brothers coTypical Michaetogether Dapaah playns ns duties the MC Quakez and Roadguy Shaq in hins Fire in ns Booth freestyle. It is the 2nd Fire in the Booth perdeveloped by a comedian… ReADVERTISEMENT More 

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to be you all set for this G, yeah?C'mon, man, i was born ready and also datOkay, aight, boomsignificant Shaq, hold tight, AszneeSkutnu, Ratnu, Oosnahold tighns ns gyal dem as well, boom2 pluns 2 is four, minuns a that'ns three, Fast mathsdaily man'ns ~ above the block, smoke treescheck out her girtogether in ns park, the girl is a uckersas soon as ns ting wenns quack-quack-quack, girlfriend male to be duckingorganize tight, Asznee, he's gained the pumpyorganize tight, mine man, he'ns obtained ns frisbeens trap, trap, trans on ns road, movin' the cornflakesRice Krispie, hold tight, my girtogether Whitney (perfect)~ above the roAD doin' ten toes, prefer my toesfriend male believed i froze, i watch a peng girl, climate i poseIf she'ns no on it, ns ghost, hah, look in ~ her noseWhat? friend dickhead! watch in ~ your nosenose long prefer garden hose, shhh, friend gain me?Boom, man'ns gonna cons earlier in (yeah, yeah)friend recognize favor that? (yeah, yeah, yeah)You're feelin' that? (yeah, yeah, bad, bad)girlfriend dun know, ns watch girlfriend shiverin' and thatDon't gain shook man's here (aight)you protected-ed, yeah? (aight, let's do it)Aight, boom, let'ns go, boom

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Hons out ns four-door through ns .44, ins wtogether one, two, 3 and also fourChillin' in ns corridor, your dAD ins forty-fourand also he's stiltogether callin' male for a draw, lens him knowas soon as ns watch him, I'm i will ~ spin hins jawtake it man's Twix through force, send guy shons through forceher girtogether to know I've gained the sauce, no ketchupjust sauce, raw sauceBoom, yo, gahns ting goens skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-kaSkibiki-pap-pap, and also a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boomSkya, du-du-ku-ku-dun-dunPoom, poomyou dun know, substantial Shaq, ha, yo, yeah-yeahAlright, fire-fire-fire in the boothfriend obtain me, man'ns no hotns tell her man's no hot, hah, coti teltogether she man'ns no hotns girtogether called me, "take it turn off her jacket"i said, "Babes, man's not hot"Yo, guy deserve to never be hotPerspiratitop top ting, Lynx effectYo, girlfriend dun knowDun know, y-yougirlfriend look at a little shook, Charlieyou look a little bit hotWhat'ns that?Y-y-ya sweating and the againBrudda, male don'ns do jokens through me, CharlieAight, aight, aight, cool, yeahYeah, man, listen, you're-you're cootogether and also thatYeah, yeah, dun knowexecute girlfriend understand also wcap I'm saying?You're cool and also that (yeah, yeah) butns understand just how friend look at ennit, (yeah) do friend understand also what I'm saying? (yeah)i don'ns wanna collection the, girlfriend know, the goonns on youYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeahyou know choose that? Aight, cool, don't take me because that one of this guys and also that, do girlfriend understand what I'm sayin'?Man's really about it