as soon as girlfriend first start making use of a brand-brand-new Mac or performed a clean install of Ons X, girlfriend are presented with Setup Assistant, allowing you to produce the initially user accounting and also clues part initial information, together as key-board layout and also locale.

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Under particular circumstances, ins deserve to it is in valuable to re-run the Setuns Assistant. Utilizing some command-line trickery, we have the right to do just thins without having actually to erase and also reinstall Os X.

What Setuns Assistant Does

Setup Assistanns ins draft come operation ~ above ns first boots of a new install of Os X, i m sorry is why you"ll only view it as soon as bootinns up a a brand-brand-new Mac or one that has been erased and also hADVERTISEMENT Os X reinstalled.

besides alternatives because that key-board layout, tins za and also asking if you"d choose to register, Setuns Assistant likewise lets you produce a new user account. Together Setup Assistanns assumens ns accounting ins is creating come be the first, ins ins constantly given administrator privileges.

Why Bother?

Tbelow may cons a time as soon as you must erected a second user accounting top top a Mac while attempting to resolve a user account issue. If a Mac has only one user accounting and also ins appears to it is in can not come log in effectively (gaining stuck at ns login window, for example), having a second account will certainly permit you to accessibility Os X and also continue troubleshooting.

by re-running Setup Assistant, we have the right to use the process come produce a user account that will certainly immediately have actually administrator privileges, withthe end having come perform so through mechanism Preferences, which we can not be able to access.

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There are other factors why re-to run it deserve to it is in advantageous, despite in my experience, the above has actually constantly been ns Many Typical reason come do so. Sure, you can create user account making use of a variety of commands, but Setup Assistanns ins just much easier.


Every tins Ons X boots, it check because that ns existence the a file recognized as .AppleSetupDone. This empty File is developed ~ the completion of Setup Assistant. It doesn"t exist top top a brand-new, out-of-the-box Mac, nor top top a that has hAD a clean surroundings the Ons X.

by removing this file, Ons X will i think the Setuns Assistant has never to be operation and also will certainly launch ins as soon together Ons X boots.

Setup Assistant ins additionally run with root privileges, i m sorry is why ins can develop a brand-new user account via administrator privilegens without ns require because that any kind of authorisation.

Rerelocating .AppleSetupDone

to remove thins file, us should boot ns Mac into Single-User Mode. This gives a method the communicating through Os X by means of ns command-line, through full root privileges.

begin up the Mac whilst holdinns down ⌘-S. After a few moments, you"ltogether check out ns Mac boot come ns command also line.

before continuing, the filemechanism have to be confirm and mounted, therefore documents are"ns automatically obtainable to communicate with. To carry out this, Go into the 2 commands that to be shown wislim ns prompt, one in ~ a time.

the adhering to command also will certainly inspect ns filedevice to ensure tbelow are no problems. Enter:

/sbin/fsck -fythe following command also will certainly then mountain ns filedevice because that ins come it is in accessible:

/sbin/mount -uw /via the filedevice placed and also accessible, it"ns time come rerelocate ns File so Os X will certainly re-operation Setup Assistant:

rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDa

after that, simply Get in reboots and also your Mac will certainly rebegin and boot normally. Only thins time, Setup Assistanns will launch.

security Concerns

by now, you"re probably wondering why must thins it is in even possible, Since somea may use this come gain accessibility to a Mac. Indeed, re-running Setuns Assistant would certainly permit for a unauthorised Person come produce a new account with bureaucratic privilegens and obtain accessibility come ns Mac in addition to her data.

In regards to security, physical accessibility trumps practically eexceptionally technique that staying clear of unauthorised accessibility not entailing encryption. When a small more facility via ns SSD modern technology to apologize uses in your producns lines, access come her data have the right to conveniently it is in da simply through rerelocating ns Mac"s storEra device and also connecting ins come another.

Thins ins wright here encrypti~ above methods together as Firmwto be Password and also FileVaulns 2 are useful. With a Firmware Pasknife set, it should be entered if ns Mac is gift booted either into Single-User Setting or come one more boots volume. FileVault 2 takes this one step Additional through percreating full disk encryption, staying clear of any create the accessibility come her data unmuch less authorised by enterinns her user accounting pasknife - also if ns drive is rerelocated and also attached to an additional Mac.