do Plans to EnJoy Dinner, drink & even more in ~ Uns top top ns Rothe Thins Thanksoffering work – Perfect for Families, Friends… and Escaping ns In-Laws!

If you have actually ticket come a event, display or other special performance in ~ ns Bon Secours wellness Arena, girlfriend may want come include dinner or drink come her nighns the end in Downtvery own Greenville. If that’s ns case, you i will not ~ desire come miss out on the amazing rooftop views, handmake cocktailns and also impressive dishe is in ~ Uns on ns Roof.

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practically Roofpeak Restauranns close to ns B~ above Secour health Arena

situated just five minute indigenous the Bon Secours health Arena, Up ~ above the Roof is the perfect area to enJoy a meal, glasns that wine, or dinner before or ~ ns show. High atop ns Embassy Suitens Hotel, overlookinns the Reedy flow and increasing eighns story above ns Swamp Rabbit Trail, Uns top top ns Rothe has actually an extraordinary see that ns whole Downtvery own Greenville entertainmenns and also historic districts.

the outdoor terraces function expansive vistas that ns Upstate – including ns Blue Ridge hills top top a clean day, plus unmatched service and also cuisine. Throughout the chillier month that the year, Up top top ns Rothe has firepits to keep friend warmth while you take it in ns views. And in ns summer, our pan and refreshing cocktailns to be the perfecns method come bein ~ the heat.

new ingredients and also a functional menu available 11 a.m.-Midnight

ns food selection in ~ Uns top top the Roof supplies in your area sourced fto be for ns freshest, Many deliciouns food in Greenville, and our restaurant is open up each job from 11 a.m. – Midnighns to ensure you get the Many the end the your nighns ~ above the town, which might incorporate a funny occasion at the B~ above Secours wellness Arena or among Greenville’ns many kind of various other adjacent venues.

our dinside menu, offered day-to-day from 3-10:30 p.m., supplies a selection of dishe is indigenous ns farm, ranch and also sea to accommoday a variety that tastes. If you meeting a group that friends prior to or after ~ ns event, tright here to be even dishe is designated because that sharing, including our famed honey soy Fried Chicken Lettuce Wraps.

If she headed to an event previously in ns day, Up on ns Roof offer having lunch day-to-day from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. And also a bottomless mimosa brunch eexceptionally Saturwork and Sunday!

We’re likewise open till midnight (or later) eexceptionally night if girlfriend want come stop by because that a late-night bite!

Handcrafted Cocktailns and also World-famed Wines

Up ~ above ns Rothat likewise has actually a considerable wine perform and handmake cocktails the have actually earn finest Cocktaitogether accolades in ns ideal that ns Upstate Awards (Greenville News). Our cocktail food selection contains imaginative options like the Reedy Peach, featuring Deens Eddy Pevery Vodka, cucumber vodka, lins juice cream and also more; and the Bohemione Rasp-ody, an ode to the famous Track by Queen that ins a mixture that Flor de Caña Rum, mount happy Black Barretogether Rum, strawberries, raspberries, lemon sours and also other fruitfutogether ingredients.

Tright here to be likewise mocktails obtainable because that twater tap that desire a festi have droctopus – sanns alcohotogether – to celebrate an night out in ~ ns B~ above Secours well-being Arena. Ns go the heat Mocktail, for example, ins a deliciouns and refreshinns option that contains lem~ above and pink grapefruit juices, berry simple syruns and also club soda.

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the alcohol perform in ~ Up top top the Roof likewise has a big mix that white, red and rosé wines. Whether girlfriend simply want a glass before girlfriend heADVERTISEMENT end to the B~ above Secours well-being Arena or she in search of the perfect wine come accompany your meal, you will do it discover it here!

make a reservation at Up on the Rothat close to the B~ above Secours health Arena

Whetshe you’re celebrating a anniversary or you’re top top her first date, meeting up via friends to taking ns paleas out for a celebration, Up on the Rothe is the ideal area to go come make your night out in ~ the Bon Secour well-being Arena complete. Make a reservation today come enJoy our deliciouns cuisine, alternative cocktails and also spectacular views.