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Re:bear - ns insane Taker summary:

Reiji is her Common high-college college student living via hins huge sisters Ayaka. One day that stumbles ~ above a pair of arm bands on the sidewalk. The picks castle up and also tries to find ns owner but gets sidetracked together a bag snatcshe operation his direction. He triens to sheight him but ins stabbed and killed. On the brsquid that fatality that hears a voice cream from the arm bands "If she wishes to live form a contract." Wcap has Reiji acquired himme into? and also wcap specifically does the contract entail?
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thing nameViewTime uploaded
Vol.3 thing 29 : Separation18,593Jan-20-16
Vol.3 chapter 28 : Siblings11,604Jan-20-16
Vol.3 chapter 27 : obligations the excellent and Evil9,987Jan-20-16
Vol.3 thing 26 : True Natures9,911Jan-20-16
Vol.3 thing 25 : A Breach that Trust9,957Jan-20-16
Vol.3 chapter 24 : A Choice9,999Jan-20-16
Vol.3 chapter 23 : Cracks9,984Jan-20-16
Vol.3 thing 22 : Lineage10,001Jan-20-16
Vol.3 thing 21 : Psychopath Vns Psychopath10,358Jan-20-16
Vol.3 thing 20 : Phantom9,915Jan-20-16
Vol.3 thing 19 : Test10,219Jan-20-16
Vol.3 chapter 18 : Nikaidou Ran10,339Jan-20-16
Vol.3 chapter 17 : Guild10,561Jan-20-16
Vol.3 chapter 16 : your Battle10,832Jan-20-16
Vol.3 thing 15 : Collision10,654Jan-20-16
Vol.3 thing 14 : Accident11,114Jan-20-16
Vol.3 thing 13 : the weight of Life11,097Jan-20-16
Vol.3 thing 12 : Mistake11,088Jan-20-16
Vol.3 chapter 11 : Weakpoint11,541Jan-20-16
Vol.3 thing 10 : a new Threat12,302Jan-20-16
Vol.2 chapter 9 : It"ns Natsuhi!12,618Jan-20-16
Vol.2 chapter 8 : A Person"s Mind12,531Jan-20-16
Vol.2 thing 7 : Barrier12,827Jan-20-16
Vol.2 chapter 6 : Grey of Everyday13,921Jan-20-16
Vol.2 thing 5 : Tenshi14,430Jan-20-16
Vol.1 chapter 4 : Intervatogether that Time16,411Jan-20-16
Vol.1 chapter 3 : the first Encounter17,994Jan-20-16
Vol.1 thing 2 : Prey21,588Jan-20-16
Vol.1 thing 1 : city Legend30,428Jan-20-16

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