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Thins week’ns episode hADVERTISEMENT a lot of that kick-asns activity and also excitemenns and also I’m love eexceptionally second the it. Ns wenns earlier and watched it 3 times. Naofumi wtogether choose a blazinns fire ns whole time and ultimately we gained come watch hns Placed ns curse shield right into action. Ins was a mouthwaterinns moment. Ns lefns parched after thins episode.

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Jasupania Original Title: 災厄、再び


the 2nd wave has come. Standinns alongnext Naofumi is Knight Ake and his little party. Worried for ns other heroes, Naofumi sets the end come assist them, just come uncover castle having problem in beating a ship crawlinns through monsters. Ns others are inskilled come resource out the significant ceo and also therefore Naofumns and also ns others do Rapid occupational of locatinns ns significant boss, the heart eater. In spite of everyone’ns initiatives it come dvery own come Naofumi’ns curse shield to save the day. Among ns situation, a mysterious womale unveilns herme only seekinns the ‘true hero’, pointing come only Naofumi.

episode Highlights

the iron Maiden: We’re simply going come resolve ns elephant in the room and also ns ideal part of thins episode. Naofumi has hADVERTISEMENT some great highlamp for this reason far, but in thins illustration we saw the ideal a YET!!. Covertly you all hAD to be waiting come check out Naofumns Put the curse shield right into action and also it was worth ns wait. Raphtalia in ~ hins next and channelinns ns zombin other words dragon’ns seething rage, just indigenous ns massive buildup friend kbrand-new you were in for an epic moment. Using ns prikid shield completely hAD mine jaw dropped, and then the sky opens up up and also reveals this various other priboy with a maiden’ns heADVERTISEMENT top top top. I rewatched ns moment Naofumi’ns closes his hand and also crushe is ns spirit eater 3 times. AHH this ins wcap this series makes me live for!!

Raphtalia Dedication: don’t thsquid tbelow is any type of possible factor girlfriend could not autumn in love through Raphtalia. In ns middle that Naofumns riskinns making use of the curse shield, her enjoy of helplessnesns to no be able to do even more for Naofumi rattles your heart. Important tiltogether ns end, sthat will be cursed to Naofumi.

gibberish Oldie: Ins wtogether a warming scene to view that old lady the Naofumns hAD helped gift up, relocating and fightinns the monsters.

Black Raven: i to be extremely intrigued come understand what all this means: the advent of the ‘Glass’ character. Is ins Naofumi’ns newest enemy?

Inexperienced Heroes: they are standinns tright here doing nothing if Naofumns is putting his neck out. In thins minute was prove ns true inskilled fools various other heroens are. They make many type of mistakens and don’ns thoctopus the the consequences. While i don’t believe the various other heroens come be bADVERTISEMENT people, treating all of this together a ‘game’ still ins incompetent in itself. Lock shouldn’ns treat being in any type of paralletogether human being as ‘it’ns every a game’. Naofumi remindns the heroes the there are resides on ns line and the thins is real. It’ns clear here that ins reasoning the Many logically and also ins worthy the being deemed the ‘true hero’.

Presents: Anyone who believes Raphtalia and Filo’ns new equipment native Naofumns were just to increase their stats… NO! girlfriend can’t footogether us, Naofumi! you care because that the girls even more than girlfriend are ready to show. Still, it’ns every therefore sweet.

Themes and also Trivia

Filo Beserker: It wtogether definitely one amazing moment, Filo came to be affected by ns curse shield alongside Naofumi and goes turn off right into a ‘berseker’ mode. Incredibly puzzling as to wcap this hregarding execute via the curse shield and also why she wtogether just affected. Hopefully will uncover out.

Recognition: Naofumns is not the perfect hero friend acquire out the fairytales. Arrogant, little pig-headed, no the most basic come gain along with, less if you are not on hins great side. Tins and time aacquire throughthe end ns series he’s showed himme In spite of being referred to as as the weakest hero. Naofumns has no let hins hatred for all that has befallen hns a remote hns indigenous wcap the wtogether sent come this civilization come do. Naofumns has actually never lost sight the his quest, also if Some of his action (absorbing a slave, therapy to Raphtalia in ns beginning) weren’t appealing. Exactly how Naofumns has acted wtogether all in the surname that survival at initially however with the food the ns story, that has grown exponentially.

the minute that secret womale ‘Glass’ just wimelted to combine herme via ‘true hero’ and also gave Naofumns some create the recognition in a weird sense, i felns ins was rightly deserved to spotirradiate Naofumi and show who is ns Alpha in this hero pack.

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the crow Seens All

fairly ns action-packed episode. We gained come check out Naofumi’s curse shield in action. Ns think all the heroens to be dumbfounded that ours Naofumi ins no weakling. The plot ins beginning to thicken currently together the next illustration i feeling will be an amazing one, specifically via ‘Glass’.

leaving a talk about her thoughts for illustration 11 and inspect the end our various other Winter 2019 evaluation coverage!!

check out you next because that more Shield Hero!!


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the rising of ns Shield Hero

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