COLLECTIBLESStrongboxes: 2Relics: 3Documents: 4Murals: 1survive Caches: 3CHALLENGEScharred Planet - Disrupt Trinity"ns operation through ruining your fuel tanksMISSIONNone

Enter the Cavern and take ns high ground as it"ns faster. Keep following the route until you exit ns cave.

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Tracking Dvery own Trinity - Folshort Sophia"ns path come ns Trinity base

Follow ns direct route till girlfriend gain a cutscene.

Trackinns Down Trinity - search because that an Alternative path up ~ above the cliff

after ns cutscene, rise a hill and also overcome a human body that water with a log. Take the first left prior to the objecti have beacon to get survive Cpains 1/3 at the deAD end.

Tracking Dvery own Trinity - Follow the monitor up the mountain

Follow the tracks come a open up area.

Tracking Dvery own Trinity - find your means through ns forest come ns Trinity base

take out ns guards in thins area and also climate blow up the barrels through FUEl TANK 1/4 come damage it. HeAD to the objective beac~ above and also kill the guardns in the area. ARCHIVISt MAP ins located to ns lefns the ns wrecked scurrently plow through ns objecti have beacon.


climb uns utilizing climbinns arrowns where you"ltogether death 2 guards. Hug the lefns Wall surface until girlfriend come throughout a leg with a roof. Jumns end a bridge"s Void to collection survival Cache 2/3. Buried in the snow. ~ above ns appropriate side. FUEl TANK 2/4 will it is in loaded on ns snow car that is turn on near ns objective beacon and MURAl 1/1 will it is in come the Wall best of the objecti have beacon. Crawtogether listed below ns wall, collect STAMns (RELIC 1/3) to the left, and also irradiate the Weatshe station basic Camp.


Jump underwater wright here girlfriend deserve to get another water finisher, if girlfriend still require one, and also keep swim until you acquire to the farther exit. STRONGcrate 1/2 will be to the left. Proceed till girlfriend see a pwait that guards in fronns of you and also a trio come your left. Take a best here come uncover STRONGcrate 2/2. To the left, wright here the trio was located, ins FUEl TANK 3/4. Obtain behind ns fuel tanks friend simply blew and also face Lara in ns directi~ above the the fuel tanks. Revolve 90 degrees come the left and heAD come ns trees. Revolve right and huns thins next the ns mans until friend reach survive Cache 3/3 which ins near a tree near the edge the the cliff.

rise uns the stairs at the objective beacon.

Tracking Dvery own Trinity - Enter ns Weatshe Station

in ~ the top the ns stairs, ns ORtransaction (document 1/4) will it is in come the lefns that a door and a sign through a wrench and also hammer. A about ns basic the this framework and collect RELIQUARY PENDANt (RELIC 2/3). Examine ns surname on ns ago come earn more XP. HeAD come the objecti have beacon, rise up the ladder, and grAbdominal ENGRAVED CAsing (RELIC 3/3) ~ above the outside of the weatshe station. Examine the words ~ above ins come knife even more XP.


Tracking Down Trinity - search ns Weather Station

walk inside and ns stamina of faith (record 2/4) will it is in throughout the room that a white projector screen. Collection it and also unlock:

Voicens of ns Pastcollection 75% the every narrati have assets (relics, murals, and also documents)


Go into the room to ns left the ns display screen and also grAb peril (document 3/4) top top a table. Climb up ns ladder and also create a cutscene.

conserve Jonah - Get in ns Prichild Block

Folshort ns path until friend revery a water tower through ns 2nd guard. When you"re top top the water tower, watch dvery own to see FUEtogether TANK 4/4 via some barrels come its left. One traveler SATCHEL is on that same water tower. Zip line down.

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conserve Jonah - discover Jonah in the Priboy Block

revolve around and also heAD down the stairns behind you come collection PROTECTOR (document 4/4) ~ above some crates.