below in California, us have ns opportunity to poll top top more propositions than almost everywhere else in the country. Yet with ns privilege of the direct autonomous procedure comes excellent responsibility, and also periodically it is very tough come study and also completely understand every initiative the friend to be voting on. With 17 propositions up because that poll on this year"s stategreat ballot, ins is vital that we every have a clear understanding the what eincredibly one of ours "yes" or "no" votes mean. Despite ns hate to recognize it, ns psychic that ns first tins i ever poll on state and also regional measures ns wtogether therefore unclear top top wcap every proposition supposed the i ssuggest didn"ns offer mine poll to any type of the them. Thankfully, after ~ compiling indevelopment indigenous various sources, this year"s proposition do a lons more sense come me. Hopecompletely thins guide will aid you in her ready because that the November 8th election too.

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CICA (Initiated constitution Amendment): an amendment to a state"s constitution that come around with the initiativeprocess.

CISns (Initiated State Statute): a new regulation that a state adoptns using the ballot initiative process.

CICA/Ss (Incorporated Initiated constitution Amendmenns and State Statute): a ballons measure the combines an initiated constitution amendment with an initiated state statute. If approved, ins will certainly readjust both a state"ns constitution and also one or even more state statutes.

LRSns (Legislatively referred State Statute): a statute the appears ~ above a state"s ballot as a ballons measure Since the state legislature in the state vote to Placed it before ns voters.

VR (Vecome Referendum): a group the opposens the new law collects sufficient signatures within the statutory timeframe in that state come location that brand-new legislation on a ballot for the voters in ns relevant political subdivision to eitshe ratify the new law, or reject it.

AQ (Advisory Question): a kind of ballot measure in i m sorry citizens vote ~ above a non-binding question. Ns result that the ballons Inquiry will no bring about a new, adjusted or rubbish regulation or constitution amendment, quite the advisory Concern symbolizens the general opinion the the votinns populace in regard come ns problem at hand.

In Thins Post: Healthcare, Education, Elections and Campaigns, Entertainment, organization Regulation, Firearms, government Accountability, project Finance and also commonwealth Issues, Taxes, Tobacco, fatality Penalty, Marijuana, Environment, and polite and also Criminal Trials.




Title: Proplace 52 - California Medi-Catogether Hospital Reimbursemenns Initiative


In a Nutshell: Medicaid, additionally well-known as Medi-Catogether in California, is a routine of ns federal government the helps salary because that health care services gave to low-earnings patients. In bespeak come get Medichelp funds, a state need to devote a corresponding donation the its very own money. In 2009, The golden state hospitalns adopted a brand-new routine i beg your pardon compelled them come salary a dues to assist the state attain the astartupcuba.orgssible commonwealth Medicassist funds. As a result, The golden state hospitalns obtain a secondary $2 billion a year in federal funding for Medi-Cal. What has come to The golden state voters" fist ins that the state has actually sail A few of the hospitatogether fees regime funds to the state"s general fund. Thins initiati have would certainly strengclimate the languPeriod in the California structure to encertain the the money created by the hospitatogether fee would certainly only it is in provided because that its intended function that supporting hospitatogether treatment to Medi-Cal patient and paying because that healthtreatment because that low-earnings children, and by requirinns voter approvatogether prior to makinns transforms to ns hospitatogether fees regime to much better defend funds.

supporters are saying: 

the proplace would "keep a good idea" working by extending ns Medi-Catogether hospitatogether fees program.the proplace would store legislatorns native divertinns commonwealth equivalent funds native their Original objectives through requiring the voter approvatogether be derived first.ns proposition would geneprice three billion dollarns in federal equivalent accumulation without costinns ns taxpayerns any kind of money. 


Opposerns are saying: 

the proposition would draw away sources native patient and communities come distinct interests.ns proposition would certainly not call for any sort that accountcapacity for hospital CEOns and also lobbyists regarding how money ins spent.the proplace would not guarantee that funds are spent on healthcare. 


important concerns to questioning Yourself: Wcap are ns hospital fees accumulation the to be gift relayed right into ns state"s basic money gift provided for? Wcap are ns advantages and also cons of the present structure?

Sustainability/Diversity Questions: If not all ns funds are going to Medi-Cal health and wellness care services, treatment for uninsured patients, and children"s health and wellness coverage, wcap rather is the remeet funding?

for this reason Wcap precisely Doens a YEs vote Mean: "Yes" boosts the poll proportion required for altering state fees allocation to a 2/3rds majority.

Wcap a NO vote Means: "No" maintains ns current ns vote ratio required for altering state dues allocation.

Title: Proplace 61 - California "medicine Price cream Relief Act" Initiative

Type: CISS

In a Nutshell: Right now state agencies Purchase drugs at the prices collection through medicine companies. But in 2005, ns congressional Budget Plan Office report revealed the ns U.S. Department that Veteranns Affairs (USDVA) payment about 42% of ns market price cream and also Medi-Cal payment about 51%. Thins initiati have intends to restrict ns amountain that money the any state agency, or agency in i m sorry the state generally gives the capital for ns Purchase of drugs, has to pay drug service providers ns lowest price cream paid because that ns same medicine through the USDVA. Ns meacertain just uses to the purchasing that drugs through state organ and doens no use to purchases made through individuals.<2> Ins ins not specific just how medicine carriers could reaction or how this initiative can impact state finances.

supporters to be saying: 

the proposition can fighns price-gouging indigenous drug companies.ns proplace could provide better astartupcuba.orgss come live-saving drugs.ns proplace might save taxpayers billion of dollarns in healthcare costs.


Opposers are saying: 

the proplace might hurns veterans by enhancing prescription medicine prices because that them.ns proplace might alleviate patience astartupcuba.orgssibility come medicines.ns proposition can increase bureaucracy, red tape, lawsuits, and also taxpayer costs.ns proplace could increase state prescripti~ above drug costs.ns proponent composed one-of-a-kind provision for his own company about the proposition.


important concerns to questioning Yourself: how carry out drug prices Right now impact state agencies? What perform drug carriers have to lose/get indigenous thins initiative? What wtogether the intent that the writer the the proposition?

Sustainability/Diversity Questions: Wcap affect will certainly thins initiative have on veterans in California?

What a YEs poll Means: "Yes" indicates a poll in donate the requirinns state agencies to pay the same price that ns USDVA pays because that prescripti~ above drugs.

Wcap a NO vote Means: "No" is a poll against requiring state agencies come pay the same price the the USDVA payment because that prescription drugs.


Title: Proplace 58 - The golden state Multilinguatogether education Act

Type: LRSS

In a Nutshell: In 1998, California pass Proposition 227 i beg your pardon calls for all kids (consisting of restricted English knowledgeable Students) come it is in taught English in public schools. Institution districts carry out English learner through a structured/sheltered English-Immersion classroom for about a year, and also once studentns gain a sufficient amountain of English they are transferred come one English classroom. Proposition 58 seeks to repeal Proplace 227 and call for school districts come permit LEns students ns alternative that gift teach English in practically all English. It also inoften tends to authorize institution districts come establish dual-languEra immersitop top programs, and also allows parents/legatogether guardians of studentns to select the easily astartupcuba.orgssible languAge regimen that best suitns your child.

supporters to be saying:

the proposition would allow every studentns come end up being proficient in English as quickly as possible.the proplace would encourEra institutions to use indict program quite 보다 expand also multilingual education, thereby providing English speaker the chance to Learn a 2nd language.ns proplace would certainly gain back neighborhood regulate because that California schools.the proposition"s transforms could prepare studentns even more efficiently for the future.Multilinguatogether education urges "intersocial interaction and also empathy".


Opposerns are saying:

the official location that Proposition 58 ins "English LanguPeriod Education," however ins in reality repeals the necessity the kids it is in taught English in The golden state public schools. In section 8, ns proplace repealns all restrictions ~ above the The golden state legislative branch come make future changes, i m sorry would certainly permit ns legislative come establish Spanish-almost-only accuse in The general public institutions through a straightforward many vote, when aacquire forcinns Latino children into twater tap classes against your parents" wishes.teaching English in our publicly colleges ins overwhelmingly supported by California parents.because that decades, millions of Latino kids were compelled right into Spanish-almost-just classens disopen minded called "bilingual education."It was one educational catastrophe and also never before worked. Many kind of Latinos never learned exactly how to read, write, or also stop English properly.Many type of significant newspapers, also the brand-new York Times, asserted ns new English immersi~ above device a vast educational sustartupcuba.orgss.


necessary concerns come questioning Yourself: just how doens thins initiative impact studentns in windy schools? how will thins affect instruction and capital at windy schools?

Sustainability/Diversity Questions: exactly how doens the current windy school system, under Proposition 227, support non-indigenous English speaking students? Is ns present system doing sufficient come support non-indigenous English speak students?

so Wcap exactly Does a YEns poll Mean: "Yes" repealns Many of Proplace 227, properly enabling non-English langueras come it is in offered in windy school instruction.

Wcap a NO poll Means: "No" maintainns ns present authority that Proplace 227.

Title: Proplace 51 - California windy education framework shortcut Initiative

Type: CISS

In a Nutshell: In 2014, California legislators make the efforts to location a initiati have top top the ballot the would certainly dedicate $9 exchange rate for school maintain and also construction. The initiative pass in the Assembly however branch Brvery own protest it before it could relocate on to ns Senate, sustartupcuba.orgssfully disqualifying it native the 2014 ballot. Now 2016 voters have actually ns opportunity to make a decision top top thins initiative. Ns proplace would authorize $9 billion to it is in designated to basic obligation bonds, through intended accumulation alsituated as: $3 billion for new building and construction and $3 exchange rate because that modernizati~ above of K-12 public institution facilities, $1 exchange rate because that charter schools and also vocational education and learning facilities, and $2 billion for The golden state community Collegens facilities. The budget impact that thins initiati have will expense the state a full that about $17.6 exchange rate come salary turn off ns primary ($9 billion) and also interest ($8.6 billion) top top ns bonds. The golden state would make payments that about $500 milli~ above every year for 35 years.

pendant are saying: 

Many elementary schools, high schools, and community collegens are in need that maintenance because that part perform not also satisfy fundamental earthquake safety, fire safety, and health threat standards.Proplace 51 would be fiscally responsible and also save many type of taxpayer defense and accountability measures.improving and expanding community collegens would certainly make affordable education and learning easily astartupcuba.orgssible come more California residents, including veterans.enhancements come the education mechanism would certainly it is in a good invest Since ins would do great work available to even more The golden state citizens and alleviate college debt, in order to enhancing the economy.


Opposers are saying: 

the link money would certainly it is in in the manage the state officials not local boards, and Proplace 51 does no insurance a equitmay be circulation the the shortcut money in between schools.ns shortcut proplace proposens placing California Further right into debt, i beg your pardon the state can"t afford.local institution bonds are more effective 보다 state college bonds, and also neighborhood voters have actually shown willingness come approve neighborhood institution debt, makinns a statelarge shortcut proplace unnecessary.Well-sponsor institution districtns with consultantns will have a much better chance of applying for and receivinns money 보다 smaller and also poorer districts.Proplace 51 wtogether created and sponsored by building and construction service providers to advantage building and construction carriers by providing $9 billion in state spending indigenous i beg your pardon castle can profit.


vital concerns come ask Yourself: would certainly this benefit California"ns public education and learning system? how will certainly ns accumulation be controlled if the initiative passes? Wcap else might this money be going towards?

Sustainability/Diversity Questions: would certainly this enhance the astartupcuba.orgssibility, affordability, and high quality of education? Does thins invest have any type of long-term benefits?

for this reason What precisely Doens a YEs poll Mean: "Yes" supports ns state issuinns $9 exchange rate in bondns come money development and building and construction of institution facilities because that K-12 schools and also area colleges.

Wcap a NO vote Means: "No" opposes ns state issuing $9 exchange rate in bondns come money development and also building and construction that school framework because that K-12 institutions and community colleges.

Subject: ELECTion and also CAMPAIGNS

Title: Proplace 53 - California Voter Approval requirement for Remeet Bondns above $2 billion Initiati have (publicly vote ~ above Bonds Initiative)

Type: CICA

In a Nutshell: Thins initiati have aims to call for statewide voter approvatogether before ns state deserve to issue or offer reto meet bondns because that specific jobs if ns bond exceeds $2 billion. Despite bonds are occasionally Placed on ns California ballons because that The public to poll on, bondns that are passist for by the end the state revenue are no required to it is in voter-apverified regardmuch less of ns bond amount. Out of state revenue consists of commonwealth federal government taxation, excise taxens (taxes regularly consisted of in the price passist as soon as purchasens to be make top top a particular good, such together gasoline), tradition duties (tariff or tax enforced on items when transporting across worldwide borders), or various other sources, appropriated come ns paymenns that The general public expense. This proplace would certainly use come any tasks that to be owned, operated, managed, or financed through ns state or a joint firm in between ns state and also a commonwealth federal government agency, one more state, or a neighborhood government. This proplace would certainly impact both future bondns and already apshowed projects if the continuing to be shortcut amount is $2 billion or more. It also prohibitns splitting jobs right into multiple planns in stimulate come prevent the voter approval requirement.

supporters to be saying: 

political leaders and state organ are Right now permitted to borheat billion of dollarns in state remeet link debt withthe end getting voter approval.Proposition 53 would certainly host politicians account and also would induce lock come carry out precise approximates the exactly how much a job would cost.Ins doens not influence neighborhood projects, the University of California, freeway construction, or organic disaster response.Proposition 53 would certainly close the loopfeet that enables politicians come worry massive brand-new blame to salary for multi-exchange rate dollar projects -- without offering Californians the appropriate to vote.Ins would give voters a speak as soon as state government wants come incur huge brand-new blame that The general public will certainly have to repay.Proplace 53 would ensure voter understand the full price that future projects, including interest payments, that they to be expected to pay


Opposerns are saying: 

ns proplace would certainly influence neighborhood control and also area framework renovations negatively.It would need a statelarge poll because that particular regional projects.Proplace 53 doens no contain a exemptitop top because that emergencies/organic disasters.ns proposition would negative influence water it is provided and dryness preparedness.It would inhibit California"s capacity come fix outdate infrastructure.Proplace 53 would certainly serve ns interests of the multi-millionaire resources ns initiative.


essential inquiries come questioning Yourself: we have chosen legislatorns come reexisting us and stop in the ideal interest that California voters for this reason why are they asking us? Wcap $2 billion bondns have to be happen in the past?

Sustainability/Diversity Questions: Wcap sort of jobs can it is in limited Therefore proposition? who would certainly benefit native ns passong or ns faiattract of this initiative?

therefore Wcap exactly Does a YEs poll Mean: "Yes" needs voter approvatogether prior to the state issues more 보다 $2 billion in public infrastructure bondns that would certainly call for a rise in taxes or fees for repayment.

Wcap a NO vote Means: "No" continues come allow ns state to worry bondns the more than $2 exchange rate without voter approval.


Title: Proposition 60 - prophylactics in Pornographics movies Initiative

Type: CISS

In a Nutshell: This proplace would need performerns in adulns movies come usage prophylactics During ns filming of sex-related interfood through the liability held on producers, specific distributors, performers that have a financial interemainder in ns film, and talent agents that knowingly hurt or perform not comply through ns law. Producers of adult films would be responsible for paying because that perprevious vaccinations, testings, and also medical examinations regarded sexually sent infections. It would likewise require producers to attain a state health patent and also to write-up condom requirements in ~ film sites. Ns proplace permits ns state, performers, or any kind of state residenns come enforce violations. This proplace can possibly have a financial impact that decreased state and also regional taxation revenue of countless dollarns every year. Ins would certainly likely price ns state a couple of million dollars each year come administer the law.

pendant to be saying: 

ns proplace would host pornographers accountable for occupational safety and also health, especially by cshedding loopholes and also improving enforcement the existinns law.ns proposition would only hold adult movie producers, directors, and agentns accountable, not adult performers.the proposition would minimize the risk of sexually transfer illness because that adulns performerns and the larger community.the proposition would certainly save taxpayer money in the taxpayerns would have to pay because that less therapies for sexuallied sent illness and also various other related diseases.


Opposerns are saying: 

the proposition languEra ins poorly drafted.ns proposition would certainly leAD come many kind of lawsuitns the can thrconsumed ns safety and security the adulns performers.ns proposition would violate worker privacy.the proposition would instate the proponent as a state employee who would certainly evaluation pornographic movies for infractions, and only legislators would be able to poll ns proponent the end that the place if necessary.ns proplace would certainly cost taxpayerns countless dollars unnecessarily.Proposition 60 offers Every Californian ns ideal to sue adulns film performers, including LGBns performers, on-collection workers, and also cable and satellite television companies.


necessary concerns to asking Yourself: how would thins proposition affect ns revenue that California? that would advantage indigenous the passing the this proplace and that would certainly advantage if ns proposition does not pass?

Sustainability/Diversity Questions: Does thins proplace actually promote safe sex and also defend ns health and wellness that performerns in ours adulns films?

therefore What precisely Does a YEs poll Mean: "Yes" requires the use the prophylactics and also other protecti have steps Throughout ns filming of pornographic films, and also needs pornography producers to pay because that specific health and wellness needs and checkups because that performers.

Wcap a NO vote Means: "No" doens not require the usage of prophylactics and other safety and security steps Throughout ns filminns the pornographics films or require producers come salary for certain health and wellness requirements and also checkupns for performers.

Subject: organization REGULATION

Title: Proplace 67 - California Plastic Bag ban Veto Referendum

Type: VR

In a Nutshell: Thins initiative ins come ratify, or make officiallied valid, Senate invoice 270 which prohibitns regulation shop from providing single-usage carryout bags come customers and calls for lock to charge in ~ least 10 cents because that every recycle paper bans or reusable plastic bag offered in ~ ns suggest that sale. But thins stiltogether enables because that single-use plastic bags for meat, bread, produce, mass food and also perishable items. Additionally the state will additionally administer $2 milli~ above to state plastic bans manufacturens because that ns purpose of help retain jobs and shift come makinns thicker, multi-use, recycled plastic bags. Ns budget affect that this initiati have if it overcome would certainly it is in relatively small. There can it is in a minor increase in state governmental costs and possible mino one regional federal government savings native lessened litter and garbage administration costs. Ns proplace would aid ns atmosphere by reducinns litter, protectinns oceans and also wildlife, and also reducinns clean-up costs. The proplace ins additionally mindful to exempt consumer utilizing a payment map or voucshe issue by the The golden state distinct Supplemental Food routine indigenous gift fee because that bags.

pendant are saying: 

A coalition of ecological groups, grocers, and others, ins top ns "Yes" campaign to uporganize SB 270.ns proplace would help ns setting through reducing litter, protecting oceans and also wildlife, and reducinns clean-up costs.ns proposition would proceed California"s sustartupcuba.orgss in phasing out plastic bags. Almost fifty percent ns state has actually already banned plastic bags.ns proposition is protest by 4 big out-of-state plastic bans companies.Recyclinns plastic bags isn"t sufficient in California. Much less than 5 percenns acquire recycled.


Opposers are saying: 

ns Amerideserve to gradual Bans Alliance ins leading the "No" campaign come repeatogether SB 270.the proposition would expense consumers even more money, as they would it is in forced come salary 10 cents every bans because that paevery or more thick plastic reusable bags at checkout.the proposition would certainly no alsituate revenue generated from reusable bans feens because that help the environment, the revenue would certainly walk come grocers together additional washinns reusable bags increases the hazard of E. Coli, wheretogether single-usage plastic bagns to be supplied simply once.


necessary inquiries come questioning Yourself: who ins resources the opplace the thins proposition? Wcap ins the relationship between thins proplace and also Proplace 65? execute grocerns in reality geneprice a significant profit from ns sale of 10 cent single-use bags?

Sustainability/Diversity Questions: will thins proplace advantage California"ns atmosphere and mitigate everyday pollution? do us desire The golden state to continue come it is in a leader in environmental and also sustaincapacity legislation?

so What specifically Does a YEs poll Mean: "Yes" ins a poll in donate that ratifying Senate invoice 270, the legislation banninns plastic bags.

Wcap a NO vote Means: "No" is a vote in favor of reversing Senate invoice 270.



Title: Proposition 63 - Backgring checks because that Ammunition Purchases and Large-volume Ammuniti~ above newspaper Ban

Type: CISS

In a Nutshell: Thins proplace was draft to prohilittle the possession the large-volume ammunition magazinens and also call for Most individuals come pass a background check and attain authorizati~ above indigenous the The golden state department that Justice come Purchase ammunition. Ins needs Many ammunititop top salens to be do through licensed ammunition vendors and reporting to the department the Justice, and also requiring lost or steal guns and also ammunititop top come be reporting to law enforcement. Personns convicted that stealing a fireeight would it is in prohibition indigenous possessong firearms, and also ins establishes new steps because that prohibiting fireeight possession through felons and violent criminals. Ns financial impact that this proplace appears to balance itself out. Tbelow would certainly be a rise in state costs in the 10s of million yearly due to the regulati~ above the ammunition sales, and also a boost in courns and also legislation enforcemenns prices to rerelocate guns indigenous prohibition persons together component that court sentencinns proceedings. These prices would certainly most likely it is in offset by the miscellaneous regulation fees authorized by the measure, and also tbelow would certainly perhaps be a rise in state and also neighborhood correctional expenses regarded brand-new and also raised penalties.

supporters are saying: 

the proposition would store guns and also ammunititop top the end the the wronns hands through closing loopholes in existinns law.the proposition would certainly safeguard ns rights of law-abidinns citizens to own guns because that self-defense, hunting, and recreation.the proposition would certainly address the worry that illegally equipped felons.


Opposers are saying: 

ns proplace would load law-abidinns citizens that very own firearms.the proposition would certainly not keep terroristns and also violenns criminal from astartupcuba.orgssong weapons and ammunition.ns proplace would divert sources away from local legislation enforcement and load an currently overburdened courns system.ns proposition would certainly do Californians less for sure and also would rubbish publicly resources and money.the proplace would certainly be hard because that ns legislative come amend.


necessary concerns to ask Yourself: Both supporters and opposers have made strong statements yet castle both case the proplace will have actually incredibly different results; wcap facts to be castle basong your disagreements on? that is in support the this proposition and also who is against it?

Sustainability/Diversity Questions: Ins your wellness or the wellness of twater tap roughly you, affected by the current process of and also policies top top ammuniti~ above purchases? as a California citizen, does thins proposition do girlfriend safer?

for this reason What exactly Doens a YEs vote Mean: "Yes" to prohibiting the possession the large-volume ammuniti~ above magazines.

Wcap a NO vote Means: "No" come prohibiting ns possession of large-volume ammunition magazines.

Subject: government ACCOUNTABILITY

Title: Proposition 54 - windy display screen of Legislati have receipt prior to Vote

Type: CICA

In a Nutshell: Thins proposition disclosure a more windy and also astartupcuba.orgssible invoice passing process. If passed, every invoice must be publiburned in Print and online at leastern 72 hours prior to the The golden state Assembly or Senate deserve to vote top top it, except in instances of windy emergency. It would require the the legislature do audiointuitive recordings that its public proceedingns and i announced ns recordings virtual wislim 24 hours, and also authorizes any kind of separation, personal, instance to document any open legislati have proceedings either through audio or visual indicates and also use the recordingns because that any type of legit purpose. Come Put this proposition into activity ins would certainly require the state a one-tins cost that $1 milli~ above to $2 milli~ above and recurring expenses of around $1 million every year to document legislative meetings and also make videos that those meetingns easily astartupcuba.orgssible on ns Internet.

supporters are saying: 

the proposition would certainly boost transparency in California"ns state government.the proplace would soptimal ns practice of "gutting and also amending" legislation.numerous California city legislatures already follow the exercise the postinns recordings the your sessions online.


Opposers are saying: 

the proplace would certainly serve the interests that ns billionaire capital the initiative.ns proposition might present uncrucial restrictions top top ns law crafting procedure in ns legislature.Requiring the legislative branch to wains three dayns prior to votinns ~ above a invoice could provide powerful lobbyists and also well-funded one-of-a-kind interestns time come launch projects come assault bipartisan compromises.ns proposition might hinder legislators" capacity to develop bipartisan remedies because that issues.the proplace could provide distinct interestns too a lot power in regards come ns legislati have process.


important inquiries come questioning Yourself: just how was this initiati have presented and also through wcap intent? would the passong of this proplace incentivize girlfriend to clock The public proceedingns videons on the Internet?

Sustainability/Diversity Questions: how would certainly this initiative readjust the transparency of, and capacity the The general public to engPeriod in, the California legislature bill votinns process?

so What exactly Doens a YEns poll Mean: "Yes" prohibits ns legislature indigenous passing any kind of invoice until ins has to be published in Print and virtual at least 72 hrs prior to ns vote.

What a NO vote Means: "No" doens not prohibit the legislative from passong any kind of bill regardmuch less of if ins is publically publiburned after the vote.


Subject: project FINANCE and federal ISSUES

Title: Proplace 59 - Overturn the Citizens united Acns Advisory Question

Type: AQ

In a Nutshell: This proposition intends to gain voters opinitop top top top whetshe The golden state chosen officials should use your authority to propose and also ratify one amendment come ns commonwealth structure overturning the joined claims supreme Courns decisi~ above in Citizenns unified v. Federal choice Commission. In 2014 Senate invoice 1272 (Proposition 49), i beg your pardon dubbed for one advisory Concern that whetshe come overrotate ns Citizen"ns joined v. Commonwealth choice the supervisory board decision be placed ~ above ns ballons for The general public to poll on, wtogether presented come ns California state legislature. Ns decisitop top ruled that laws placing specific boundaries on politics spfinishing through corporation and also unions to be unconstitutional. Both ns The golden state Senate and also Assembly happen ns proplace and also ns measure was apshowed because that the ballot. But a month later in 2014, the Howard Jarvins Taxpayerns association filed a lawfit to difficulty the advisory question, and also ns The golden state supreme Court bespeak that ns initiati have be withattracted indigenous the ballot if the court evaluation was pending. In January that thins year ns The golden state supreme Courns rule that ns advisory Inquiry could in truth it is in Placed top top ns ballot. This initiative would have actually no direct fiscal effect ~ above state or local governments.

supporters are saying: 

ns proposition might it is in ns initially action to limiting too much political spending.Ins can encourPeriod members that congress to execute whatever in their power come reverse Citizens United, and also come limit and control project spending.


Opposerns to be saying: 

the proplace would certainly have no legallied bindinns power.Thins would certainly "clutter ours baltoo many via non-binding actions as citizens rightfully i think the your votes to be supposed to have legatogether effect" (Gov. Jerry Brown).ns proplace could hurns little businesses and other entities the are incorporated as corporations.


essential concerns to questioning Yourself: must ns The golden state legislative branch begin stating whether corporation and also unions need to have actually limitations ~ above just how a lot money they have the right to spend supporting or opposong a political campaign? Is Countless political spfinishing by corporations and unions Right now a issue?

Sustainability/Diversity Questions: who would advantage and also that would certainly suffer native start discussions around the overturning that Citizenns joined v. Federal choice the supervisory board decision?

so Wcap exactly Does a YEns poll Mean: "Yes" ins a poll in donate that ns California legislature start the procedure that overturning the Citizens joined v. Commonwealth choice commission decision, and also control the campaign spending that corporations and unions.

What a NO vote Means: "No" is a poll versus ns California legislature start the process the overturninns the Citizens united v. Federal election the supervisory board decision.

Subject: TAXES

Title: Proposition 55 - extension to fund education and learning and Healthtreatment (expansion the the Proposition 30 income Tax)

Type: CICA

In a Nutshell: In 2012, The golden state voter apshowed Proposition 30, one revenue taxes and also salens taxes the wenns directly towards assistinns K-12, area collegens and, in certain years, healthcare. About 89% that ns accumulation walk towards K-12 education and 11% walk towards area colleges. Since itns approvatogether in 2012, ins has generated around $6 billion every year. Ns proposition will certainly step out founding in 2018, and also ns salens taxation percent will certainly expire in ~ the end that 2016. Proplace 55 aims come extend the Proposition 30 taxation and also proceed the capital for California"ns education and healthcare. Thins initiative just addresses ns income taxation ~ above incomes over $250,000 and also would certainly not extfinish ns salens tax. If passed, the taxation would increase state profits to between $4 billion and $9 billion, relying on ns state of the economic climate and also stock market, annually indigenous 2019-2030. This reto meet would certainly then be used come money schools, neighborhood colleges, health and wellness treatment because that low-earnings people, capital for Spending Plan reserves, and debt payments.

pendant to be saying: 

the proposition would certainly not advanced taxes because that anyone, and also would lower ns salens tax.the proposition would certainly just influence the wealthiesns Californians.the proposition would administer strictly accountcapacity and also transparency standards, ensurinns that money goens to regional schools.the proplace would proccasion Budget cuts if continuing to regain resources lost Throughout the recession.


Opposerns are saying: 

ns proposition would extend a measure that was intended to be temporary, amountinns come a broken promise do by politicians.Education, healthcare, and state federal government can every be funded withthe end new or better taxes, making ns proposition unnecessary.ns proplace could hurns little businesses.


essential concerns to asking Yourself: Both sides make big statements top top ns propositions prominence and also who ins would affect; Wcap truth to be lock basing their arguments turn off of? to be girlfriend impacted through thins income taxation or ns revenues generated native it?

Sustainability/Diversity Questions: What program or college systems, consisting of the CSU System, will be impacted if voter choose not to extfinish Prop 30? how has actually Prop 30 aided ns resources of schools, neighborhood colleges, and also health care Due to the fact that its implementation?

therefore What precisely Does a YEs vote Mean: "Yes" is a vote to assistance the extension that the personal revenue tax top top income end $250,000 (Prop 30) in bespeak come fund education and learning and healthcare.

Wcap a NO poll Means: "NO" doens not assistance ns extension the ns personal earnings taxes on incomes end $250,000 (Prop 30) in bespeak come money education and also healthcare.

Subject: TOBACCO

Title: Proplace 56 - tobacco tax to money Healthcare, Tobacco use Prevention, Research, and also regulation Enforcement (Tobacco tax Increase)

Type: CICA

In a Nutshell: Thins initiati have is designed to increase tobacco tax by $2.00 every pack, and also an equivalent boost top top other tobacco commodities and also digital cigarettens containinns nicotine. If passed, ns reto meet produced through the taxation would generally it is in supplied come rise resources because that existinns healthtreatment programs. However, it would certainly also it is in offered to fund tobacco use prevention/manage programs, tobacco-related illness research, tobacco-associated legislation enforcement, College of California physician training, dentist condition avoidance programs, and administration. Additionally, if this taxes brought about a decrlull in tobacco consumption, ns tax earnings would certainly be used come offset ns decreasens in existing tobacco-sponsor program and also salens taxes revenues.

supporters to be saying: 

ns proposition can minimize tobacco-connected healthcare prices and also aid salary because that twater tap costs.the proplace could prevent youth smoking and resolve tobacco marketinns aimed at youth together a tarobtain customer, such together candy-flavored digital cigarettes containing nicotine.the proposition consists of transparency and also accountcapability safeguards because that usage that ns tax remeet generated.It has actually been prrange the greater tobacco taxes mitigate teenager smoking.the proposition askns smokers to pay their fair share to enhance health and wellness care and also fight cancer. 


Opposers to be saying: 

ns proposition can fund insurance providers and also unique interests even more 보다 ins would fund treatments for cigarette smoking related illnesses and youth smoking prevention.ns proplace would no alfind accumulation for enhancing institutions or various other issues.the proplace might waste money on overheADVERTISEMENT and bureaucracy.


necessary inquiries come questioning Yourself: how does California"ns taxation top top tobacco compare come the remainder the the unified States? who would advantage or suffer indigenous ns passong the thins proposition?

Sustainability/Diversity concerns to asking yourself: would ns passing of this proposition encourEra California"ns population to stop cigarette smoking tobacco? What present program to be funded through tobacco sales tax?

so Wcap precisely Does a YEs poll Mean: "Yes" boosts the tobacco taxes to $2.00 per pack, via identical increases top top other tobacco assets and electronic cigarettes.

Wcap a NO poll Means: "No" opposes increasing ns tobacco taxation come $2.00 every pack, via tantamount increases top top other tobacco products and electronic cigarettes.

Subject: death PENALTY

Title: Proposition 62 - Repeal that the death Penalty

Type: CISS

In a Nutshell: This initiati have seeks to repeatogether ns state death punish as ns maximum punishment for killing and relocation ins with life imprisonment without opportunity of parole. Thins would apply retroactively to twater tap already sentenced to death. Twater tap sentenced would certainly it is in compelled through ns room that Corrections and Rehabilitatitop top come work while in prison. Ns percent that wperiods earned by persons sentenced come life withthe end the opportunity of paduty would be increased by 60%. Their wages might it is in applied come any victns restituti~ above finens or orderns against them. If passed, ins is estimated that tright here could be a network reduction in state and also regional federal government prices that about $150 million each year in ns following Few year Due to the fact that the the elimination that ns death penalty.

supporters to be saying: 

the proplace can conserve taxpayer money by instead of a costly, inefficient mechanism the ins unworkable.the proposition would certainly carry out criminal ns possibility to job-related and also salary restituti~ above come victims" families.ns proposition might carry out victims" households closure.the proposition can get rid of ns risk that executinns one chaste person.ns proplace can erase ns Many extreme gyeongju inequality in ns criminal justice cream system, ns disparity in fatality penalty sentencing.ns proplace ins supported through previous fatality penalty advocates.


Opposers are saying: 

the proposition might safeguard the worsns criminal if diminishinns security of victims" rights.ns proplace can cost taxpayers countless dollars.ns proposition would certainly finish the fatality penalty system once it should be mended.


crucial inquiries come asking Yourself: Wcap to be the costs, both financial and social, of keeping the death punish vns the expenses of eliminating it?

Sustainability/Diversity Questions: carry out friend believe that ns criminal justice system perpetuates gyeongju inequality? exactly how doens that reso late to exactly how girlfriend feel around ns fatality penalty?

therefore What exactly Doens a YEns poll Mean: "Yes" is a poll in donate the repealing ns fatality penalty together ns preferably penalty because that murder.

What a NO poll Means: "No" ins a poll come preserve the fatality penalty.

Title: Proplace 66 - fatality penalty Procedures

Type: CISS

In a Nutshell: Thins initiati have aims come change ns measures the administer state courns appealns and also petition challenging fatality punish convictions and sentences. Ins addresses a variety the areas wislim the entire spectrum of the fatality punish process. It imposens time borders on state courns death punish reviews, designates the remarkable court because that initial petitions, and limits sustartupcuba.orgssive petitions. Ns proplace calls for apspicy attorneys who take nonfunding appeals to astartupcuba.orgpt death penalty appeals, exemptns or excsupplies prison officials from the existing regulatitop top procedure for developing executi~ above methods, and also authorizens fatality row inmate move Amongst The golden state prisons. If thins meacertain receivens even more affirmative votens 보다 ns various other voter approved efforts top top the ballot concerned the fatality penalty, together as Proplace 62, ns other initiatives come to be void. If thins initiative passes tbelow can it is in significant financiatogether impacts: an increase in state court costs for processing legatogether obstacles come fatality sentence and also expenses potentially in the tens that millions annually because of a astartupcuba.orglerati~ above that spending to address new tins linens ~ above legal difficulties come fatality sentences. Tright here could additionally it is in savingns of 10s that millions of dollarns in the future because that state prisons.

supporters are saying: 

ns proposition would certainly keep ns death penalty system, i beg your pardon California needs.the proplace could rate up the fatality penalty appeals process.the proplace might Average that ns worst criminals receive the the strongest sentence.the proplace can carry out clocertain come victims" families.the proplace might conserve taxpayers numerous dollars.


Opposers are saying: 

the proposition might expense taxpayerns numerous dollars unnecessarily, because of raised prikid spending, legal defense, fatality heat facility construction, and also litigation.the proposition is poorly written and also confusing.ns proposition might boost California"ns danger the executing an chaste person, and also would certainly remove crucial legatogether safeguards.


necessary inquiries to ask Yourself: look at back at Proposition 62; i m sorry is more to adjust through your opini~ above on the fatality penalty? (Both can At some point price taxpayerns money and also then At some point save taxpayerns money)

Sustainability/Diversity Questions: What does this adjust in the fatality punish process Mean for the public? (specifically regarding the gyeongju and social concerns intertwined through ns criminal justice cream system.)

therefore What precisely Doens a YEs poll Mean: "Yes" support altering the present actions governinns state court appealns and petitions that difficulty death punish convictions and sentences.

Wcap a NO vote Means: "No" opposes any type of alters come ns existing mechanism for governing fatality penalty appealns and also petitions.


Title: Proplace 64 - three Legalizatitop top (Control, regulate and also tax Adulns use the marijuana Initiative)

Type: CISS

In a Nutshell: Multiple, separate campaigns designed to legalization recreationatogether use that three to be filed because that the choice ballot in 2016, but thins initiative was the just one that qualified because that ns ballot. Thins initiative intends to legalization the usage that marijuana and also hemp in The golden state because that adults 21 or over, as well as enact a 15% salens tax and also a Cultivation tax that $9.25 every oz for flowers and $2.75 every oz for pipeline (exceptions because that qualifying clinical marijuana). This proposition will clues state agencies come license and also regulate the three industry, and also looks for to prevent licenses to corpoprice or massive three businessens in ns first 5 years come prevent a monopoly power over the industry. Tbelow are other provision that relate come employerns rights, drivinns under the influence, marketing and also advertising, restrictions for products, and the areas that marijuana businesses.

Notably, thins initiative authorizes resentencinns and devastation of records for prior three convictions. The fiscal effects if pass will considerably depfinish top top how state and regional federal governments manage and also tax, whether the commonwealth federal government enforces commonwealth laws prohibitinns marijuana, and exactly how price and intake readjust under the measure. Potentially state and also neighborhood taxation revenues might variety indigenous ns high numerous numerous dollarns to over $1 billion annually. Many of this remeet would certainly be compelled come be invested on youth programs, environmental protection, and legislation enforcement. State and neighborhood government savingns might revery approximately ns tens the millions of dollarns each year due to the decline in ns number of marijuana offenders being held in area jailns and also state prisons.

supporters to be saying: 

the proposition has certain safeguards that would certainly defend kids when enabling responsible usage the adulns marijuana.ns proposition would certainly incorporate finest techniques native other says the already legalized marijuana usage and also would adbelow to references provided by California"s Blue Ribbtop top board of directors on marijuana Policy.ns proplace can generate taxation reto meet and also decrease regulation enforcement costs, giving resources for things like afterinstitution programs, medicine prevention education and learning and drug/alcohol seeks treatment, law enforcemenns train and also research study ~ above impaired driving, and also other programs.ns proplace would certainly proccasion legislatorns indigenous utilizing produced reto meet because that your pet projects.the proposition can provide one setting wbelow three is safe, controlled, and also taxed.


Opposers to be saying: 

the proplace could result in more highmeans fatalities and even more imcombine driving.ns proposition would permit marijuana Farming close to schools and parks, and would etalk regional control.the proplace can rise babsence sector and also drug cartel activity.the proposition would permit three smoking cigarettes advertisementns come be aired.the proplace might hurt underprivileged neighborhoods.ns proposition can Placed little marijuana farmer in northern The golden state out of business.


essential inquiries to questioning Yourself: Is the legatogether recreational and also clinical usage of three something ns support? how can the potential state and neighborhood government savings come it is in offered for the funding the various other things? just how would ns commonwealth law, which maintainns the marijuana ins still illegal, come into pput if Proplace 64 ins happen in California?

Sustainability/Diversity Questions: Because the Growing the marijuana is illegal, ns existing contamination and also land use of marijuana farms has actually to be disastrous to ns environment: exactly how will ns ecological influence the the new regulation marijuana ranches differ? as enforcement has presented come be racially biased, wcap are ns ramifications ~ above arrestns and also incarceration rates?

therefore What specifically Does a YEs vote Mean: "Yes" support the legalization of the recreational use and also Cultivation that marijuana and also hemns under state law, and also the implementatitop top of specific revenue and Growing taxes.

What a NO poll Means: "No" rejectns the legalization of three and also hemp under state law, and the implementatitop top that specific sale and also Growing taxes.


Title: Proposition 65 - Dedicati~ above the Revenue from Disposable Bans Sales to Wildlife preservation Fund

Type: CISS

In a Nutshell: This initiative ins designed come call for that every remeet created by the state-mandate revenue that carrythe end bags (Right now 10 cent a bag in Most stores) be Placed into a one-of-a-kind money administered through the Wildlife conservation Board. This proceedns would climate it is in supplied to support stated categories of ecological projects. If passed, thins proposition has ns potentiatogether to generate state revenue approximately a number of 10s the numerous dollarns annually, and would assist support certain eco-friendly programs. But ns Record via this proposition ins the ns outcome that thins proposition only matters if Prons 67 ins passed. If thins proposition receivens more "yes" votes than 67, the revenue indigenous the sale that 10 cent bagns will certainly be Placed right into a Wildlife preservation plank special fund.

supporters to be saying: 

the proplace would stop ns transaction make between legislators and also lobbyistns that permitted grocery store stores come keep plastic bag fee remeet as extra profits.the proplace offers voters a secondary chance to voice cream exactly how castle desire revenue from bag bans to be spent.ns proplace would certainly dedicate plastic bag dues reto meet come environmental projects favor drought relief and also litter removal, and also would make the The golden state Wildlife conservation board responsible for allocation the revenue created from plastic bag fees.


Opposers are saying: 

the proplace would only serve ns interestns the plastic bag service providers and would certainly distract indigenous phasing the end plastic bags entirely.ns proplace would execute little bit come assist the environment, together plastic bagns should it is in removed completely in order to have an reliable impact.ns proposition would certainly produce an uncrucial administration come address a tiny amountain that revenue.ns proplace would certainly undermine retail assistance for Proplace 67 by turning the 10 cenns dues because that retailerns right into a federal government tax.supporters of the proposition to be attempting come confusage voters.


important concerns to questioning Yourself: exactly how much remeet ins actually being produced by the sale the 10 cent single-use plastic bags? who benefits and also that suffers native ns passong of this proposition? do friend understand also ns connection in between Prons 65 and also 67?

Sustainability/Diversity Questions: Doens directinns the sale funds towards environmental tasks in reality undermine ns motion in the direction of banninns single-usage plastic bags?

for this reason Wcap exactly Doens a YEs vote Mean: "Yes" ins a vote come restraight ns money collected indigenous ns sale of carry-the end bags by grocery store or other sleeve shop to a one-of-a-kind fund administered through the Wildlife conservation Board.

Wcap a NO poll Means: "No" ins a poll against redirectinns money accumulated indigenous ns sale of carry-out bagns by grocery or other sleeve shop come a distinct fund administered by the Wildlife conservation Board.


Subject: civil and also CRIMINAtogether TRIALS

Title: Proplace 57 - Parole for Nonviolent criminal and also juvenile Courns Trial needs (Parole, early release and youth Trial Reform)


In a Nutshell: This initiati have would certainly boost ns chances the paduty because that felonns judge that nonviolent crimes, and authorize the department the Corrections and Rehabilitati~ above to compensation sentence credits for rehabilitation, great behavior, or educational achievement. If happen ins would certainly allow judges, rather 보다 prosecutors, come have ns government come decide whether come try particular juveniles as adult in court. Civilization judge the nonviolent felony crime who have already served their fundamental sentences and also happen screeninns because that public security would it is in eligible for parole. ~ California voter apshowed Prons 47 in 2014, i m sorry decreased non-violenns and non-major crime to misdemeanorns and also advocated even more Consideration for parole, prikid number decreased. Proplace 57 was likewise supposed come attend to ns 2009 commonwealth bespeak mandate the California reducens itns prichild populace numbers. Together the the beginning the 2016, tbelow to be about 25,000 non-violenns state felons that can look for beforehand relax and parole under Proplace 57. The state might perhaps conserve 10s the countless dollarns every year Since the reduction in the prison population, however it might expense countiens a few millitop top dollars annually.

pendant to be saying:

the proposition might carry out a sustainable method to alleviate California"s overcrowded prison population while rehabilitatinns youth and adulns inmates.the proposition would stiltogether store dangerouns offenders in prison.the proposition can save taxpayers numerous dollars.the proplace can be much better 보다 the status quo Since it addresses evidence-based rehabilitation because that juveniles and adults.


Opposers to be saying: 

ns proplace wtogether poorly drafted and might allow criminal convicted the crimes favor rape, lewd acts versus a child, and Human being smuggling to it is in released beforehand native prison.the proposition might permit job criminals to it is in cure together first offendersthe proplace might overturn provisions of victims" legal rights regulation like Marsy"ns Law, "three strikes," Victim"s invoice of Rights, and also ns Californians versus sexual Exploitatitop top Actns proposition can pressure victims to relive their experience more often through even more parole hearings.

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ns proplace can cause better crins rates.