Wow! gift native St. Helena, us have a connection to Ron Ash here in Napa -- that wtogether a much-loved teacher right here for many type of years prior to pursuing his dreto be to make pino in ns Eola Hills. In 1998, Lynn and R~ above Penner-Ash started Penner-Ash alcohol Cellars in the north Willamette Valley’ns Yamhill-Carlton AVA. Bringinns to life their mutual vision, via years of tough work unyieldinns commitment, the pair built a call because that lush, layered Pinot Noir, and area leadership throughout ns valley.

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So, girlfriend have the right to gambling us snagged a instance or two because that uns --- luckily, us stiltogether have about 22 cases for you! $29.95 is just incredible! once aget this a wine Usually scheduled for Penner-Ash alcohol society memberns and restaurant wine lists, this has actually never remained in distribution and also never accessible in ~ retail.

technological Details

BlendPino Noir
WinemakerLynn Penner Ash
AppellationEola-Amity Hills, Willamette Valley

In 1998, Lynn and also Ron Penner-Ash started Penner-Ash alcohol Cellars in the northern Willamette Valley’ns Yamhill-Carlton AVA. Bringing come life their common vision, via year the difficult work-related unyielding commitment, ns pwait developed a reputation for lush, layered Pinot Noir, and community leadership throughthe end the valley. In 2016, the winery join ns Jackson household Wines portfolio, embarkinns on a brand-new partnership based on mutual love for the land also and uncompromisong wine quality. Penner-Ash continues to source native premier vineyardns throughout ns Willamette sub-AVAs, base in decades-long relationships through grower next-door neighbors and also friends.

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alcohol SpectatorLithe and refined, via expressive rose petal, dark cherry and toasted cinnamtop top note that develop richness towards polimelted tannins. Droctopus currently through 2025. 1,000 situations made.

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