ns acquired thins PS4 from someone. It didn"ns cons through a tough drive the said me ins would certainly no take updays through usb. I installed a brand-new difficult drive make the efforts 10 various ignorance drives and about 5 different difficult drives. Still gain the same error; i have actually to be making use of ns substantial update Documents for new difficult journey installations.

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i have likewise tried fat32 and exfat i observed somewright here ~ above the forum wbelow somea sassist the dimension essential to it is in below 4kb for this reason i make the efforts as well as soon as formattinns in addition to complete formats. The update have to it is in 2.50 and over therefore i have do the efforts eexceptionally update native 2.50 approximately 3.50.

I"ve watched civilization through brand brand-new consoles have actually ns exact same issues. Lock acquired a brand-new difficult journey come acquire ns exact same error and lock have actually make the efforts ns Original difficult drive come likewise get ns same error.

Does anyone have actually any kind of suggestions top top what it could be?

therefore simply come be clear... What ins the specific error code?

(P.S. Image would certainly be nice if one is no listed)



discovered the issue! as soon as you walk come https://www.playstation.com/en-us/suppor... There to be 2 options: Update indigenous COMPUTER and Reinstall native COMPUTER (thins ins at the bottom) use the downloADVERTISEMENT link because that the reinstall, the File is 849mb in size, if friend acquire 297mb itns the wrong File and will certainly give girlfriend ns error. I hADVERTISEMENT come use IE11 to downloADVERTISEMENT it, Firefox just ever traction the 297. Happy gaming!

ns do not remember ware ins ins but tbelow is a method come just "wright" ns HDD prior to you Placed ins right into the PS4 look in ns develops ~ above sonys website and such likewise ns believe girlfriend deserve to clone a journey native an additional PS4 if tbelow ins nopoint on it. (do not rather me ~ above that)

s O together V E D

excellent morning , fellow,

ns hAD ns exact same issue, i fixed ins by assembling ns pen drive as present in ~ the Platerminal web-site, a followed exactly ns instruction the the Playterminal web-website , however it is in certain come use behind USB port of ns playterminal come upgrade her video-game, ns front usb harbor no work because that this issue.

good Luck,

I"ve do the efforts eexceptionally update type / install overview possible. Ideal ns deserve to perform ins start in safemode, dowloAD update(i m sorry already has been downinvited a lot of times) and also gain a few hours possibly the gaminns prior to a large loop the errorns and also troubles reading USB Documents for update. Ns honestly simply desire to acquire ins to wright here ns have the right to sell ins to a retail outlens at thins point. Please any type of aid is appreciated!

resolved ins by reformating the usb drive withthe end the Quick Format option; then i followed instructions ~ above ns Sony page. I nothing understand if it provides sense. I was making use of a brand also new Kingsttop top Datatraveler 100.

i discovered a response come thins worry because that myself.

i bought a 480gb kingsttop top ssd come upgrade my ps4. ~ getting here i installed it right into mine system and also test come inistialise via the exactly Data indigenous sony.

Error after ~ error ~ trying each and also eexceptionally Equipment on thins pEra and also many type of others.

turns the end i just HAD come Format ns drive come Fat prior to installation It into ns PS4.

one uninitialised journey via offer ns error is my hypothesis.

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ite so ~ analysis with many court and also numerous attemptns at tryinns come gain get ns usb come work-related i thsquid ns lastly obtained a solution! for this reason i formatted mine usb to FET32 and unconfirm the “Quick format” box. After that i re-downinvited ns device papers using ie ( ns used chrome eincredibly other time) and also reput ns .PUns Data in my usb via the brand-new a i’d simply downloaded. Climate connected the USB to the front that mine ps4 n it worked. Expect this can aid somea else.

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