i expect part day, this list will it is in considered (no finest come worst order)stack Beacome ins a music producer for bands as Needtobreathe, Parmalee, and Shinedown but he gets even more recognizement as a Youpipe personality. This ins his distinct of song that take into consideration ns greatest. If we have actually many kind of lists the musicians top top ns page, why not this?1. Blink-182 - all the tiny Things2. The Police cream - Eexceptionally little point Sthat Does Is Magic3. Steely Done - boy Charlemagne4. Nirvana - top top A Plain5. Peartogether Jam - Jeremy6. Linkin Park - Numb7. Tom petty and ns Heartbreakerns - i won"t back Down 8. A Perfect one - Judith9. Toto - Rosanna10. Soundgarden - Superunknown11. Metallica - Get in Sandguy 12. Alice cream In chains - castle Bones 13. Tool - Schism14. Foo fighters - Everlengthy 15. Bosttop top - Hitch a drive 16. Ariana Grande - into You17. Rush - Closer come the Heart18. Rock temple Pilots - Vasoline19. Van Halen - Runnin" with the Devil20. The wrecking Pumpkins - 1979 21. Train - Dropns that Jupiter 22. Device that A Dvery own - Chons Suey! 23. Red hot Chili Pepperns - give Ins Away 24. Peter Gabriel - In your Eyes25. Davidentifier Bowin other words - Let"s dance 26. Nine inch pond - ns Hand that Feeds 27. Alanins Morissette - girlfriend Oughta recognize 28. Coldpplace - Clocks 29. The Police cream - Eincredibly Breath girlfriend take it 30. Musage - Starlight 31. Steely Dan - do not take ns Alive32. Yes - Roundaround 33. Incubus - Pard~ above ns 34. Jane"s addiction - to be caught Stealing35. Oasis - WonderWall 36. Adele - Rumor has actually It 37. Tool - Parabola38. Led Zeppelin - entirety Lotta Love 39. Nirvana - Heart-shame Box40. The Chainsmokers - Closer ft. Halsey41. Perimeter - Absolomb42. Peartogether Jto be · Garden43. Tear for Fear - HeADVERTISEMENT over Heels44. Mastod~ above - Stargasm45. U2 - In God"s Country46. Tom small - free Fallin"47. Ns Beatles - her Majesty 48. Eco-friendly job - Boulevard the broken Dreams49. Faith No even more - Epic50. Avenged Sevenwrinkles - Shepherd the Fire51. Alice In chains - male in package 52. Genesis - run on A Volcano53. Ns Doorns - Touch Me54. Weezer - Hash Pipe55. At the Drive-In - "a equipped Scissor"56. Valve Halen - Jump57. Soundgarden - Outshined58. Sirloin - Limelight59. Failuagain- grounding on you 60. Rock temple Pilots - federal government Love Song61. Metallica - understand the Puppets62. Megadeth - Symphony that Destruction63. Slipkno - Duality 64. Journey - don"t Soptimal Believin"65. PantPeriod - Walk66. Bosttop top - even more than a Feeling67. Plini - electrical Sunrise68. Ns Rollinns Stonens - Angie69. Jeff Buckley - Vancouver70. Red warm Chili Pepperns - Under ns Bridge71. XTC - mayor the Simpleton72. R.E.M. - shedding my Religion73. Deftones - Minerva74. Foo battle aircraft - ns Pretender75. Kanstogether - carry top top Wayward boy 76. Stevin other words Wonder - Superstition77. Elttop top man - Rocket Man78. Ns cure - Just like Heaven79. Oasins - do not watch back In Anger80. 3rd Eye blind - Semi-Chequipped Life81. Led Zeppelin - Ramble On82. The White Stripes - Salso nation Army 83. Karnivool - Goliath84. Korn - Freak ~ above a Leash85. Nirvana - Smellns choose teenager Spirit86. Jonns Mitcheltogether - Amelia87. Pearl Jto be - Black88. Coldplay - the Scientist89. Gord~ above Lightfootogether - If friend might ReAD my Mind90. Crowfield - Cardinatogether Motion91. Ns that - Love, reign O’er Me92. A Perfect a - Weak and also Powerless93. Phish - Waste94. The Cars - simply Wcap i Needed95. Peter Frampton - carry out girlfriend feel favor we Do96. Kelly Clarkson - Since U been Gone97. U2 - ns Still Haven"t uncovered What I"m Looking For98. Sim~ above & Garfunkel - ns Sound the quiet 99. RadioheAD - Paranoi would Android100. REra versus ns Machine - death In ns surname 101. Polyphia - G.O.A.T.102. Psquid Floyd - comfortable Numb103. Seal - Kiss native A Rose104. Fleetwood Mac - go your own Way*105. Emperors of ns stone Age - No a Knows106. Slipknot - before i forget107. Queen - Bohemione Rhapsody108. Chicearlier - make me Smileuntil October 2021https://www.youtube.com/user/pegzch

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stack Beato"s favorite Standard Albums:Jazz/Fusion:Alla Holdsprecious - i.o.u.Antonio Carlons Jobim - a certain Mr. Jobimbill Evanns - Portrait in Jazzinvoice Evans - ns VillAge Vanguard Sessionsbill Evanns - California below i ComeBrecker Brothers - ns Brecker Bros.Charlens Minguns - better obtain Ins In your SoulChick Corea & return to Forever before - light as a FeatherChick Corea/Gary Burt~ above - decision Silencens Claus Ogerman Orchestra - Gatemethod the DreamsClifford Brvery own - Memorial AlbumDexter Gord~ above Quartet - Swiss NightsDuke Ellingttop top - Duke Ellingttop top Meets Colemale Hawkinsforest Freduced & Charles Lloyd - at MontereyFlocation Sinatra & Antonio Carlons Jobim - Francins Alberns Sinatra & Antonio Carlons Jobimns Gary Burton Quintet - RingGeorge Benboy - Breezin"George Benboy - Weekend in LAGeorge Benchild - Blue BensonHerbie HanPrick - V.S.O.P.Keith Jarrett - BirthKeith Jarrett - BelongingKeith Jarrett - facing YouKeith Jarretns - the Köln ConcertKeith Jarretns - Standards, Vol. 1Jaco Pastorius - InvitationJaco Pastorius - Jaco PastoriusJoe Diorio - BonitaJoe pass & Niels Henninns Orsted Pedersen - ChopsJoe pass - Virtuosoman Coltrane - huge procedures john Coltrane - Blue TrainKeith Jarrett - Bop-BeLarry Carlton - Larry CarltonLarry Carlton - SleepwalkLarry Carlton - Mr. 335 (Live in Japan)mile Davis - ring around Midnightmile Davins - kind of Bluemiles Davins - Milestonesmile Davis - bear the the Coolmile Davis - E.S.P.miles Davins - my Funny ValentineOld and brand-new desires (Charlin other words Haden, Dtop top Cherry etc.) - Old and also brand-new DreamsOrnette Coleman Quartens - This ins ours MusicOrnette Coleguy - Tomorheat is ns QuestionOrnette Colemale - ns form the Jazz come ComeOsauto Peterboy - activities & EmotionsOsauto Peterkid & Joe pass - A Salle PleyelPin ~ Martino - ConsciousnessPat Metheny - RejoycingPin ~ Metheny - 80/81Stan Getz & Joao Gilbercome - Getz/Gilberto #2Theloniouns Monk - Criss-CrossThelonious Monk - Genius of modern Music, Vol. 1Wayne short - indigenous DancerWeather Report - heavy WeatherWes Montgomery - ns tremendous Jazz etc of Wes MontgomeryWens Montgomery - full HouseWes Montgomery - Movin" AlongRock:AC/DC - earlier in Blackns Beatlens - RevolverCarole King - TapestryElttop top john - biggest HitsJonns Mitcheltogether - Shadowns and LightLed Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I, Ii & IVPeter Frampton - Frampton comes Alive!ns Police - Ghost in ns Machinens Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Streetns Rollinns Stones - Goatns HeADVERTISEMENT SoupSimon & Garfunkel - greatest HitsSwervedriver - Mezcal HeadSwervedriver - ns wasn"t Born to lose Youhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HZTYpSuhAc

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