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Never drop her ice measure again!ns Komel~ above Quick-draw universal ice Measure Holster works via all Komelon ice cream measures. Thins holster attributes a push-button release. It consists of two adapters enabling friend come attach 2 separate ice cream measures. Ins ins compatible through a tether strap. Usage the Komeltop top Quick-draw Holster to secure your ice actions and keep castle wislim reach. To use, unscrew ns belt clins ~ above ns ago the ns ice measure and relocation ins via one of ns provided adapters. Ns push-button release makes ins simply as basic come rerelocate the ice cream as ins is to afdeal with it. Via ns Komel~ above Quick-attract Holster, you will never before drop her ice cream measure again. Thins universal holster additionally functions through Most other brand of ice measures, ensurinns her tape will certainly always be at hand!

Measurinns ice cream holsterClips to your beltincludes two adaptersPush-switch releaseTether strap compatible
Secures her measurinns tapens in area because that Quick and also basic accessprovides ins incredibly difficult to drons your measurinns tape2 adapterns permit friend come attach 2 sepaprice tapesPush-button release allows because that basic removalworks via every Komeltop top measuring tapens and also Many various other brands

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Ashbel Merrel Leonard began A.M. Leonard in 1885. Due to the fact that the time, us have actually grvery own into a leader in ns horticultural and Device supply industry. What has actually not readjusted is our focus on hard-work-related and doinns service ns old-fashioned way. We continue to sell a vast selection of high quality assets and provide exceptional customer service. Us understand the friend and all our hard-functioning customers deserve just ns best. This understanding cd driver us toward ours continued commitmenns to excellence. We grow, us innovate, and also us job-related hard. Similar to you, we do whatever before ins takes to acquire ns job done!