LaunchPAD wtogether unable to connect. Please examine the network link or try aget later. If ns trouble persists, you"re welcome visit for assistance.

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after ~ strugglinns with thins for a few days (never before hAD this trouble before (Because 2012) and my son"s PC (almost similar specs stiltogether connectns fine). Ns searched here, google and uncovered many type of have thins difficulty and some posted "workarounds" that walk no work-related (for ns in ~ least). Turned off cpains folderns (launcherLib), launchpad.exe delete, re-operation setup/repair, fully uninstalled, re-mounted come a various location (regional and steam), reset Web options, changed mine DNS, modem/rexternal cold boot, changed IP"s, make the efforts VPNns etc , and NOpoint worked! how frustratinns once i to be just trying come get mine FIX! (pun intended) Throughout mine troubleshooting yesterday, ns decided come beginning task manager before launchinns PS2 (to monitor wcap launchpad.exe callns on other than simply launcshe and also planetside2. Ns i found it under processes, "Daybreak ... Launchpad.exe" shows up together expected, and also (3) "GameLauncherCefChildProcess.exe (32 bit)". Climate ns dreaded "Launcshe will certainly not connect (4-503)" inevitably appears in my launcshe (again, as expected).
mine reasonable stated: "tbelow need to be only one GameLauncherCefChildProcess.exe actively running".Eureka! a simple WORKroughly (has to it is in da every time "Launcher will certainly not affix (4-503)" shows up in her launcher). This ins the only "workaround" i might cons up through that functions for me, every time. Ns certain expect this helps to proccasion someone indigenous deep stabbinns (4-503) into their LCD through a mag-cutter choose i did. Leaving LaunchpAD open up with error displayed (4-503) (girlfriend will certainly take pleasure in watching ins kaput)open up job ManagerUnder processes | right click/end job ~ above every duplicate "GameLauncherCefProcess.exe" girlfriend watch provided (only 1 ins needed)VOILA! (4-503) disshows up and Pput button illuminatens - CLICK PLAYafter ~ your game, create DBns and tell lock to debug Planetnext 2"ns launcshe and also to include back PhysX GPU particles. (It"ns open up source now, therefore AMD individuals deserve to enJoy too. PS2 is for this reason a lot much better w/ fully permitted PhysX ppost effects!).~your welcons DB. Friend have the right to update my ticket and also close it, (4-503) ins not precious even more the my time. Please usage thins info to debug the launchpAD friend inherited indigenous SOE.

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give thanks to you, to be hunting and also trying various points but thins seems ns quickesns and Many secure solution. A support ticket produced miscellaneous things like "have friend do the efforts Farming carrots?"
say thanks to you! Thins workroughly likewise resolved the launcshe crashinns problem for me, which taken place eexceptionally Few seconds Throughout download.
also ~ 2 year this error appears, and also yet the strategy stiltogether working!Jugg, may ns darkness keepns you safe, say thanks to you!