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ns Challenger 100 Angler is an entry-level sit-on-peak fishinns kayak. Ins ins competitively priced however supplies a decent variety of features. Made for beginner searching for a affordmay be begin to fishing, it uses good value the ins hard come beat at thins price cream point.

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ns Challenger 100 Angler ins one entry-levetogether sit-on-height fishinns kayak. It is competitively priced but uses a decent variety of features. Made for beginner in search of one affordmaybe begin to fishing, it provides great value the ins difficult come bein ~ at thins price point.

size and also Weight

the lightload and resilient RAM-X™ impact-resistant product renders Pelican Challenger 100 Angler a very irradiate boat. At just 43 lb (20 kg), moving the Challenger 100 Angler come and from the water is a hassle-free task. The kayak is 10 ft (305 cm) lengthy through a 30 in. (76 cm) beam and a deck elevation the 13.25 in. (33 cm). This dimension provide stcapacity and also ensure world that different heightns have the right to fins comfortably.


ns preferably loADVERTISEMENT volume the 300 lb (136 kg) is no superior by kayak fishinns standards yet stiltogether sufficient because that Many people. Keep in psychic that ns full weight contains you, your clothes, and all the equipment you’re taking along. Because that finest performance, ins ins usually recommended not come exceed 80 percenns of the boat’s capacity.


transporting handle to be put in ~ ns bow and the stern that ns kayak. When combination through the lightweight construction, transporting ns kayak ins truly effortless. In ~ the stern, tbelow is a conveniently put drainpipe plug to rerelocate any kind of water the gets right into ns cockpit.

ns seats top top Pelihave the right to kayaks are sensibly comfortable. Lock are make come be resilient and also breathable. Ns Challenger 100 Angler functions a cushioned seat pAD and an Flexible ERGOFORM™ backrest.

other attributes encompass a dual-position party henlarge between ns paddler’ns legs and two flush-mount rod holders top top ns gunnels behind the seat.

at the stern, there’ns a pretty spacious tank well with a mesh spanning the will certainly take it a milk cprice or cooler. It ins self-bailing, definition that any kind of water the gets right into ns tank well or the cockpit will drainpipe out through ns sctop holes.

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various other than ns tank well, storEra options are limited, which ins pretty regrettably for a fishinns kayak. There’ns a tiny storPeriod platform ~ above ns bow yet ins has nopoint come certain your loAD (a simple bungee cord would perform the job).

Tright here is no protten holder, either, so you’ltogether need to store a protten on your lans when casting and also fightinns ns fish.


the Challenger 100 Angler functions a tSuccess arched, multi-chine hultogether design. It guarantee good main stability, i m sorry is particularly important for beginners simply obtaining into kayak fishing. Don’ns intend come stand also in it, however.

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ns relatively Short hull provides the watercraft quite maneuvermay be however not incredibly fast. Overall, Pelican Challenger 100 Angler can be a vimay be alternative for Brief fishinns tripns on tiny bodies of patience waters.

Specssize (cm)width (in)broad (cm)elevation (in)height (cm)weight (lb)load (kg)LoADVERTISEMENT volume (lb)LoADVERTISEMENT volume (kg)Cockpins typeMaterialPropulsionTechnology
size (in)120
sit on top
RAM-X™ polyethylene
FeaturesSeatErgoform™ sein ~ cushitop top and Flexible pincluded backrestparty holdersBungee cordsFootrestsvarious other featuresstick holders
Mesh deck cover on behind tankwell; 3 setns the indentation come Put your paddle across the deck
SpecificationCrew1User LevelIntfinished UseWater typeWarranty
Beginner, Intermediate
Fishing, Recreation
sluggish riverns (class I-II), small lakes
restricted life time because that hull; 1 year because that pre-assembled accessories
DimensionsWeight20 kgDimensions
305 × 76 × 33 cm