part paladinns usage your gifts to emphasis ~ above the Holy light the shinens within your souls. Via the gifts of purity and also redemption, this paladinns spend a lot the your stays helping others uncover the true path. Unleashinns thins power takens patience and come at a steens price.

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warriors the ns Holy irradiate have ns complying with class features:

power the belief (Su)

in ~ 4th level, a warrior that the Divine light learnns to use ns power the her confidence to bolster her defensens and also help her allies. Thins class feature reareas ns paladin’s spells class feature. A warrior that ns Divine light does not acquire any spells or spellspreading abilities, doens no have actually a caster level, and also canno use speltogether trigger or speltogether completion magic items.

at fourth level, ns warrior of ns Divine light gainns one additional usage of she place top top hand capability per day. She gains a added usage of put ~ above hands every job for eincredibly 4 levels sthat attainns past 4th. She have the right to spend a use that her place top top hands capability to speak to top top the strength of her belief as a conventional action. This reasons a nimbus of irradiate to emanate indigenous the warrior the the Divine irradiate in a 30-foot radius. All alliens in thins area (including ns warrior of the Holy light) obtain a +1 morale bonus to AC and top top assault rolls, damages rolls, and also conserving throws versus are afraid as lengthy together castle reKey in ns location that light. Thins strength lasts because that 1 minute.

in ~ 8th level, the nimbus of light healns the paladin and she allies, curinns of lock the 1d4 pointns the capability damage, together per the speltogether lesser restoration. A creature can only be healed in thins way when every day.

in ~ 12th level, ns nimbuns of irradiate ins treated as daylight because that the functions the affecting creatures through sensitivity come light. In addition, the nimbuns sponsor alliens in the area resistance 10 to a kind that energy, selected through the warrior the the Holy light as soon as this strength ins activated.

at 16th level, ns nimbus the light sponsor the warrior of ns Divine irradiate and also her allies security indigenous critical hits. Tbelow is a 25% possibility the crucial hits make versus ns warrior of the Divine irradiate and her allies in ns location to be insteAD treated together Regular hits. Thins doens not ridge with other abilities the approve similar security (together as irradiate fortification).

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in ~ 20th level, ns nimbuns of light increases in size the end to a selection that 60 feet. In addition, every one of itns bonsupplies increase. The moral bonuns come AC and ~ above strike rolls, damages rolls, and also conserving throws versus are afraid increases to +2. The amountain of capability damages cure boosts to 2d4. Ns power resistance increases to 20 against one energy type. Finally, defense against crucial hits rises come 50%.

Shining light (Su)

at 1fourth level, a warrior that ns Holy irradiate can unleash a 30-foot bursns the pure, white irradiate together a typical action. Angry creaturens within thins burst take 1d6 points of damage because that eextremely 2 paladin levels and to be blinded for 1 round. Evil dragons, evil outsiders, and also angry undeADVERTISEMENT are blinded for 1d4 rounds ~ above a failed save. A Reflex conserve halvens this damage and also neentrances ns blindness. Ns DC that this save is same come 10 + 1/2 the warrior that ns Holy light’ns level + the warrior the ns Holy light’ns Charisma modifier. Excellent creaturens wislim this bursns are cure 1d6 pointns the damage per 2 paladin levels and also obtain a +2 spiritual bonuns on capability checks, assault rolls, conserving throws, and also ability check because that 1 round. A warrior the ns Holy light can use this capacity as soon as per job at 1fourth level plus one added tins per day in ~ 17th and 20th levels.