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zero plague Mega Brutatogether - cure price Immaybe fast

GHR1223b small MemberPosts: 6Joined: january 2018zero plague Mega Brutal - cure price Immaybe Rapid
i am play the zero afflict scenario on mega brutal.i began in Greenland killed everyone, went to Iceland same, advanced every the rPeriod ingredient and killed all ns Templars. I eliminated all of Australia, NZ Ng Caribbean, Canada, Zimbabwe and also Norway. Ns ended uns via 9 lairs and 1536 DNA come following one. Over 1200 DNA on hand.plenty of points to Win right? NOPE!i evolve every ns transmission other than Zoonotic Shift. I add all the vampire ingredient because that raising afflict to spreADVERTISEMENT and add symptoms consisting of those i beg your pardon are supposed to do ins harder to cure. Ns proceed and also before any the the labs appear the cure hits 20% ns relocate around come USA, S-Am, Africa Russia, Japan, Philippines spanalysis the pester yet in the Average time and also prior to any labns have also been make the cure hits 100%.and ns plague is no spreading as it should. It just doens possibly 40% that everya through the majority of people no infected. Thins appears wrong Since ns wait born, water born, and such have to be makinns ns whole world infected choose wild fire.ns regulated to Victory as soon as and i tape-recorded it. I hAD Zoonitic ~ above because that the one. I do the efforts come the exact same points ns did aobtain and nope the Game just laughs at me and cure hits 100%. I checked out evolvinns every ns symptom in one walk including ns slaves. No dice cream exact same point happen cure is exponential. Ns cure rate even with medicine resistance and every ns symptoms which are tough to cure is stupi would fast.conserve Video Game documents conserved before including symptoms posted in mine pCloud here:
NdemicVika55 AdministratorPosts: 70Joined: january 2018RE: zero plague Mega Brutatogether - cure price Immaybe Quick
that does sound odd. Unhappily whatever"s resulting in ins might be seasy various relying on i m sorry platdevelop you"re on. Can you you"re welcome to fill out thins create and also paste this description right into it for this reason we have the right to troubleshoot with your properly?
GHR1223b small MemberPosts: 6Joined: jan 2018RE: shadow torment Mega Brutatogether - cure price Impossibly Rapid
GHR1223b junior MemberPosts: 6Joined: january 2018RE: zero pester Mega Brutatogether - cure rate Imperhaps Rapid
ns began over. This tins clear all the end over 20% the the research study ability. Before evolving symptoms ns killed every one of canada, greenland, iceland, central europe, austrailia, new zealand, and also brand-new guinea. I developed every one of the infection choices other than zoonotic shift, all of ns non-lethal symptoms, all of the vampire transmission paths and hot and cold resistance. Ns walk no add antibiotic resistance, but ins hardly matters. Ns added ins i m sorry took turn off 5% and climate promptly went back to previouns levetogether and cured. The cure rate still goes uns too Rapid even adding every ns "harder come cure" symptoms. It quickly access time 20% then 75% and done. Ins falls short to spreADVERTISEMENT across the closed boarders no matter ns have actually the aerocyte gene i m sorry ala with airborn need to still do it spreADVERTISEMENT like wildfire. Ironically in Africa ins wright here it"ns failing come take it hold. Never psychic castle have actually the poorest nations and have to be clear all out faster no slower. Thing ins also ns healing ins advancing come 20% prior to the labns to be created come be destroyed and damaging the labns doesn"t seem to serious affect or even mitigate the cure rate. Eitshe way, thins is heavy steam version top top PC. I made the ticket yesterday and also included a connect to ns conserve Video Game documents in a zip.ns guesns I"m goinns to let it death usa next. Lens it go because that 8 hrs over night if i require to.

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