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PERSONA 2 - chaste SIN
main Title
Persona 2 - innocent Sin
Usual TitlePersona 2 - innocent Sin / Persona 2 - Tsumi
Serial Number(s)SCPS-45410
Genre / StyleRPns

DeveloperAtlus Co.

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PublisherAtlus Co.
date Released24 June 1999

disc Number &published Seriatogether Numberbowl 1
Serial Number In DiscSCPS-45410
Media disc IDN / A
number of Tracks1( 1 data monitor )
Approx. ImPeriod Size( ImAge Style offered ) MB( .bin / .cue )
Approx.dimension top top Disc MB
Approx. Archive Size( Archive form provided ) MB( 1 RAR Documents with2% Recovery )
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Menuns and gamepplace are in Japanese.
Persona 2 is a duology the consingle role-playing Games for ns Sony PlayStation, developed by Atlus. Chaste Sin (Tsumi) and also Eternatogether penalty (Batsu) to be two chapters the ns same storyline; the previous wtogether never before dispersed exterior that Japan. Both to be straight sequels to Revelations: Persona, with Most personalities indigenous the initially title returning in part form or another. Collection in ns fictitious metropolis the Sumaru City, innocent Sin adheres to a high college student named Tatsuya Suou. That has near-death endure i m sorry deliver hns come ns kingdom of Philemon, one astratogether being that exists external of ns waking world. Philemon grants him the capacity to summtop top a Persona, a alter-ewalk i beg your pardon manifests together a supernatural figure. Persona 2: Tsumi (innocent Sin) was never exit exterior the Japan. Ins is the predecessor the Persona 2: Batsu (Eternal Punishment). Ns story begins a few years after ~ ns events the the initially Persona. The six playable personalities are Tatsuya Suou, a college student in ~ Salso sister High School; Lisa Silverman, a renowned caucOriental girtogether and also Other student that Tatsuya; Eikichi Mishina, wannabe musicia and also self-professed "Captain" that Kasugaymay be High School; Maya Amano, Confident editor for a teen magazine; Yukino Mayuzumi, Maya"ns co-worker and a survivor the Revelations: Persona; and Jun Kurosu, boy of a teacher who met a gricracked death inside ns school. Yukino ins a return playmaybe character indigenous Revelations: Persona, and also ins Therefore already acquainted through demonns and Personae. Maya, ~ above the other hand, just has actually vague recollections of she Persona, believinns it come it is in a guardione angelatin the showed up once sthat wtogether a little girl. Ns silent protagonist of the Video Game ins Tatsuya Suou. His course intertwines with twater tap of 2 various other students, Eikichi and also Lisa, Throughout an encounter via the Joker, a jester-prefer antagonisns that is rumored to grant the wishe is of people that dial their own cabinet pha number. Anya that fails to teltogether Joker their wishes, either Since lock lack one or refuse to tell, has actually their "best energy" stolen, reducing lock come ambition-less shellns dubbed shadow People. Joker tells ns three students the castle did something Horrible come him in the past, and is angered as soon as lock do no identify him. Swearing revenge, the departs, leaving the trio confused and also passionate to investigate ns Joker. There is an english fan-translated job by Gemini the wtogether exit ~ above October 15, 2008. Manufacturer"s description: Shin Megamns Tensens RPns seriens in the wake the the the sequetogether to ns birth. Transforms ns Video Game through managing the flow the rumors, feasible contacts via ns devil by magic or more personalities combined! heroens pursue various cases emerging in ns city to wield it come summtop top a different personality. When i currently sheight and start moving .... Features:third Person perspective.2D graphicsCarto~ above graphicsfear & secret themes.
number of Players1 Player
variety of memory card Blocks3 Blocks
Compatible Controllers Tested( official Gamepadns only )traditional Controller / Analog Controller( Duatogether Shock Controller compatible )
Compatible light Guns( official irradiate guns just )None
other Compatible Controllers( main Controllerns only )None
special Controllers consisted of Orsupported ( official only )None
Vibration attribute CompatibleYes
Multi-Tans feature CompatibleNo
connect Cable feature CompatibileNo
EmulatorePSXe v.2.0
videotape PluginPete"s OpenGL2 GPU main point 2.0.0 ( interior X & inner Y= extremely High, extending mode: large come complete home window size, render Mode: 2 (usage framebuffer object) text filt = 2 FPs limit= 63, Compatibility=2,3,2; Shader effects= 5 (GLSlanns records (gpuPeteOGL2-slv/slf))
Audio PluginePSXe SPU core v.2.0.0
CD-ROM PluginePSXe CDRom Plugin
Game PAD PluginN / A
Vibrati~ above CompatibleYes.

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Console Bios UsedSCPH7502
NOTE:This ins not the just possible combicountry that plugins. Tbelow to be othair the will certainly work-related (much better or worse) because that your particular hardware. Us administer friend with one working set-uns therefore that you might obtain ns Video Game uns and also running, hassle-free. Testing other emulators/pluginns is as much as you.
standard CONTROLS: relocate character: D-PADVERTISEMENT or Lefns Analog Stick Run: X switch pick action: one button character status: Squto be button Map: Triangle switch revolve camera: L1 or R1 switch Pausage game: start switch
activity REPplace CODES: personality 1 in battle 999 Hp - 801492B2 03E7 personality 1 in battle 999 Sns - 801492B8 03E7 character 2 in battle 999 Hns - 80149362 03E7 character 2 in battle 999 Sp - 80149368 03E7 personality 3 in fight 999 Hns - 80149412 03E7 personality 3 in battle 999 Sp - 80149418 03E7 personality 4 in fight 999 Hns - 801494C2 03E7 character 4 in battle 999 Sp - 801494C8 03E7 character 5 in fight 999 Hp - 80149572 03E7 character 5 in fight 999 Sns - 80149578 03E7 Max money - 8007F428 E0FF8007F42A 05F5 999 all Tarot cards, other than fool - 50001502 00008007F7B6 03E78007F7E2 03E7 all material/incense/spell cards - 50006B02 00003007F7E2 0063
-Jewel case Covers
-Jewel instance Covers
Japanese ADVERns PEra 1Japanese ADVERns PAge 2
CLICK ns IMAGEDim. - 873 x 618 pix.Res. - 300 dpiData size - 246 KB CLICK ns IMAGEDim. - 873 x 618 pix.Res. - 300 dpiFile size - 262 KB
-key Cover
NTSC-J:Persona 2 - innocent Sin Persona 2 - chaste Sin
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