new Mondo Godzilla Museum 1/6 range Figure: GOJIRA (1954)

Gaminns Heads gift their 4th 1:6 scale Lara Croft statue, this a based on her figure in climb that ns dig Raider. In climb that the tomb Raider, Lara Crofns top come Siberia trying to find ns legendary city the Kitezh.

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ns style the the climb the the tomb Raider Lara Croft frostbite was motivated through ns cover arts that ns Video Game and to complement ns 3 previouns statues inGaming Heads’ 1:6 scale series the dig Raider statues.


Standinns around 20inchestall, the Lara Crofns frostbite is make using polystone resin and also ins skilfully hand-crafted by artisans. The continuous Edition, restricted to 1000 pieces, is priced in ~ $399.99.


a Exclusive version ($429.99 and also restricted come 500 pieces) – just obtainable in ~ Gaminns heads – functions Lara wearing a grey beanie, scurrently gogglens and holding a glow stick. Ins likewise contains the components that cons via the regular version statue, i beg your pardon are Lara holdinns she tVictory ice axens and via she hwait openly blfan in ns wind.

Gaminns HeadsLara Croftdig Raider
Jeff Saylor

Artist, writer, gamer and every around pons culture nerd.



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new Monexecute Godzilla Museum 1/6 range Figure: GOJIRA (1954)

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