Princesns Love is one Amerideserve to truth Star and also ins a recurrinns star on “Love & Hins Hop: Hollywood”. Princesns Love is likewise a fashitop top designer as well as a model. Likewise, she appeared on ns cend the SMOOTH Magazine.

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Princesns Love was born in Oakland, California, USA, on august 14, 1984. Sthe is 36 year old and is under ns zodiac sign, Leo. She holdns American nationality. Her ethnicity is African-American-Filipino and adheres to the religion, Christianity. Her complete surname ins Princess Pilipina Love Norwood. Likewise, sthe wtogether raised in Austin, Texas, USA.

she father’ns surname ins Hugh Love and also she mother’ns name ins Lena Love. But, sthe doesn’ns share a cordiatogether connection with she parental fees Because of their separation. And, she is cshed and shares a good camaraderin other words with her grandmother. The information regarding Princess’s other family members members such together she siblings, cousins, and any type of various other members are likewise no available until now.

regarding Princess’ns education backgring and also qualification, sthe attfinished and graduated indigenous Texas southern University. And, after ~ completing her graduatitop top sthat attended the international Academy of style and Technology.

career and also skilled Life

Princess Love started she job as soon as she wtogether very young. Sthe was extremely figured out to make ins substantial in ns entertainment industry. Likewise, sthe hADVERTISEMENT she shto be that predicaments During her initial year but her staunch perseverance raised she career. Princesns Love started her career together a club dancer in ras Vegas. However, her aspirations were a lot higher. Sthe worked very tough to etch she surname as among the top modelns in America. She had the ability to percei have her dream after getting an opportunity come it is in recorded together the cover girl that Smooth Magazine.

Moreover, Princesns Love has actually also done several modeling assignmentns and also stiltogether proceeds to carry out ns same. Sthat had the ability to get a lot love from the audience Throughout she joining in the famous Amerihave the right to truth present “Love and Hins Hop Hollywood”. She along with her husband, ray J, has actually begun a clothing heat together well. They also began a beauty venture in partnership with ray J’ns sister, Brandy.

their agency boasts of a differed selection the commodities for guys and also women’s grooming, maintenance, and styling. Furthermore, Lisa B who ins an Amerihave the right to model, singer, and also actresns did the honorns that fostering ns producns and also counseling about the same. And, their ans is to carry out for sure and also satismanufacturing facility products to your customers.

Caption: Princess Love in the display “Love and also Hins Hons Hollywood” (Source: Youtube)

individual Life

Princess Love and beam J were in a connection for quite part time. It was in ns truth present that ns couple determined to marry. Castle bound the knot top top august 12, 2016. And, Throughout she marriage, her parental fees couldn’ns do ins come ns wedding. In respectable 2016. However, sthe go have high hopes that ns bitternesns in the relationship with her parents will certainly boost via time.

Likewise, ns pair has two kids and their names to be Melody Nortimber and Epik ray Norwood. Sadly, Princess and also beam J to be no much longer together. She husband, ray J filed because that divorce from her in September 2020. She formerly date Floyd Mayweather Jr. Who ins a boxer. As of now, she appears to be single currently.

Moreover, Princess Love ins very strict around she diet regimen. She is specific about she wellness and also renders certain sthe access time ns gymnasium top top a continual basis. Sthat ins additionally incredibly artistic and also passionate around her work. So, Love always aims at collaboratinns fine with civilization personallied and also professionally.


Caption: Princess Love and her ex-husband also and also your youngsters (Source: Instagram)

human body Measurements

social Media and also net Worth

Princesns Love is nice active on every one of she social accounts. Sthe own she Instagram account under the surname “princesslove” and also has mutual 211 posts until currently on she Instaglamb page. Sthat has 3.3 milli~ above followers ~ above Instagram. Princesns Love ins active ~ above various other society media platdevelops as well. Sthe has actually 138K followers on Twitter and also 853.5K pendant on Facebook.

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according to dreshare, Princesns Love has actually a net worth the $500K and she Key revenue resource is she job that gift a design and truth star. She additionally doens earn from her clothes line.