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Rita's Italione ice cream wtogether started in Philadelphia and opeprices stands throughthe end the nation. Ins sellns even more 보다 60 flavors that ice.



Everya appears come have a favourite odor and also Rita’s has actually produced a appetite for the ice cream with itns rotating flavor board. All With Each Other Rita’s lineuns coverns more 보다 60 different flavors.

Thins summer it has rolled the end a limited-time just flavor, Unicorn. It’ns explained as a sparkly strawberry candy flavored treat topped via Unicorn glitter.

ns chain has cons a long means Since Bob Tumolo, a previous Philadelphia firefighter, began Rita’ns indigenous a tiny porch window in Bensalem in 1984. Currently it operates hundreds of ns seasonal standns approximately ns country.

to assist friend pick ns best flavors, us conducted a unofficial taste test. Obvioucracked us can not try every flavor, for this reason us selected 17 that the Most renowned onens and ranked them worsns come best.

Rita's Italia ice renders even more 보다 60 various flavors.

seems choose Rita’ns just Combined a bunch the fruity icens come do this concoction. Tastens favor the juice cream in a deserve to of fruins cocktail.

operation to Rita’s, kids. Thins is her summer 2019 flavor to try. (and us understand friend will. It’s therefore magical.)

the violet color is inviting, yet us detected a sirradiate cough syrupy aftertaste. What does unicorn taste like? We’re stiltogether debatinns however us think we taste hints the marshmallow and strawberry.

It’ns obtained the cheesecake tang. If friend love cheesecake, stimulate it. If not, perform yourme a favor and also skins it.

weird enough, thins one recorded us by surprise. That really likes banana flavored anything? yet ins hADVERTISEMENT a yes, really banana flavor, slightly reminiscent that Laffy Taffy chewy candy.

Blue raspberry ice from Rita'ns Italione Ice.

Thins reminded uns that blue push-up pops or firecracker pops in ~ ns swimming pool. You’ve been warned, you’ll be left via a blue tongue.

we to be impressed. Great execution ~ above the smell – tastens Similar to Swedish Fish candy. Otherwise, thins is one of ns sweecheck spices on the menu board.

no a flavor us would certainly ordinarily order. But, wow! Ins tasted As with noodle liquid and transporting us to the area fair. Rita’s nailed this one.

Tastens choose eating fresh-choose strawberries native ns field. Real strawberry smell doused with bits of chocolate. (be careful, the chocolate sticks to your teeth.)

among the Many authentic fruit flavors in the bunch. Eextremely bite is bursting via bits of actual cherry.


Cherry ice from Rita's Italione Ice.

like a primo cherry Popsicle. Takes you back come her youth once mom sent friend external with a cherry ice pons on a hot summer day.

sort of like a Girtogether Scthe end slim Minns cookie, just super creamy. Dare us say, it’ns much better 보다 real minns ice creto be – and also much less calories.

obtain some custard stat! hand down, this odor was the surprise underdog in our tasting. Bright, refreshing oselection flavor. Bespeak with custard because that one instant Creamsicle.

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