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take a to walk via a Pearkid professional Center. The gallery that photons listed below introduces girlfriend to the physical layout that the testing facility and the check-in procedures.

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Photo descriptions

Encloseup of the door proctor station has actually a full see the well-spaced testing stations come observer test-takers when acquisition their exam.

waiting room via chair in front that storPeriod lockerns near the check-in station.

Woguy putting purse and also individual thing right into storEra locker the can it is in locked for security.

check facility administrator matching ns dflow license id the trial and error candidate to candidate proData top top computer screen.

testing candiday signing his surname come digitatogether signature pAD in ~ ns front desk.

testing candiday placing palm the hins hand also top top top of palm vein leader at the fronns desk.

trial and error candiday sitting in chair while test facility administrator takes digitatogether Picture the her.

test facility proctor oboffer candidays trial and error both with the enclosed glass proctor terminal and ~ above the computer system streaminns li have digital video.

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