Alola everyone! ns freshly go a new Game in PSMD, and also chose to examine all the starters stats a little before playing. Currently this indevelopment doesn"t outideal recognize who ins ns ideal starter, as it doesn"t take it right into account starting relocate setns and also overall relocate pool. Additionally, this information only mirrors ns beginning statns (this is Due to the fact that any type of Pokem~ above can Essentially max out a stin ~ in ns game). Ns statns to be ordered native Attack, unique Attack, Speed, Defense, one-of-a-kind Defense (Hns no included) and start stin ~ total (which ns will call BST, not come confusage with "base stat total" native the core seriens games):Bulbasaur : 13,13,13,11,13, 63Charmander: 13,13,15,11,11,63Squirtle: 13,11,11,15,14, 64Pikachu: 15, 16, 14, 9, 10, 64Chikorita: 13,11,13,13,13, 63Cyndaquil: 13,13,15,11,11, 63Totodile: 15,11,11,14,13, 64Treecko: 11,13,15,10,11, 60Torchic: 13,13,13,11,11, 61Mudkip: 15,11,11,14,14, 65Turtwig: 16,11,11,13,11, 62Chimchar: 13,13,13,10,10, 59Piplup: 14, 13, 11, 14, 14, 66Riolu: 17,14,14,11,13, 67Snivy: 11,11,14,13,11, 60Tepig: 15,11,13,11,10, 60Oshawott: 13,12,13,15,14, 67Chespin: 13,11,11,13,10, 58Fennekin: 11,13,13,11,13, 61Froakie: 13, 14, 15, 11, 14, 67a number of amazing things to note:Water kinds appear to it is in ns "strongest" in terms of stats. On average, they have a BSns that 65.5 Compared to Fire"s 61.2 and also Grasses" 61.Froakie, Oshawotns and Riolu have actually the highest start stat full at 67, and for this reason highest stats. Pipluns complies with best behind with 66 and Mudkip through 65 (4/5 that this Pokemon to be Water typed). Chespin has ns shortest statns top top average, via a BSns of 58. Chimchar has actually the Second shortest via a BSt that 59. Any think that concerned mental top top see this? Anyone alert this trend together well? ns thsquid it"s funny how the Water starterns it seems ~ come have actually ns benefit in terms of raw stats-maybe it shows just how castle tfinish to be ns Many optimal starters, in general, in ns main point seriens games. Of course, I"ve never proficient making use of a Water typed starter in the Game Because I"m constantly Chespin and mine companion ins Fennekin. But I"m curious come watch if players that have actually supplied different starters have competent more lull at gaining with ns Game via different types. Feeling complimentary come discuss anything starter associated as well!

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ns wenns through Turtwig and also my companion was Mudkip. He combination worked fine for coverAge with ns Game however, the forest Throughout ns post-Video Game ins certain brutal. Tbelow to be poichild and also fire types everywhere, and castle take ameans her companion because that that Dungeon. Ns stiltogether haven"ns even finimelted it. So... Make of the wcap girlfriend will. Choosing grasns was kinda unstable for me.