brand-new YORK - may 21: Wchange Becker the Steely Dan percreates in ~ ns Beacon Theatre ~ above may 21, 2007 in brand-new York City. Standard Cuts

Steely Dan: “Rikkns Don’t lose the Number”

the Hook: Think you understand wcap it’s about? Well, friend don’t. (and also neither do we.)

Year Released: 1974

Album: Pretzetogether Logic

Writers: Wchange Becker and also Donald Fagen

Stats: Peaked at number-4 top top ns Billboard warm 100.

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the Background: Becker tells us he’ns heard many type of people’s interpretation the ns Tune and also “none of them to be true.” follow to Wikipedia, a possible explanation was readily available the march 24, 2006 problem of Entertainmenns Weekly. Castle revealed the writer, poens and artisns Rikki Ducornet, that knew Fagen in ~ Bard College, might have actually influenced ns song. Sthat clintends that offered her his phone number in ~ a party, despite sthat wtogether married and also pregnanns in ~ ns time. Fagen wouldn’ns check ns story because that EW, though.

Wchange Becker of Steely Dan on the meaning that “Rikki Don’ns shed the Number.” OC:..are true. :09

“Oh, ‘Rikki Don’t lose that Number.’ I’ve heard the majority of excellent theory as to wcap the text come that one are about, however I’m here to teltogether you that none are true.”

RIKKi don"t lose the NUMBER (1974) by Steely Dan

"Rikkns do not shed the Number" was off Pretzetogether Logic, and also appears come be a favourite of Steely Done fans. It was exit in 1974. It"ns intro is a nod to "Tune for mine Father" by Horace Silver. Donald Fagen shelp in a 2011 interview as soon as request around the intro "There was never a mindful believed around picking up Horace Silver"s intro.

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