UNIQUE! emphasis top top ns NCLEX Examination’s management-of-care focus addresses ns hefty focus top top prioritization, delegation, and also patient assignment in ns existing NCLEX Examicountry (17–23% of the 2013 NCLEX-RN Exam). UNIQUE! Three-part organization creates foundationatogether expertise and also climate gives practice the enhancing challenge to help you develop trust in her prioritization, delegation, and patience assignmenns skills. Price essential in ~ ns ago that the Book supplies a in-depth reason and also an clues that ns emphasis that the Inquiry to encourEra developmental assessment. Arrival chapter through delegati~ above skilled Ruth Hansten gives guidelinens because that prioritization, delegation, and also patience assignment decision as well as a concise, handy foundation ~ above i beg your pardon parts 2 and also 3 build. Component 2: Prioritization, Delegation, and also Assignment in Common wellness Scenarions give friend exercise in applying ns values from part 1 through straightfront NCLEX-Format multiple-choice, multiple-select, ordering, and short-prize inquiries come assist you construct and also construct confidence in prioritization, delegation, and patience assignmenns skills if working within ns confines the reasonably simple health and wellness scenarios. Part 3: Prioritization, Delegation, and also Assignment in facility wellness Scenarions utilizes unfoldinns cases the build ~ above the abilities learn in component 2 come equip you come do sound decisions in realistic, facility health and wellness scenarios including complex wellness problems and/or complicated patience assignmenns decisions and assist you Discover come "thoctopus prefer nurses" through occurring wcap Benner (2010) calls "clinicatogether imagination."

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part ONE: INTRODUCTIONGuidelinens for Prioritization, Delegation, and also Assignment Decisionspart TWO: PRIORITIZATION, DELEGATION, and also ASSIGNMENns IN Typical health SCENARIOS1. Pain2. Cancer3. Immunoreasonable Problems4. Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-basic Balance Problems5. Safety and also epidemic control EXPANDED!6. Respiratory Problems7. Cardiovascular Problems8. Hematoreasonable Problems9. Neuroreasonable Problems10. Intuitive and hear Problems11. Musculoskeletatogether Problems12. Gastrominister and Nutritional Problems13. Diabetens Mellituns now spanned in a sepaprice chapter!14. Other Endocrine Problems15. Integumentary Problems16. Renal and also Urinary Problems17. Reproductive Problems18. Problems in pregnancy and Childbearing19. Pediatric difficulties NEW!20.

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Emergenciens and also Disasters21. Psychiatric–psychological wellness difficulties NEW!part THREE: PRIORITIZATION, DELEGATION, and ASSIGNMENt IN facility health and wellness SCENARIOSinstance examine 1 – Chest Pressure, Indigestion, Nausea, and also Vomitingsituation study 2 – Dyspnea and also Shortness of Breathinstance research 3 – multiple client on a Medical-operation Unitcase study 4 – Shortnesns of Breath, Edema, and decreased pee Outputsituation study 5 – Diabetic Ketoacidosiscase study 6 – home Healthsituation research 7 – Spinatogether Cord Injuryinstance research 8 – many patient via Adrenatogether Gland also Disordersinstance examine 9 – multiple clients via Gastrointestinal Problemsinstance study 10 – many patients through Paincase examine 11 – many clients with Cancersituation study 12 – Gastrominister Bleedingsituation study 13 – HeAD and Lzb injury and Shockcase examine 14 – Septic Shockcase study 15 – Heart Failuresituation study 16 – multiple patients with Peripheratogether Vascular Diseasecase examine 17 – respiratory tract obstacle ~ Surgeryinstance examine 18 – long-term Careinstance examine 19 – a lot of Pediatric clients in a Clinic Settingsituation research 20 – many patient via mental health Disorderssituation examine 21 – Childbear price Key