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"Stop! mine Prick can only obtain so Erect is a memormay be quote uttered by Dr. Algernop Krieger on ns Amerideserve to animated tv series Archer. The minute when Krieger states ns line has Because been offered as a reactivity digital come expush excellent excitement.


on February 14th, 2013, the Archer episode "Vicious Coupling" aired in the joined States.<1> In ns episode, Archer and also Dr. Krieger (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin and also happy Yates, respectively) have actually ns adhering to exchange:

Archer: But, if friend do not great view 2 robotns smashing each other with cons carns and shit, together castle fight to the death through ns roadways of Manhattan--Dr. Krieger: Buns buns buns buns buns – Stop. Mine Penis can just get therefore erect!"Viscouns Coupling", Seaboy 4

on September 21st, 2013, YouTuber Andrew Spradbrow common a video that ns clip. Ns write-up got even more than 182,000 see in a little over six year (displayed below).


on October 18th, 2013, Imgur user Oddmonster post a GIF the Dr. Krieger shirtless and also captioned the article "Stop. Mine Dick can only obtain for this reason erect." ns article obtained more than 10,000 views (displayed below).

Stop. Mine Prick can only get therefore erect.

~ above April 24th, 2014, a GIF the the step wtogether post ~ above ns webwebsite Tenor<2> (shown below).

on October 30th, 2016, Redditor <3> shovelwto be posted a picture of two civilization pull Dr. Krieger and also his digital girlfrifinish Mitsuko Miyazumi ~ above ns /r/ArcherFX subreddit. The imEra wtogether captioned "Stop. My Cock can only get so erect." and received even more 보다 480 points (95% upvoted) in less 보다 3 years (presented below, left).

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~ above September 23rd, 2018, Instagram <4> user
nhl_ref_reasonable provided the reactivity together ns response to a write-up about ns mountain Jose Sharkns hocessential team. The write-up got more 보다 18,000 likes in much less 보다 two years (displayed below, right).