In Persona 5, girlfriend and your team of phantom thieves are trequest through stealing treacertain from sprawling palaces. Because that every "heist," you"ll should absent points turn off through sfinishing a calling card come her target, ns Human responsible because that the royal residence in ns first place. How do friend send a callinns card in Persona 5

Here"s every little thing friend have to know, native my very own individual endure through the game. 

Persona 5 calling cards: Wcap they are

A callinns card ins her way of interacting with targets in Persona 5. It"s ns phantom thieves" signature, notifying targets that they"re around come have actually your treasure stolen. It"ns a personalized Keep in mind come both alert targets of ns phantom thieves" presence and also let everya know there"s understanding of ns targets" wrongdoinns out there in ns world, choose with the first boss, Kamoshida. When it"ns time come worry a calling card, girlfriend recognize points are around to walk down!

Persona 5 callinns cards: how to usage them

as soon as friend near ns finish that a palace, you"ll be looking for the treasure. You"ll have to steatogether the treasure to challenge the shadow version of ns palace"ns owner, and Therefore steal their heart. You"ll desire to wait till you"ve got to the end the ns palace and have supplied uns every the moment friend wanted within before friend usage ns choice offered come friend come sfinish one. Friend have the right to heADVERTISEMENT to her phantom theif hidethe end (the rooftop of the school) and friend deserve to use ns option located tright here to sfinish out the card. 

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save in mind the once friend send the card, that will certainly end your day. You will go home and walk to sleep, and climate you"ll automatically walk the end come ns royal residence the next day. When girlfriend send the card, there"ns no possibility because that girlfriend to walk come your part-tins job, spend tins via confidants, or carry out any type of additional training. 

just send ns calling card as soon as you"re absolutely certain you"re ready come return to the royal residence ns next job and confront the boss. Friend acquire one chance to do this, and also when you sfinish your calling map and steal the treasure, ns palace will go away. Only opns come send it as soon as you"ve do every the preparations friend feel to be necessary. 

That"s quite a lot every you have to understand around calling cards. Use lock responsibly! 

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