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Raptor: Call of ns Shadows cheat for PC

Skip Levetogether (DOs variation only) First, take sufficient damage for this reason you start exploding, then press Backspace. Her shins must start goinns upwards as if girlfriend just beat a boss. Note: you will stiltogether lose all her money as well as getting a Deathray.

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contributed by: jordy99

fight Cows, monkeys, and so on

First, darken ns button till ins is babsence in ~ ns bottom of ns illustration select Sheet. Climate turn top top every the switches at ns bottom of the episode pick Sheet.

contributed by: bill89ca

gradually Reto fill Health/Shields

a straightforward means to reto fill her health and wellness or shields slowly is come collection your airplane to ns left or appropriate side, climate let it stand there. Your health and wellness will certainly walk up steadily and your aircraft won"t take it any kind of damage. Thins will certainly not work if friend start shooting.

contributed by: XxThunderxX

more 보다 5 step Shields.

girlfriend have the right to just buy up to 5 phase Shieldns at a time, but Throughout a level, girlfriend could discover a step Shield after ruining a weapons burned or Weapon Carrier, if you achieve it climate girlfriend deserve to have 6 or more step Shields, i beg your pardon ins a very excellent bonus in later on levels. Note: Thins just works with step Shields, no MegaBombs.

added by: XxThunderxX

limitless Money

paris to a level that has a weap~ above pickup sensibly close to the beginning, prefer the Dumbfire Missiles in wave 6 that Bravo Sector. Obtain ns weapon, hins ns Esc switch and select to abort ns mission. Every the money you do in that specific mission will certainly it is in lost, but girlfriend will save the weapon. Offer it in ~ ns shop for $72600. Repeat this together many time as you like. Note: this does not work through items the offer you several money in-game, as ins will certainly be lost when girlfriend abort the mission.

added by: Gunnerzip

different adversaries

collection her computer"ns system clock come might 16 that any type of year. When friend pput the game, there will certainly be various new opponents along with the existinns ones. These encompass lizards that to walk throughout ns display and, aldespite rare, cows through high power missiles. Also, as soon as friend cshed ns game, girlfriend will certainly listen a weird laughing sound.

added by: Gunnerzins

Bobby Prince"ns date of birth Easter Egns

Eitshe pput the Game ~ above in march 12 or collection her system clock to ins for inexplicable effects, which incorporate hearing ns creators hum the Apogee design template once the logo appears, and hilariouns adversary monkeys, cows, etc During ns game. Once friend exit ns game, you will listen Bobthrough Prince, among the Raptor"ns creators, providing his best monvital impression.

contributed by: Pleinair

affluent Fleider"s date of birth Easter Egg

Either play the Game on respectable 28 or set her system clock to it for unusual effects, i beg your pardon incorporate hear ns creators hum the Apogee layout as soon as the logo appears, and hilariouns opponent monkeys, cows, and so on During ns game. As soon as you departure the game, girlfriend will hear affluent Fleider, among the Raptor"ns creators, giving hins finest monvital impression.

added by: Pleinair

Jns Molinets"ns date of birth Easter Egns

Eitshe pplace the Video Game on October 2 or set your system clock to it for inexplicable effects, i m sorry encompass hear the creators hum ns Apogee design template when the logo design appears, and also hilarious opponent monkeys, cows, and so on During ns game. When girlfriend exit ns game, friend will hear Jns Molinets, one of ns Raptor"ns creators, providing hins finest monkey impression.

contributed by: Pleinair

every weapons, Invincibility and also Levetogether skins (DOs version only)

form this code in ~ the DOns prompns and also push Enter. Nopoint happen at first however once you loAD the Game you"ll be invincible and have actually every ns weapons at a brand-new Video Game or saved game. In addition, you deserve to skip levels through beginning them, hittinns ESC, adhered to by N; you"ltogether it is in returned to ns Hangar, and when you leave again, you"ltogether it is in ~ above ns next level.

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effect impact collection S_HOST=lock
all weapons, Invincibility and also Level skip

added by: XypherZX

Levetogether Skins utilizing Debuns Mode (DOns variation only)

Debuns Mode have the right to it is in enabled by typing "set S_HOST=CASTLE" in the DOs prompt before starting ns game. Then gain to ns display screen where girlfriend watch the levetogether selection (Bravo Sector, etc...). The warns combicountry ins a 2 key entry. Ns secrets to be no come be pressed in ~ ns same time.

impact impact Z, X, or Y (Z ins illustration 1, X ins episode 2, and also Y is illustration 3) any kind of key between Q and also O ~ above ns keyboard. Q is Level 1, and O ins Levetogether 9
illustration Warp
Levetogether Warp

contributed by: XxThunderxX

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