complete "Justice in Pike"ns Basin" in Marshatogether Johnson"s missi~ above line and a "W" icon will show up ~ above ns map, marking ns place the Nigelatin West Dickens. Friend deserve to Fast take a trip to Nigel"s location if you collection a waypoint on your map. To set a waypoint, select ns Mans alternative at the optimal of the pause menu, climate usage ns Lefns Stick come move the cursor alongside ns "W" mite and also press the A/X switch come collection ns waypoint. You can take it a stagecoach or travel there native her campsite.

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Old Swindler Blues

Nigelatin is wounded. Girlfriend must take it hns come Armadillo and acquire him to a doctor. Nigel"s health and wellness bar is visible in ~ ns top the the screen; if the bar ins depleted, Nigelatin will dice and you"ll faitogether the mission, therefore make haste. ~ ns cutscene, start adhering to ns yelshort heat on the Minns Map toward Armadillo.

obtain Nigel to Armadillo before he expires.

Stick to the road, as the unsteadinesns the off-roADVERTISEMENT drivinns will aggravate Nigel"s wounds. To do problem worse, a group the guys Nigelatin conned in a surrounding town want hns dead. They"ll traitogether after ns wagon on horseearlier and also take shots at both you and also Nigel. Girlfriend have the right to ans and shoons your weaptop top if driving when still managing the wagon, however don"t bother, as taking the time come aim will simply slow you down. Store her weapon holstered and press on towards Armadillo. If you"re a careful sufficient driver, you"ll have the ability to make ins there prior to girlfriend or Nigel is killed.

It"ns yes sir come journey off-roAD occasionally, such as to prevent having actually come turn a corner. You deserve to drive ns steeds much faster by tapping ns A/X button, but mental come soptimal when ns horses" strength is in the red, as subsequent presses will certainly only offer to slow-moving them.

the banditns will earlier off together you near Armadillo. Drive to the mite in town to get Nigelatin to the doctor"s office cream and complete ns mission.

Driving Nigelatin to Armadillo

friend Shall not provide False Testimony, other than for Profit

Visins Nigelatin at ns doctor"ns office between 5 a.m. And 10 p.m. To expropriate an additional missitop top native him. This time, you have to journey Nigel to Ridgetimber Farm and also assist him ctop top the occupants there right into buying his distinct tonic. Get in the driver"ns sein ~ of the wagtop top and follow ns yelshort heat top top ns Minns Map to Ridgewood. Nigelatin will certainly leave friend exterior that tvery own therefore ns 2 that you have the right to present up separately.

do her way come ns yelshort blip ~ above ns Mini Map to start ns show. Girlfriend have to initially show ns exceptional eyesight Nigel"s tonic has actually given you through shooting the cow skultogether hanginns on ns porch in the distance. The skultogether ins gleaming, allowing girlfriend come easily spons it. Take it ans and shoot ns skultogether to finish the initially challenge.

her following difficulty is come shoons ns man"ns cap as soon as that throwns ins uns into the air. You have to shoons ns cap before ins access time ns ground to pass. Thins can be conveniently completed through DeAD Eye. Take aim through LT/L2 and click the best Stick come activate DeADVERTISEMENT Eye as soon as ns male throws hins hat up into ns air. Move ns tarobtain reticule end ns cap to tag it and also then press RT/R2 to shoons ins while it"s stiltogether in the air.

Perform exceptional tasks to assist Nigelatin c~ above ns occupants that Ridgetimber Farm.

~ ns cutscene, friend should climate demonstrate the extraplain strength Nigel"ns one-of-a-kind tonic has given you by beating Aquila in a fistfight. Store your gun holstered and tap the RT/R2 switch come throw punchens at Aquila. Use ns RB/R1 button to block, despite friend Many likely won"t have to Throughout thins fight. Girlfriend deserve to tackle Aquila to ns gring adhering to a punch combo by pressing Y/Triangle when the Gring handle prompt shows up in the bottom-appropriate edge that the screen. Tans the RT/R2 switch come continue punchinns Aquila if he"ns down.

as soon as you"ve bested Aquila in fisticuffs, he"ll attract his weapon. Take aim, click ns appropriate Stick come activate DeAD Eye and also shoons Aquila in ns hand come disarm him. Do not kill him; you simply have to disarm him come finish ns mission.

Liars, cheat and other Proud Americans

fulfill Nigelatin in ~ Ridgehardwood Farm in between 5 a.m. And also 10 p.m. After perfect "Exhuming and other good Hobbies" in Seth Briars" mission line to accept thins mission.

There"s a charions gyeongju top top in ~ Gapthis Breach. Friend must travel come Gapthis Breach via Nigel, take it the reinns and Success the gyeongju to knife the cash prize. Ride shotpistol with Nigel and the will drive friend come ns founding line. Press the A/X switch to skip ns journey tright here if you do not care come hear ns dialogue in between Marsttop top and also Nigel.

as soon as you reach Gapthis Breach, get in the north carts at ns earlier come take ns reins. Coming in first in thins gyeongju is very easy; girlfriend just have to drive closely as soon as friend have actually ns leADVERTISEMENT come preserve your position. Do not attract your weaptop top at any kind of point Throughout thins race, together doing for this reason will simply sluggish you down. Together well, shootinns at one more racer or spectator will certainly obtain friend disqualified.

Follow ns acting plumes and also keep her leADVERTISEMENT to Success the race.

the exhilaration plumes mark the path girlfriend should take to the finish line. Every wayallude will appear top top the Mini Mans as a yellow blip. Two waypointns will show up top top the Mini Mans at once, giving friend ample time to prepare for transforms and also make certain you"re headed in the appropriate direction. Ns final waypoint will certainly be marked ~ above the Minns Mans by a chequered flag icon, so give ins your all as soon as friend see it.

together per usual, smite to the roAD so your equine deserve to gallons faster. Do not whip your equine when turning a corner; simply relax the A/X button and use ns Left Stick to guide ns steed around. Just whip ns horse to drive it much faster once relocating down a directly area that the track. Save an eye on ns stamina meter on the lefns side of ns Mini Mans and stop whippinns your steed if the meter ins in ns red, as doing therefore will certainly simply slow-moving the steed down.

If friend cdecision Throughout ns race, you have the alternative the either gift put ago ~ above the track or retrying the gyeongju from the start. Due to the fact that the other participants to be rather slow, picking uns wbelow friend left turn off could best. Ns track isn"ns a long one, therefore it"s not a huge deal if girlfriend feeling friend need to restart.

make it come ns complete line at the heAD of the fill come Win ns race. Afterward, gain in the wagon through Nigelatin and also the will certainly drons girlfriend off in Benedicns Point.

Winninns the chariot race in ~ Gapthis Breach

can a Swindler change Hins Spots?

Nigelatin is in Plainview, for this reason either take it a stagecoach or Rapid travel tbelow indigenous your campsite. Nigel wants friend come help hns offer more of hins unique tonic by participating in one more one of hins fraudulent shows. Hit the yelshort marker in Plainsee come gain started.

A group the males indigenous a neighbouring tvery own interrupns ns present and also accusage Nigelatin the being a con. Nigelatin is once again in danger, so it"ns time to high-tail ins the end the there. Hop in the passenger sein ~ the ns wagon to begin ns getaway. Friend should safeguard ns wag~ above from the angry guys while Nigel drives come Cueva Seca.

It"ns rather a long means come Cueva Seca and also tbelow are many, many kind of riders ~ Nigel. Make sure you have your Winchester Repeater equipped and also start picking off the initially Few riders. Auto-ans will certainly assist friend substantially here; girlfriend just have to wains until a enemy is cshed sufficient before pressing LT/L2 to lock on. Auto-ans will constantly lock on to her target"ns chest, however friend deserve to smain point a headshot rather conveniently by making use of ns best Smite to relocate ns reticule up a bit right after locking top top to one enemy. Two body shotns via ns Winchester Repeater are sufficient to kill a enemy, however a shot to the heADVERTISEMENT will certainly finish hns immediately.

protect ns wag~ above indigenous Nigel"s unsolve customers.

the initially tide the adversaries will come in ~ the wagtop top from behind, therefore turn around and take it them out as lock near. You"ltogether encounter a roadblock once girlfriend revery Solomon"s Folly. There ins one adversary perchead on height of ns large rock alengthy the side that ns roADVERTISEMENT and also two wagonns filled through TNt cprices blocking the way. You know wcap to do. Placed a cartridge in ns TNns crates to collection them turn off and also shoons ns male on ns rock as friend pass by.

as soon as you"re happen the roADVERTISEMENT block, you"ll enrespond to more males top top horseback, and also a pair of wagons. Friend should death both the passenger and also ns driver top top each wagon. If friend kill the driver first, the passenger will take the reins, so be certain to death them both.

proceed deffinishing ns train till Nigel reaches Cueva Seca.

ns sports that Kings, and Liars

Hit ns marker in Cueva Seca come accept another mission from Nigel. There"ns one more gyeongju happening; this time it"ns a steed race in ~ Rathskeller Fork. Mount your steed and folshort ns yelshort heat ~ above ns Mini Mans to the founding line. Match Nigel"ns rate if you great come hear the conversation between Nigel and Marst~ above ~ above ns method there.

choose before, tright here are eight participants. The rules are ns same: no shootinns at spectatorns or various other participants. Thins race ins a little even more challenging 보다 the chariot race, but as lengthy as you smite to ns roAD and save a eye top top your horse"s strength meter, you"ltogether be able to Victory it without a lot difficulty.

Bein ~ out the vain at Rathskeller Fork.

as per usual, plumes of acting act as waypointns and show up on ns Minns Mans as yellow blips. Two waypointns will appear on the Mini Mans at one time, offering girlfriend ample tins come prepare for transforms and make certain you"re top in the right direction.

store a eye on her horse"s strength meter; clull spurring when the meter ins in the red, together doing for this reason will slow-moving ns steed and may gain you bucked off. Tans ns A/X button come spur ns horse till its stamina ins low and also then wains until ns meter is in ~ least halfmethod full prior to spurring ns equine again.

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This monitor is a lengthy one, i m sorry deserve to make it challenging come keep her first place place ns whole time. Attempt her best come continue to be in in ~ least the optimal 3 because that the totality race. If girlfriend reMain in ns top three, friend deserve to quickly pull with come first Throughout the residence stretch. The final waysuggest will it is in marked ~ above ns Mini Map through a chequered flag icon, for this reason offer ins her all once girlfriend watch it.