they converged in droves Saturwork night in ~ ns arts Theater--young womales in your black fishnetwork stocmonarchs and also younns males in their spiked leatshe boots.

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via hair dyed a multitude of colors and also faces caked heavy through makeup, one approximated 350 teen-agerns and also young adults was standing in line because that up to three hours waiting because that wcap many kind of thought about a vital artistic event--the opened the “the Rocky horror image Show” in lengthy Beach.

“i thsquid it’s goinns come it is in wild,” shelp an enthusiastic Robin Burchett, 16, adorned in a racy red-and-white cabarens costume. “we’ll it is in throwing food. I carried my umbrella.”

the occasion was ns regional debut that what ins widely regarded as ns Many effective cult film ever made. The movie has to be shown in long Beach prior to but it has actually never before hADVERTISEMENT a recurring operation in the city.

because that the past 10 year “Rocky Horror” hAD been play in ~ ns Balboa Cinema in Newport Beach, one of a grasp that southern California theaters exhibiting the movie (through itns Timeless accompanyinns amateur stEra show). Othair to be in Wesns Los Angeles, Montclair, Redondo Beach and also san Diego.

however complaintns native Balboa residents around noise and litter, combination through pertains to through municipatogether officials around ns area’s image, hAD taken a toltogether ~ above attendance there. 2 months ago, a new company take it over the theater’s monitoring and sent out ns “Rocky” fans packing.

Enter Howard Linn, owner of the art theater near fourth Street and Cherry Avenue, a rather low-rent area simply east of downtown long Beach. For 12 years, Linn has actually owned ns vintAge 500-seat theater, a musty cinema home built in 1925 that started itns life together a venue for quiet movies. At first Linn available one eclectic mix of foreign and Standard films. Recently, however, the switchead come a Layout featuring even more commerciatogether fare aimed at enhancing the struggling theater’ns narrow profit margin.

climate the chose come add “ns Rocky fear photo Show” together a midnighns attraction. That sassist the film, at $5 a ticket, ins nearly a certain moneymaker. And bringing ins to lengthy Beach gives the disput Balboa stPeriod actors a brand-new home and also local youthns a new place to walk eexceptionally Saturday night.

“ns thsquid that lengthy Beach together a stodgy type that town,” he said. “ns number thins ins a healthy diversion; it’s just excellent fun.”

the opini~ above that the film has not constantly been mutual by audiences.

based upon a absent musical the opened up in Londtop top in 1973, the standard-size film depictns the erotic musical death that Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite from outer Space that involves Earth come develop a masculine lover because that himself yet in ns process murders an Elvis-favor biker because that A few of his human body parts. As a result, Frank-N-Furter’ns menagerie that monster servants Ultimately death hns and sfinish hns ago to the earth that Transsex-related in ns galaxy that Transylvania.

In 1975, when the movie version preperceived in santa Barbara, two-thirds that the audience to walk out. Various other audiences reacted similarly in university communities throughout ns joined States. But During a midnight reflecting in ~ a theatre in new York’s Greenwich Village, a starray thing happened: the audience started talking ago come the picture.

end ns year the phenomentop top grew. Fans, many kind of the whom hADVERTISEMENT seen the movie dozenns the times, started getting here for ns movin other words pull on together its characters. In addition to yelling back one-liners, castle began acting the end specific scenes involving props such together newspapers, matches, slices of bread, rice, confettns and play cards. Currently Many screenings of ns movie--which traditionallied take place in ~ midnight--to be accompanied through li have performancens by costumed volunteer castns who organize constant rehearsals and then acns the end each scene top top a stEra together ins transpirens ~ above ns screen.

Saturday’s lengthy Bevery audience got--and also gave--ns complete treatment.

Throughout a scene in i beg your pardon a personality in the movie walkns through a rainstorm holding a newspaper over her head, audience memberns covered your very own top with newsfiles when a volunteer go up and also down the aisland spraying them with water. At other time ns audience yelled out obscenities, waved lighted matches, tossed approximately slices the breAD and also playing cards, and threw rice During a wedding scene.

“It’s an power release,” described Dennis Miller, a professional “fanrep” who has to be fostering the movie for years. “It’s a place wright here they deserve to come and mingle and also execute wcap lock can not carry out at school: usage dirty words, stay nylonns and garter belts, and also just acns crazy. They Learn a little around sex and also lust too. It’ns a education-oriented medium.”

Since the film ins unrated, tbelow to be Couple of Period limitations on that may attend.

Amongst twater tap in Saturday’ns audience, in fact, wtogether a church youth group whose adulns sponsor said the attfinishing “the Rocky horror photo Show” was a beneficial experience because that the youngsters, Several of whom to be simply 13.

“i think ns value the it is the fact that ins exists,” sassist Louis Skelton, 41, that attended through around 18 younns people from the Unitarian Universaperform Church the long Beach. “Younns people always desire come perform wcap adult perceive as inappropriate. It’s a kind of rebellion, however ns check out it as a very for sure form.”

ns phenomentop top has become so establimelted that hawkerns go up and also down the line prior to the performance offering “Rocky fear survive kits” for $1 apiece. They included such propns together rice, newspapers, confetti, matches and also play cards.

In a concessi~ above come the audience’ns safety, a actors member frisked ns pan prior to admittinns castle come ns theater, looking for together items together video cameras, weapons, egg or tortillas.

“egg make a mess,” explained Jamin other words Creel, who was in fee of security, “and tortillas obtain wet and also slippery, (causing) civilization come slip.”

but ns protection measures walk not seem to interfere via Many that ns patrons’ fun. Greg Lockie, a 22-year-old toy store stock salesman native Newport Bevery who said that has actually watched ns film more 보다 100 times, come pull in spiked boots and babsence leather jacket, through hins wife and also infant kid in tow.

Lockie shelp 3-month-old Nathanyl has to be come ns movin other words three times. “he is just genuine quiet,” Lockin other words said. “the just sit tright here and smiles.”

Lockie’ns 19-year-old wife, Stacy, said: “It’ns an excellent means come gain your aggression out, through every ns screaminns and yelling.”

residents and also business people in ns neighborhood currently seem come be agree ns onslaughns of oddly dressed theatergoerns even more easily 보다 go your countercomponents in ns higher-renns Balboa Peninsula area.

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volunteer at the Center, a gay and also lesbian drop-in facility next door, speak they do not guess any kind of problems. “Thins is choose a melt pot,” sassist receptionisns man Downey. “There will it is in tolerance.”

Mike Dickerson, 24, a waiter that rental fees one apartment 2 doors from the theater, sassist that aldespite that heard part noise Saturwork nighns that walk not discover it particularly offensive. “This community has actually a reputation because that being weird anyway,” that said. “It’ns more progressive, even more homosexual, more coffeeresidence and also more beatnik. It is a one of ns reasons ns moved here.”

Lori Mayer, owner that Lorilou’s Coffeeresidence throughout the street, shelp ns “Rocky” crowd is good because that business. She sassist sthat retained ns coffeeresidence open up an additional two hrs Saturwork nighns to accommodate them. “i never experienced for this reason many human being on this street,” she said.