Perform a Leans the belief in a hayridge when top top a zipheat is an optional missitop top objective in Assassin"ns Creed: Syndicate (ACS)

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"Percreate a Leap the faith in a hayridge when top top a ziplinePercreate a Leans the confidence in a haystack if top top a zipline" ins an optionatogether missi~ above objective in succession 5 / Memory: A Room through A View


HeADVERTISEMENT come ns Northwestern corner the ns peak the ns Monument. Look at downward utilizing Eagle Vision. Thins will certainly lens friend easily identification the nearby haycart.

look at down and also usage her Rope Launcher to get in place over the haystack. When friend are, drons and Evie will loss right into ns Hayridge below.


Optionatogether Objectives

Perdevelop a Leap of confidence in a hayridge when on a zipline


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* - best far discovering School, for youngsters Period 5-14.

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