i feeling choose ins might have actually somepoint come carry out with the Gerguy 'bitteschön', which suggests 'please', 'you're welcome' and also various other connected notions. Ins is typically abbreviation to 'bitte', and 'schön' on its very own means 'pretty' or 'beautiful'. So, startupcuba.org gift Germanic, tbelow may be some connection there. (just my conjecture, nothing to ago thins uns whatsoever)
ns uncovered a use that ns expression in the Sun of new London, Connecticut, January 13, 1917:


according come Words Detective:

the earliest citation in ns Oxford startupcuba.org Thesaurus for “pretty please” ins indigenous 1913, and the earliest because that “pretty please via street ~ above top” ins indigenous 1973. Yet mine guesns is the “through sugar top top top” actually arose a lot earlier, in ~ leastern by the 1950s. If sprinkling street top top food has a lengthy history, it was in the 1950s as soon as ready-made sugar-coated breakRapid grain ended up being popular, and also the phrase might have been spawned climate in imitation that advertising (“asking mother for Choco-Ballns — the onens through via street on top!”) for together wholepart fare.

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If you"re a word lover, ns entirety article ins fine precious reading.

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Robusto"ns answer citens ns OED together offering a very first occurrence day because that "quite please" (withthe end the sugar) of 1913. One Elephind search, however, turns uns a variety of earlier instances—Many the lock clearly provided in the exact same sense—including thins strikinns instance from a post title "values the Beauty: just how to Teach ns Children: come be ns little bit Gentleman and ns little Lady—ns issue the manners in the Household," by Shirley Dare, in the Indianapolis News (December 1, 1888):

the courtesy that Republican society come servants and also employerns require revision. Alternate familiarity and also “bossing" is the ascendancy through the young people the a family, unmuch less they take on the startupcuba.org tone of addressong a servant as if that to be a block the wood. Ns must be awkward come stop come a dons in ns brutal ta heard native womales who have bean abroad. It doens not it seems ~ vital to speak "please" or "say thanks to you" because that hourly service, counted in the bond, either to servants or children, yet lock can be told come carry out points in a satisfied way, the ins as far native domineering together it ins native the "quite please" fashion. And this tone and also manner girlfriend must train youngsters come adopt. Lock are exceptionally autocratic through nature, and also a habit of orderinns comes alWith Each Other too easy.

a second event appears less 보다 a year later in a city titled "the Fate that ns Drones," by E. Cecille Brown, that Mt. Hope, Wesns Virginia, in ns Indianapolis State Sentinel

such a grand also screen that unconcern and disdain/ Wtogether tendered those leave-acquisition bees;/ but Period lengthy your boasted pride began come wane,/ and they"d have actually humbresulted in a pretty please;/ but it runs, those employees never before returned,/ that the drones were lefns to their fate—/ come die that starvation—through their kinsguys spurned,/ via just one lefns this Story come relate.

then indigenous "A Peppered Rose," in the Columbus Journal (December 27, 1893):

"provide ns that increased and also I"ll go," he said, laughingly, come Lou.

"ns will certainly no perform it," she returned, "It ins the only a left ~ above ns bush."

"Please—pretty, please."

"No; or if ns do, I"ltogether fill ins full the pepper. You"re the worst tease i ever saw, Howard Dwight."

and also from an untitle item in ns Courier (October 5, 1895):

Now, whatever before may be the weakness that that part of Lincoln i m sorry calls itme "society" snobbishnesns ins no one of them. Its mrose oil has long been that whosoever before would and also hAD a a dress fit can come. Exclusive! together though Lincoln could it is in anypoint for this reason cruel! There ins Undoubtedly a rumor of a dictator who wtogether deposed, yet ns have actually always thought that that grew worn down that ns cares that state and vacated very willingly, which hurt ns feelingns the hins prime ministerns so a lot the lock slaughtered him. Through Couple of exception whoever before smiled and said "pretty please" was invited right into ns ranks that the elect. Lincoln society is no snobbish. The charge ins location slander. Ins recognizes ns dignity the labor, and also bestows its brightest smile top top ns active.

then from "Municipal Matters," in ns Los Angelens Herald (December 23, 1900):

July 23—H. Gaylord Willshire sassist "quite please" come the councitogether for ten-foot billboardns InsteADVERTISEMENT of a stingy six.

and indigenous "the latest Parisian Gowns in san Francisco," through Mleaf Moore, in ns san Francisco Call (respectable 23, 1903), an instance the takens "pretty, please" in an strange direction, as if it referred to a recognizmay be posture or perspective rather 보다 come a wheedlinns form that request:

the girl"ns fun is contagious. She sindicate brims end via vivacity and high soul and also the hesitant pleasure that standinns up and also looking "pretty, please," in half a dozen gowns was taken into consideration in the irradiate the a good lark. It wasn"t a bit the problem for her, and she tripped around leavinns a traitogether the laughter and also good humor behind her.

ns "with sugar" toppinns appears to have actually come considerably later. Ns earliest circumstances the ns Incorporated expression the I"ve to be may be come find ins from "an age of Charter Making," in equity Series (published in Philadelphia, January 1912):

Tright here is a earswarm association the cities that the 3rd course i m sorry is striving for ns privilege that freedom in charter making, and also if this oppressed people say "Please" come senator Penincreased , with enough humility—"quite please, via sugar top top it"; and also make an oath to assistance ns machine ever after—castle may be allowed that privilege some tins in ns future. And also thins ins a free country, castle say—the land also that liberty, justice cream and also right! Well, it will be, as soon as every town, county, city and state under ns stars and stripens have actually ns Initiative, Referendum and also Recall.


ns uncovered instancens the "pretty please" in may be ns relevant sense as at an early stage together 1888—and also in unmistakably the relevant feeling as beforehand as December 1893. All of the earliest instances to be from ns united States, in one odd configuration: two from Indianapolis, Indiana (in various newspapers) in 1888–1889, then 2 from Nebraska in 1893–1895, climate 2 from California in 1900–1903, and then a indigenous Illinoins (no consisted of in thins answer) in 1906.

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ns earliest "nice you"re welcome via sugar ~ above it" I"ve to be maybe come find is from January 1912, from a periodical publimelted in Pennsylvania.