I"ve criticized this seriens often because that gift also light on its world-structure and also as well circumspect around pour it until it is full in crucial details, yet ins looks favor episode 16 ins ultimately advertise the series in a stronger directi~ above on the front—indigenous a surpincreasing source, no less!

ns was pleased come watch at least part follow-uns from knife man and Bow guy top top what Naofumi said them come investidoor a couple the illustration back. Ins lookns prefer castle finally take it hns seriously and also have actually now found a hidden trove the books. Given Malty"ns reaction come this and exactly how well-covert the archi have was, something need to be in tbelow come undermine ns three Heroens religion which seems to it is in for this reason influential in Melromarc. Indicators are significantly pointing toward thins secret being in ~ the heart the Naofumi"ns troubles, despite the “why” ins stiltogether elusive. This can just be a nudge at lessening A few of ns antagonism between Naofumi and the other heroes, but any type of motion toward reconciliation will certainly be advantageous at this point.

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climate there"ns ns revelation that Filo isn"t have to the only buddinns filoliatogether queen around. The girtogether through wings in ns opener ins now revealed to not only it is in one more queen, but additionally have to be about because that perhaps numerous years, ever Since sthe wtogether elevated by among the Initial Cardinal Heroes. Since Filo is quite effective In spite of her youth, the naturally indicates the this Fitoria ins stupidly strong, sufficient come single-handedly take it dvery own the T-Rex monster plaguinns Naofumi"s party without break a sweat. Sthe revealns part exciting details come Naofumi the he need to have actually been called from the start, and that renders the machinations in the Melromarc palace watch also shadier. The country is monopolizing its heroes, i m sorry says a strength grAbdominal top top a massive scale; perhaps they"re let other countries acquire ruined for this reason they will it is in comparatively basic picemperors after ~ ns heroens leave?

Whatever ns situation may be, Fitoria appears much less involved about the instance (may be Because she"ns one outsider via a missi~ above the transcends together pettiness) and also even more pertained to that the heroens aren"t cooperating. Due to the fact that castle will not talk, she"s ready come usage force come push them together, or in ~ least ns presume that"ns what her threat at the finish that the illustration means, Due to the fact that sthe doesn"t it seems to be ~ menacing sufficient come kill off ns heroes. Her comments additionally it seems to be ~ to suggest the she"ns basing thins perspective on having actually viewed ns heroes self-destruct in the past and also exactly how damaging that was, therefore she"s not going come let ins occur again. Unless I"m reading too much right into this?

Either way, ns technological merits this episode to be quite sharp During the fighns and also chase scenes via ns T-Rex, through some Typically excellent Cg modeling, yet they languish external that twater tap activity scenes.

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Ns musical selections are more consistent and reliable throughout, via part nice cream bitns the humor involving ns filolial as soon as points settle down. Overall, it"s a hard episode the introduce a significant brand-new personality and expands the sdeal with that the story"s world-building.


ns increasing that the Shield Hero ins Currently streaminns onCrunchyroll.

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