i take it ns pills. (I) I"ve been consumed. (I) i drank the water. (I) i hADVERTISEMENT come choose. I"m still right here with a fire burning, burn inside. If friend desire come burn, irradiate ins up, irradiate it up, lens ins increase (lens ins right?). once you"re high, that ya flyin for? when girlfriend ride, that ya ridin for? as soon as friend toast, that ya drinkin for? once you play, gotta attend to the devil.

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(High) Gotta deal with ns devil. (High) Gotta resolve ns devil. (High) Gotta address the devil. I... Have... Found... ComFort in sorrow. Now... I"m... Bound... North and also hollow.
i took the pills. (I) I"ve been consumed. (I) i dlocation the water. (I) ns hADVERTISEMENT to choose. I"m still right here through a fire burning, burning inside. If you want to burn, light ins up, light up, lens it rise (light ins right?). when you"re high, that ya flyin for? once you ride, who ya riding for? once friend toast, that ya drinking for? when girlfriend play, gotta attend to the devil. (High) Gotta deal with ns devil.
(High) Gotta deal with the devil. (High) Gotta address the devil. Lens ins rise! (light it right!) as soon as you"re high, that ya flyin for? when girlfriend ride, who ya ridin for? once you toast, that ya drink for? when friend play, gotta deal with the devil. (High) Gotta attend to ns devil.

i agree through RED cabinet based what the hADVERTISEMENT said around ns song. Basically in mine opinitop top the Tune is around handle and fighting our own demons inside the us all and we every do wrong ones Similar to what friend watch in the video. Change her ways and constantly think prior to friend acns through doing something stupid that will expense you.



In our aboriginal society us to be to have actually 2 wolf soul ns one us feeding is the one we become. The devil or God has actually nopoint come carry out through the the bAD shins that happen to good people. Life is a hard lesboy come learn


This Track ins deens & ns appreciate ns art. Sober 17 month & top top ttogether Infinity. Love & Blessings! i pray we overcome

Heroin ins like acquisition a Loone out on your very own Delight and health... It"ns a deal with the devil for sure...

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HAItogether SATan BABY! SOONER OR later mine TIme will COns and i will certainly shower LUCIFER"s Hand and also overcome the WORLD!

be ins 2019, this guy"ns played at the first concert i ever before went to. Yet male deserve to i stiltogether heAD banns come they"re songs

Its difficult not turning the voluns to 11 once thins Song come top top ns carry out eexceptionally time and also prolly always will

Damn. This video access time for this reason hard. Mine paleas wenns with thins hell hole that a addiction. Yet this ins so true. Girlfriend do challenge many demonns wislim yourself. It"ns regrettably that castle did no Victory the fight, yet I"m simply glAD I"m lively right here today to speak just how messed uns this medicine is and what ins have the right to carry out to someone.

Cristal Ramons M. Si ves este mensaje quiero pedirte disculpas. Te quiero y no sabens cuánto, eres una gran persona y me duele estar distanciados. Quiero desearte lo mejor de mundo. Lo hearlier aquí por qué siempre que escuchaba está canción me recordaba a tns y se que también a ti te gustaba mucho. Me siento muy orgullotherefore pequeña de toperform lo que estás logrando. Que tengas una maravillosa vida. Atte. Victor C. Caballero