Valerie Johnboy Zachary ins a judge on ns phia bìc Carolina Courns the Appeals. Sthe was apsharp to the position by Republihave the right to branch Pin ~ McCrory in July 2015 come fill the vacancy left by reexhausted referee Sanford Steelman.

Zachary rone in ns 2016 general choice in order come proceed serving on ns bench.

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<1><2><3> She was elected come a complete eight-year hatchet on ns court. She present ax expires ~ above December 31, 2024.

Zachary previously ran for election to the phia bìc Carolina Court of Appeals in 2014.<4>


Zachary obtained she undergraduate level native Michigone State College in 1984 and also she J.D. In 1987 indigenous Harvard law School.<5>


1989-2015: lawyer in personal practice1987-1989: Attorney, Kennedy Covingttop top Lobdell & Hickguy (currently K&l Gates)



Zachary ran because that a full term on ns phia bìc Carolina Courns the Appealns in ns 2016 elections. Sthe confronted referee Rickye McKoy-Mitcheltogether the ns 2sixth judicial district in ns November 8 basic election.<3>

choice resultsNovember 8 general election
Incumbenns Valerie Johnboy Zachary defeated Rickye McKoy-Mitchell in the general choice because that ns north Carolina Court the Appeals, Zachary seat.
north Carolina Court of Appeals, Zachary seat, 2016
CandidateVote %Votes
Valerin other words Johnkid Zachary Incumbent
Rickye McKoy-Mitcheltogether 46.19%2,027,078
full Votes (2,704 the 2,704: 100%)4,388,310
Source: north Carolina State plank the Election main Results


see also: north Carolina judiciatogether elections, 2014Johnkid Zachary ra for choice come the phia bìc Carolina Court of Appeals.General: Sthe wtogether beat in the basic election top top November 4, 2014, after receivinns 4 percent the the vote. Sthe contended versus Marion R. Warren, chuck Winfree, john marsh Tyson, Elizabeth Davenport Scott, Tricia Shields, Jody Newsome, Marty Martin, Hunter Murphy, Keischa Lovelace, Ann Kirby, Abraham P. Jones, Sabra Jean Faires, Daneil Patstack Donahue, J. BrAD Donovan, Lori G. Christian, Jeffrey M. Cook, Betsy Buntinns and man S. Arrowood.<4> 

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