one of ns Many exciting activities Red DeADVERTISEMENT Redempti~ above players have the right to engEra in ins treasure hunting, and also here"ns a overview top top how come attain that.

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Treasure hunting is one amazing challenge come go after in Red DeAD Redemption. When football player start ns course through the initially Treacertain Map, they’ltogether be forced come scour the Game people for even more Treacertain Mapns and ns handy distinctive yellow Bars the acfirm them.

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to conserve part tins and provide players a fingerprint understanding the how lock obtain started, what’s expected of them, and the lucrati have rewards the follow, thins overview will give step-by-action instructions. Native obtaining ns initially Treasure Mans come toting a hoard of loons in the Treacertain Hunter’s Satchel in a totally free stAge coach, this is what the pgreat requirements come know.

RDR Chu Fook
ns hardest component that treacertain searching in thins Video Game ins gaining started. Ns factor for thins ins the ns player can just get the initially Map Throughout a arbitrarily enrespond to i m sorry have the right to take place at any kind of tins but will always happen near Walton’ns hidethe end in ns desert.

ns pgreat will certainly cons throughout a Treacertain Hunter called Chu Foyes obtaining attacked by bandits. After ~ eitshe saving hns or searching his body ns pgreat will certainly gain the initially Treacertain Map.

RDR Hanginns rock Trasure Mans 1
ns first map sends out ns player to ns Hanginns rock phia bìc the Armadillo. The treacertain will it is in located top top ns backnext the the Rock. It’s pretty easy come uncover and also many players may accidentallied stumble throughout ins before castle obtain ns Mans preventing lock indigenous obtaining it.

the treasure ins Brigadier general Shermale M Rhodes’ gold and it’ns precious $100. Ns player will certainly likewise discover Treasure Mans 2.

This map sends out the pgreat come the Detogether Lobo rock on ns Rio Del Lobo. The treasure ins tucked behind a ns rock in a Void in ns ridge running alengthy the river. Ns finest method to revery it ins to have a stEra coach drons ns player turn off on the Mexideserve to next of the flow and then to walk the remainder of ns way.

ns treasure ins yellow belonginns come Brigadier basic Ambclimbed Jackson Hood and also sellns for $125. Treacertain Map 3 will also be found here.

RDR Treasure Mans 3 Tumbleweed Mansion
Thins is just one of ns easier treasures come uncover together it’ns in ns basemenns the the Tumbleweed mansion. It’s under a swarm of stonens beneath a cow skull. Unhappily ns pclass will have to eitshe fighns or sneak approximately several gang members.

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This contains yellow the belongs come Brigadier basic Andrew john Calhoun and sells because that $150. Treacertain Map 4 is likewise here.

This ins under a tree on the Rio Del Toro phia bìc that Chuparosa. The tree football player will certainly be searching for is decorated via cattle skulls. The player will should finish ns pursuit we Sroom be With Each Other In sky come be able to take a trip across the flow by means of Irish.

ns prize below jumpns in value together Brigadier general Jefferboy T. Tubman’ns gold ins precious $263. Treasure Map 5 is discovered here. The player will certainly additionally revery Treasure Hunter rank 5 i m sorry sponsor ns use the stagecoachens because that free, an extremely nice cream perk.

This a is in Crooked Toens at the top of ns tallest the ns absent ‘Toes’. The player will need to fighns part adversaries together part the the river quest.

Thins consists of significant basic Roberns Cput Brown’s gold i beg your pardon is precious $300. Treasure Map 6 ins additionally here.

south that Chuparosa ins ns Ojo del Diablo. Under this large stone arch ins the 6th treacertain the player should find.

the gold belonginns to major basic Thaddeus E. Douglass ins worth $338. Treacertain Mans 7 is below come save the difficulty going.

phia bìc simple that Aoffered Viejo ins Roca de Madera. While standinns top top the largest absent the player can watch southwesns and also view a roADVERTISEMENT top up a cliff. In ~ the end that that route on ns cliff is ns treasure.

Lieutenanns general man J Garrison’s yellow ins precious a nice $450. Treacertain Mans 8 will certainly additionally be tucked in via the Gold.

Thins Mans takens ns pclass to a damaged tree east of Beecher’s Hope. In have the right to be a bit tricky to discover till ns pgreat encounters ns old rock Wall underneath ns tree. Ns treacertain ins situated in ns wall’s opening. It’s precious note the pclass have to development sufficient in the storyline to accessibility great levels or rather thins area will be locked off.

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ns reward is gold belonging to Lieutenant general Jeb Pickett worth a incredible $600. Thins will likewise save on computer ns final Treasure Mans 9.

the critical treacertain is north-west that ns Manzanita Post. There’s a route causing Nekotns Rock, in ~ ns end of that path ins a be afflicted with cave. This ins wbelow player’s have the right to find Brumas ns bear because that ns master Hunter difficulty and ins rather the fight.

ns treasure consists of general Robert A. Stonewall’ns yellow worth a cool $750. Ns pclass will also achieve ns Treasure Hunter’s Satchetogether which permits ns player to carry twice the Regular amount that consumables.

as ns player startns gathering the gold Bullion it’s tempting to market castle in ~ ns nearest vendor and also gain the cash early. Wcap players have to understand ins that if they take it the time come take a trip to ns Doctor’ns Office cream in Blackwater they deserve to sell the yellow because that itns complete price.

so not only will certainly football player get totally free stagecoachens because that life, a satchetogether the doublens consumable transporting capacity, and also ns location the legendary Treasure hunter. But castle deserve to additionally acquire a whoppinns $3,076 if the yellow ins sold to ns ideal place.

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