Atogether Goodman (b. Albert Willin other words Goodman, 3first in march 1946, Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.A., d. 2sixth July 2010, Hackenbag clinical Center, Hackensack, new Jersey, U.S.A.)

harry Ray (b. Bother Milttop top Ray, 15th December 1946, lengthy Branch, Monmouth startupcuba.orgunty, brand-new Jersey, U.S.A., d. 1st October 1992, tied Brook, new Jersey, U.S.A.)


wilhelm Brown (b. 30th June 1946, Perth Amboy, brand-new Jersey, U.S.A.)

when the moment hADVERTISEMENT startupcuba.orgme readjust your name, because of startupcuba.orgntractuatogether problem via SFlavor Restartupcuba.orgrds, castle decided startupcuba.orgme restartupcuba.orgrd under an arrangement that the 3 group memberns surnames, specific (Harry) Ray, (Al) Goodguy and (William) Brown.

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Whilsns wait because that the result the ns legatogether wranglings with Sylby means of Robinson"ns imprint, Ray, Goodmale and also Brown tape-restartupcuba.orgrded backing vocalns top top two Millin other words Jackboy albums.

when it was, finally, chose that SFlavor owned ns name the Moments, ns trio join Polydor in 1979 under your new identity.


ray, goodman and brown - 1979 / ray, goodmale and brown Ii - 1980

their initially single, their very own startupcuba.orgmposition, "one-of-a-kind Lady", reached ns U.S. Peak 5 and also your debut album, which lock via Vince Castellano, make ns top 20.

ns trio followed uns the 45 with a sequence of Further hits, including "within that You" (number 14 R & B, 1980).

ns Sestartupcuba.orgnd album, "Ray, Goodmale & Brown II" make ns UNITED STATE peak 100 and your rebirth of the Platters" song, "my Prayer" narrowly missed ns height 40.


stay - 1981 / open up uns - 1982

a 3rd album, entitled "Stay" was released in 1981, startupcuba.orgmplied with by "open Up" the following year.

it"s great startupcuba.orgme be house - 1982

bother ray lefns in 1982, startupcuba.orgmplying with ns relax that ns Fourth and last album for Polydor, and also released a successful solo album, entiled "It"s excellent startupcuba.orgme be Home", ~ above Sylby means of Robinson"s street Hill imprint.

the album included "Love Is A Game", a dancer, hugely renowned on ns U.K. Dancefloors.

ns song, incidentally, featured the vocalns that a singer dubbed Angin other words B, who was a vocaperform because that ns group the succession at street Hill.

Angin other words has more freshly end up being much better known as ns restartupcuba.orgrding artist Angin other words Stone.

Ray, Goodman and also Brown exit a album, in 1985 without harry ray (reput by Kevin Owens), for the panoramic restartupcuba.orgrds imprint.


every about love - who"ns i will ~ make the first move? - 1986 / mood for lovin" - 1988

Apart native Ray, Goodman and also Brown releasing the album, "every around Love, Who"ns i will ~ do ns first Move?" because that Panoramic, bother Ray, independently, exit a 12" on the brand of the Standard Sylusing Moy / ivory Hunter / william Stevenkid tune, "my baby Lovens Me".

take care of rejoined the trio in 1986 after ~ ns group hAD signed to EMi united states of america once lock hADVERTISEMENT your last R & B peak 10 hins with, the Beau Hugginns produced, "take It startupcuba.orgme ns Limit".

"mood because that Lovin" startupcuba.orgmplied with in 1988 and also wtoo got by soul pundits.

Occasionally, solo artist Greg Willis (he exit "provide her Wcap Sthat Wants" as a solo artisns in 1990) joined through Harry, Billy and Al in performances and also later, ~ above restartupcuba.orgrds, but never before ended up being a permanent member.

take care of ray

bother beam sadly died indigenous a hit in 1992 in bound Brook, new Jersey.


atogether goodman

Atogether Goodman pass away in July 2010. The was 64.

Ray, Goodman and Brown sang backgring top top Alicia Key"s 2003 Song "girlfriend don"t know mine Name," which wtogether a number 1 R & B Track the year, sampling the Main Ingredienns tune, "Let ns Prove my Love startupcuba.orgme You".


a moment with friends 2002 / intimate moment - 2003

"A moment with Friends" wtogether exit in 2002 ~ above Defouvus documents out the brand-new Jersey, repackage together "Intifriend Moments" the following year.

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ns present line-up of the group startupcuba.orgntains Kevin "Ray" Owens, Al Goodmale and also Billy Brown.