginning dimension because that your army. Tbelow are four choices – Vansecurity (600 points), Warband also (1000), Brigade (1500), and Legi~ above (2000), every with their own different unit limits, starting territories, and Glory Points.

when friend choose a dimension girlfriend pick the type the territories girlfriend have – there are a few alternatives here but basically each one rises among ns borders on her stimulate the battle by 1, enabling you come customize your Army a bit. For this reason for example an Arcane Waysuggest allows girlfriend rise the WIZARDs border on your bespeak the fight by 1, when a little negotiation lets girlfriend up the Reincompelled systems limit.

~ above peak the your beginning regions girlfriend also acquire a Stronghold. Thins basically represents your residence basic and each a allows girlfriend organize as much as 3 territories, 3 barracks, and 1 outpost. As time goes on, girlfriend deserve to update her stronghost come let friend host more territories and also outarticles through spending Glory Points.

Beanith: ns carry out prefer ns options obtainable in developing the dimension of her founding army. Friend can begin tiny and also maybe expand her arsenal through a new Army or walk extra large via her existinns Military and also begin the end the gate via all the toys.

build an stimulate that Battle

following come building ns army. Similar to Crusade in 40k, in route to Glory players develop one stimulate that battle the represents the amount total that their fightinns forces. As soon as they pput games, castle pull systems from this bigger pool to pput with in Games of ns agreed-upon size. Ns bespeak of Battle’s initial size is based on ns founding size picked and also her stimulate that fight will have actually unit limits that deserve to be expanded by adding areas come her army.

every Army because that path to Glory needs a Warlord, who acts as her force’ns command – they need to it is in choose together her general every tins they’re consisted of in a route to Glory battle. Your Warlord can not be a distinct unins and hregarding it is in a HERO and also a Leader.

main point Enhancements

following come Enhancements. Route come Glory has actually two forms – main point and also Bonus Enhancements. Main point renovations are usually the ones the to be Usually granted by the core rules and also her allegiance abilitiens when bonus enhancements are ns onens friend get During your course come Glory project by finishing Quests. Once girlfriend start your Military girlfriend choose your main point Enhancements. This can not be changed later.

pick your first Quest

Whilst you ~ above your route come Glory, you’ll additionally be acquisition ~ above various quests come unlock extra choices for her Military such together added Battalions, Countless Spells, Invocations & artifacts the Power. These usually have actually friend pick a thing – like a warscroll battalitop top or core battalion, an invocation, or a spell or artefact, then as girlfriend perform particular points Throughout war friend obtain search pointns that count toward your progress. Once friend obtain enough search points girlfriend complete the quest and get some reward – commonly ns point friend picked, yet there to be likewise a couple of generic pursuits that provide friend extra glory points and unit upgrades.

that Note here is the Scout abundant Lands quest, which have the right to be perfect in a single Game or even completed by spending 1 Glory point after ~ a course come glory battle. Thins one just offers girlfriend a second exploration role in the results succession (watch below).

Beanith: appropriate now the pursuits to be a bit generic however no doubt we can expect to check out a lot of the Faction certain and also kingdom searches in future Battlepacks and also White Dwarfs

ns Vault

the rewardns girlfriend earn native completing pursuits and winning Gamings to be save in your vault. This ins wbelow girlfriend save bonus enhancements, Countless spells, invocations, and battalions you’ve earned, and you capped top top exactly how many of every girlfriend deserve to organize top top to in ~ a time. This have the right to later on it is in added to your Military top top a per-Video Game basis based on the tier of battle for ns Video Game she playing.

Glory Points

Glory points are ns project currency in path to Glory. Castle supplied come upgrade regions and devices and also to buy abilities for her units. Castle earn after ~ every game.

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when you’ve built your masterpiece of a Army and also preferred her quest it’s tins to get out and also discover that glory. Together everya knows, glory have the right to only be found ~ above the battlearea and also therefore ns core task in course to glory ins fightinns battles.

each time you square off in a course to glory fight you must choose a tier for the battle. There are three tierns to select indigenous – Lower, Middle, or Higher, and also which onens you deserve to choose to be dependent on both players having actually a stronghold of a details level. Tiers the battle don’t actually impact the Game size – pointns are completely sepaprice – however quite affect just how many type of bonuns improvements each pgreat can incorporate from your army. In ~ lower tier she limited to one every the command also traits, artefacts that power, prayers, spells, and also unique enhancements, and ns number increase indigenous tbelow in a largely straight fashion.

as soon as you choose her army, she limited come picking units and upgrades indigenous her bespeak of Battle, and also improvements provided to her Army have to it is in core renovations native her order the battle. That said, girlfriend can relocation any kind of of twater tap via a bonuns improvement from her vault unmuch less the main point ins a requirement of her subfaction.

and also if you no play somea via a route to Glory army, tbelow to be rules because that the too, despite us reMain cynical around ns likelihood the thins in reality happening. As soon as ins doens happen, you nothing usage ns tiers or vetera abilities, and as soon as the battle is end girlfriend nothing usage the injury and lossc rules.

ns consequences Sequence

after ~ the fight ins when ns actual accounting and campaign shenaniganns begin in course to Glory.

knife Glory Points

below you get those sweet, sweet Glory Points relying on ns dimension the ns fight fought, whetshe or no friend winner by a Minor or significant Victory, and her Warmr surviving the battle. Lock have the right to be fairly generous through ns pointns but together you will find, you will burn with lock pretty quickly upgrading Territories, Strongholdns and spending along quests.

fix Injuriens and Casualties

below us resolve 2 sepaprice rollns once dealing with systems the were sgo in battle. HEROEns and also singles modelns through eight or more Woundns will take it an Injury Roll wright here they will more than likely start your following Game through a wound or two already suffered that can’t it is in healed. That or end up dead. Great newns ~ above that front though, girlfriend gain come save all renovations the castle hAD and also smite those back in your Vaulns come hand out come their replacement.

Rob: Thins is straight-uns old school WHFB campaign rules, dvery own to founding your following Video Game dvery own wounds. It’ns pretty brutal. Ns not a vast pan just Since i nothing like encouraginns players come not take it their cootogether models, but it’ns also gained most smell to ins and also ns favor the narrati have of her warmr having their very own variation the the Flu Game.

Beanith: worth note the unique modelns can not take it Injury Rolls. Nagash can acquire knocked down, however hell get up again. Friend to be never before i will ~ store him down… likewise what type the monster takens special personalities in your narrative campaigns?

Everyone else gets come take it accident Rolls wbelow girlfriend roll a dice cream because that each design sgo in that unit and because that eincredibly one girlfriend roll, girlfriend add one come the unit’ns lossc Score. In succeeding course come Glory battles, after establishing uns the unit, you will certainly remove a variety of models equal to that unit’ns lossc Score. Should the score complement the number of the models in that unit, then kisns the unins good-bye and also rerelocate it native your stimulate of Battle.

Rob:girlfriend can’ns take distinctive devices in her course come Glory Army, so namong them.

gain Renvery own Points

Beanith: Keep in mind to self, run discover and also Replace because that experience Points come Renvery own Points. I assume that’s wcap Games Workshop go here at least.

below is where everya (except because that distinct units) will certainly obtain Renown and through the even more Renvery own each unins gainns come ranks that unlock additional abilities and Command Traits.

Eexceptionally time a unins the ins no a HERO gainns a Rank, you have the right to select from one of 6 Veterone abilities that every unit deserve to usage when every battle. They array indigenous abilitiens that enable pluns a to wound rollns in a particular step come permitting that unins come fee even if ins hAD ra the turn.

Beanith: ns feel ccook right here through thins one singles tmaybe to update mine minions. No doubns there will certainly it is in even more options obtainable via future Battlepacks and also White Dwarfs but ns wants ins now.

Rob: yes it’s just adding Command also Traits, i beg your pardon ins fine, but this is even more about upgradinns your lesser heroes than your Warlord, who startns already locked and loaded with a Command Trait. Thins a absolutely feels like a little bit of a dud come me as soon as it concerns personalizing a hero to have actually all type the nutfor this reason bonuses. Combined with Vetera Abilitiens (watch below), ins renders ns actuatogether prize because that progressing it seems ~ slight.

complete Quests

If you top top any pursuits and you’ve acquired ns points to end up them, this is once the happens. Alternatively, if she no feeling the pursuit you on, girlfriend might simply give up it, picking to start a new one. Thins ins known as ns Coward’s Path.

regulate your Stronghold and also Territories

next comes stronghold management. Girlfriend can upgrade your stronghold, boost ns decor, add a HVAC unit, perhaps a pool tmay be for as soon as your units are over, hanging out. Well OK, not really. Or not yet, anyways. In thins step friend can include new regions by means of making an expedition roll, wright here girlfriend roll a D66 top top the area table, then you can spend 10 Glory points come include any kind of the ns results you get. The conventional regions in ns perform are mostly the very same as the onens you have the right to start with, and also rise her unins limits, but lock have the right to additionally be upgraded through Glory Pointns come give you More bonuses.

regulate her bespeak the Battle

then come ns difficult occupational that regulating her army, making certain lock well rest and fed. In this step by spending Glory points, girlfriend add brand-new systems to her bespeak the battle, heal uns any systems that to be hurns (a D6 role of a 4+ reducens a unit’s accident Score by 1, or a 2+ if the unit skipped a battle). You have the right to additionally reinforce devices in ~ thins point, spending glory points come do so. If you noble that a unit’s shit, girlfriend can additionally retires ins in ~ thins point, and also drons ins out that her stimulate that battle.

Veteran Abilities

as systems get brand-new ranking castle acquire Veterone Abilities, come a max that 3. This to be 6 distinct abilities the offer a unins once-per-fight abilities come use. Each unins have the right to only usage a every turn. This range native being may be come development and also charge in a turn (Fleens the Foot) to offering enemies -1 come wound rollns versus them for a combin ~ phase (protective Formation).

Rob: This, in addition to ns Heroens of Renvery own part, is the best letdown of path come Glory because that me. As much as i favor that there’s much less come track for units, tbelow no a lot of mein ~ on these bones as soon as ins concerns wcap you in reality acquire the end that levelinns up. I really hope there to be a lons even more the these comes in future battletomes yet if therefore the just exacerbatens ns issue that Crusade has wright here ns Codex faction have actually impressive Crusade rules and also ns factions stiltogether wait have nothing.

Beanith: This practically killed my passionate because that ns whole Layout honestly. 6 simplistic cookin other words cutter upqualities the deserve to just it is in supplied as soon as every rotate and every unins can just percreate when every battle? Zzzzzzzzzzz. Sure it’ns much easier to keep track that yet it’s stiltogether boring. Mine Necron warrior to be Fleens of Foot and might have actually Engrammatic Imprintinns permitting castle come advantage indigenous directives. They’re also experiencing from Engrammatic deterioration and also Fatigued. Thins makes castle interesting come me and woryour that a backgring and a name.

path to Glory Battleplans

Tright here to be six tradition course to Glory Battleplanns to select from, and these to be a little different indigenous the missions friend could be supplied come in Matched Play. They tend to be asymmetric, via more differed deploymenns maps, and also every one contains a means to score bonuns renown, eitshe at ns finish the ns fight or in ~ the end of each battle round.

Beanith: go i miss a couple of pages? Tthis is seriously only 6 Battleplans? and only among castle is a “Common fight” and ns other 5 to be those old fashion ‘narrative’ a face bein ~ downs?

Rob: yeah there no a set the battleplanns based on various points values, i beg your pardon means these are intended come range to any kind of points worth and also tmaybe size, which I’m… unconvinced about. Of these, the just a the really jumpns out ins the Trap, and also not in a good way – trap/amBush missions never before seem to be all that fun come play because that ns Human being fightinns ns uphiltogether battle.

ns doubt we’ll watch even more later however just having six come start with provides thins a bit rough.

RagnarokAngel: these are specific to it is in increased upon, of food yet i nothing thoctopus these are one-sided slogs as they initially appear. Ns Scoring ins heavily donate the a gaining ambushed, together together the Trap giving pointns because that making it through also with one design while ns amnbusher needs come kill to obtain 2 points.

ns will certainly concur the the lack of range ins much less great, Similar to just 6 missions you’re i will ~ watch castle all Fast and also there’s just so many type of strats through a smaller sized list that route to Glory grants you. Breakvia appears ns Most interesting, together it is around trying to acquire your males from, one next to ns other intact, so ins requires the majority of smarts motion and also blocking native both sides. The greatest miss ns view below is there no a solid multi-objecti have missi~ above the calls for football player to move roughly from place to place, i beg your pardon is where Era the Sigmar shinens the most. Totally possible they’re afraid of exactly how lock scale if she at 600 points and also girlfriend just obtained 3 devices however it is a why this must scale.

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through all the laid out, let’s evaluate. Is path to Glory good? Wcap to be us exquote about? Wcap to be we not so excited about? What needs changing?

the Good

Rob: ns region rule are a nein ~ idea. Having actually and managing large swaths that region and also structure an empire with mine broadening Army is a exorbitant idea, and also ns prefer just how area growth rises your bespeak that fight rather 보다 providing you strict in-Video Game bonuses. The strongorganize mechanics to be cool as well, and ~ above the entirety it’s a smell win. Ns injury mechanism is also pretty interesting, producing part cootogether narrati have possibilities. Lastly ns Vaulns ins a cootogether concept, offering girlfriend a method come accumuso late a bunch of bonprovides come have actually available because that Games withthe end adding a ttop top that crufns come every your devices to monitor in eexceptionally game.

course come Glory maneras to add some cootogether new ingredient on what Crusade did when simplifying ns mechanism a far-ranging amount, providing girlfriend much less to monitor for her army. And it is a largely a good thing, given exactly how complicated A few of twater tap rules deserve to be.

Beanith: nice a lot what rob has said, i’ve always loved the areas mechanic in Necromunda and also it’s a invited enhancement here as well. Ns Strongorganize works because that me too and renders ns desire come begin building part Strongorganize particular terrain because that mine Orruks…

RagnarokAngel:ns system does have me even more exquote 보다 Crusade did, though i thsquid it’ns Since i expected even more from vanilla Crusade and felt let down. Ns also, of course, have actually much bigger attachments to the human being the Age of Sigmar 보다 ns carry out come 40k. Ns problem ins the together a core device the best point ns have the right to to speak is ns potential is tright here i beg your pardon leads to…

the Bad

Rob: It’s not all great – ns leveling comes through a substantial cost, and the price ins that the unit and hero upqualities to be boring. There aren’t many kind of of lock and the onens we have are mundane. Yeah, fine most likely get more in the battletomens but because that currently what we have actually is a lot of cootogether mechanicns because that upping your Army size and filling your vault but bit in ns method of developing unique systems and heroes with several cool abilities. It’s a cootogether set the rule in its entirety but it’ns going come yes, really require help from battletomes to take off.

all at once ins feel like course come Glory has even more potential than substance best currently so when i prefer the structure right here there’ns also much less to begin through than Crusade, which exacerbates ns concerns Crusade hJust like haves and have-nots and also players no wanting come begin a Crusade via an Military the doesn’t have actually a codex complete of practice Crusade rules. I thoctopus route to Glory has this difficulty and climate some. Ultimately ins feel favor we’ve acquired a teaser right here and not somepoint you have the right to really jump into and also start play with. It’ns a really, yes, really excellent teaser, though.

Beanith: i’ve already bad-mouthead ns Vetera Abilities and the Battleplanns so ns just going to wishperform about ns missed chance to steal/dominate various other player’s regions and also assault your Strongholds. Really? Bah.

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RagnarokAngel:Sure, ns potential is there. It’s not a disaster but ns think the worst a thing have the right to be is borinns and also tright here simply aren’t enough options. They could expand also on it, yet it’ns what theycould do not what castle definitelywill do. So here’ns hope it’s on the appropriate monitor for more development. My big worry ins like Crusade, ins suggests nobody will certainly desire come pplace anypoint without a 3.0 Battletome, therefore Games Workshop, please, offer uns a huge Publication of route to Glory goodies come in ~ least tide uns over.

have any type of concerns or feedback? Drop us a Keep in mind in the comments listed below or email uns in ~ contact