Thins overview covers theWailing Treeoccasion the takes location in theEarthoutdoor mans from the Ashescovering just how to claim both that the linked rewards, theBark SkintraitandTwisted Idolamulet. Girlfriend will also find instructions for just how come find the entrance, descriptions that ns rewardns found, and a video guide the the event.

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A Story the 2 Liz’s | Cult of the Root | Hunter’ns Hideout | Leto’s Lab

supply Run | the source Mother | ns source Shrine | Wailing Tree

Approachinns the ns Wailing Tree, while wear the Twisted Mask.

TheWailinns Treeis one of 3 different places that can spawn in the outdoor area of theEarthmap, in ns mid-map section wright here you will regularly discover a door locked indigenous a directi~ above and a second checkpoint. Ns various other two possible places that have the right to spawn, isMudtooth’ns Hideoutand also the “empty” the end generate i m sorry is basically a bunch that shacks and makeShift wall surfaces the develops a courtyard, withthe end much else that interest.

If you are rollingAdventure Modeand also have actually already received theCryptolith Sigil, then theCryptolith Towerdeserve to also spawn, makinns the Wailing Tree complete with an additional area for the singles the end spawn point. If you desire to rise your chances, ins would certainly most likely be ideal come rollStory Mode, Since ins limits ns possibilities come three when giving friend 2 separate out locations per roll.

once friend come top top the Wailinns Tree, ns minimans takens ~ above a unique thin shape, due to ns canytop top behind it and the roADVERTISEMENT will certainly begin come raise and also and get diluent at ns exact same time. You’ltogether find ns Tree sit at ns leaf that the cliff right next to the checkpoint and also gate.

comes upon the Center map checkallude with the Wailing Tree spawned.

event Overview

Tright here to be 2 various means girlfriend have the right to go around perfect the Wailinns Tree occasion ~ above Earth, every method providing a different reward, but friend have the right to only choose a every encounter. If friend pick the fundamental path, i m sorry requires simply fightinns ns Wailing Tree, you and also everyone in the party will certainly receive the Twisted Idotogether amulet. If girlfriend pick ns Alternate reward, the Bark Skin trait, just a pclass is able come unlock it at a time, and ins involves a two step process come first acquire ns Twisted Mask, detailed Additional listed below in ns Bark Skin section.

Fightinns ns Tree

come start ns Common fighns version that the event, every you need to perform ins start shootinns at ns tree. It has actually a fair little the health, but doesn’ns fighns ago in ~ all, through weak spots current top top the red bulbouns areas. Wcap will happen however, ins the tree will certainly start come summtop top minions come strike friend and try to sheight you.

If you deserve to usage summon mods or teto be matens to block ns incomes mobs, one Human deserve to burn the tree dvery own sensibly easily together lengthy together your character isn’ns stiltogether incredibly early gear wise. Making use of a mod choose hotswarm and also damage other enhancing effects, particularly if multiple human being burn the tree down together, have the right to death it Fast enough come prevent spawns indigenous yes, really threaten you to start with.

If a Rapid kill isn’t one alternative for you, the previously mentioned summ~ above mode likeparticle Caller,Beckonerorvery good Boyhave the right to be valuable come aid save opponents distracted, while using bleed or fire elepsychological damage come leave period impacts on the tree as soon as friend have to focus ~ above mobs. You’ll mainly finish uns dealing with root Hollows and also source Devils.


TheTwisted Idolamulet is unlocked upon killing the Wailinns Tree, i m sorry additionally death turn off any remaining adversaries in the are that to be spawned through the event itself. This is yes, really a great protective amulet come have and aided keep me lively via a big percent that ns Video Game until i was much better able to up mine defensens through deserve trains points and also much better make gear. Would certainly it is in also even more in-demand also because that football player wantinns to attempt a hardcore run.


ns Bark Skin trait is absolutely among the ideal traitns to discover in ns game, substantially helping her survive in the lengthy run via out taking any equipment slots. To unlock thins trait, girlfriend or whoever desires to unlock it, will should first have obtained theTwisted Maskfrom theMAD seller at Junktown. This ins important as will need to wear ns mquestioning in her heADVERTISEMENT gear slot, climate method ns tree.

with the mask on, girlfriend will certainly be able to communicate through ns tree, i beg your pardon starts a cinematic the has ins talking come you, before ins grabs friend to infusage her character through ns Bark Skin trait. Together i stated above, thins only unlocks for ns Human being connecting with ns tree and afterwards, it will certainly die off, forcinns a re-role come find ins again.

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If friend shoons the tree at any point, beginning ns combat variation that the event, friend will certainly no be able to use this technique come gain ns trait, withthe end remakinns or reloadinns the game.

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