Wcap the Holy bible states aboutpeace tranquility when there ins no Peace(indigenous ForeJogger Commentary)Jeremiah 30:23-24this versens in reality repein ~ Jeremiah 23:19-20 practically word for word. Thins repetition is significant Because Jeremiah 23 is a warninns versus false prophets. In particular, ins ins around men, claiming to stop because that God, that tell ns people—wwater tap lives refuse God—that, "the mr has said, "you shall have actually peace."" these prophetns to speak come the people, who to be walking follow to the dictates that their own hearts, "No evil will cons ~ above you." In essence, they deny God"s justice, and also ns reality the sin has consequences. Lock to be informing the human being no to worry around God"s referee upon them—everything would it is in fine; no change the course would certainly be necessary.

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However, ns people, in reality, have claimed war top top God and also His lifestyle through the command the your very own lives. Whetshe or not they establish it, their carnal mindns host excellent enmity because that God"s means of doinns things. Castle deserve to never before have tranquility through God until lock repenns and also change.

God always desire peace, yet if ns sinning party is unwilling to face reality and also repent, then His reaction will certainly be a painfutogether one. There will be peace with God only as soon as ns sinner ins damaged and submitns come God. Yet, the false prophets insinuate that God doens not treatment and also the it does not matter how one lives. Nevertheless, these versens display the God destroyns those that encourage the principle the sin doens no have consequences, who say God"s justice is that little bit concern. This ideas save obtaining Israel—indeed, every one of mankind—right into trouble.

ns symbotogether that the whirlwind, then, regift God"s fury and anger. Simply together no male deserve to regulate or draw away a tornacarry out or hurricane, so God"s anger in ~ the sin that the evil cannot it is in resisted. It will proceed until he has perdeveloped ns intents the Hins heart. In the latter days, which us are in, God says we will certainly think about it, meaning that Israetogether and also Judah have actually no yet learned thins lesson. However, as soon as that chastening ins over, Israel and Judah will it is in recovered to the land, and, even more importantly, lock will certainly it is in reconcicaused God and also able to live in peace.

Davidentifier C. Grabbens 2nd Exoduns (component Two)
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Matthew 7:13-14these versens leAD into Christ'ns teaching ~ above false prophets. From itns context, ins shows up the Jesuns states the false ministerns will neither acexpertise or tevery ns narrowhead way that leads come life, the narrow method the leads to persecution. Instead, lock will certainly execute just what God mirrors ns Old Testimony false prophets did: they will tevery "peace, peace"—the smooth, easy, and broAD way.

In other words, castle will teach that believer need do no sacrifices in your obedience come God. Ins is for this reason interesting that, in ns critical Couple of years in the church, for this reason many type of points have actually to be liberalized. Are we obtaining amethod from the straight and also ns narrow, ns tough and also the sacrificial way?

john W. RitenbaughSata (part 2)
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