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Frederick:(Spoken)just how are we acquiring to the castle?Inga:(speaks in German)Frederick:(Spoken)What'ns that?Inga:(Spoken)A hay ride!Inga:Roll, roll, role in ze hayRoll, role your problem awaywhen life ins awfuljust jump on a stlife fulland also roll, role in ze hayRoll, roll, roll in ze hayRoll, roll, carry out it all dayas soon as spirits to be saggin'just jump in a wagonand roll, role in ze hayInga:(Spoken)I'm incredibly high spirited doctor. I hope girlfriend won'ns organize it versus meFrederick:(Spoken)Oh. I'ltogether try not toInga:Hitch twater tap steeds up for a happy rideWe'll have lot's that funNopoints much better than a hay rideunderneath ns sunRoll, roll, role in ze hayperiodically love finds a wayyou might steatogether a kissnative a unwittinns missWwater tap no to resistanns come playfor this reason let'ns roll, roll, roll, role in ze hay
Inga:(Spoken)So, have actually you thought that any type of ways friend could usage me?Frederick:(Spoken)Two.and also I'm working top top a thirdInga:(Spoken)Oh, good! Does the Median I'm hired?Frederick:(Spoken)Well, a large component the me ins pointinns in that directionFrederick & Inga: Roll, roll in ze hayIgor: We'll go uns the path, then dvery own the hill, back up the path, climate down the hillWe'll walk up and down and uns and also down and up and dvery own and up and downFredestack & Inga: Up and also down, and also up and downand also up and also down, and up and dvery own andInga:Up?Frederick:Down?Inga:Up?Frederick:Down?Inga:Up!
Frederick:Down!Inga:Up!Frederick:Down!Igor:(Sung in unison)Hitch twater tap steeds up because that a gay rideWe'll have lot'ns that funNothings much better than a hay rideunderneath the sunInga: Yodeladie, yodeladieFrederick & Igor: role in itInga: role in itYodeladie, yodeladieFredestack & Igor: roll in itInga:role in itCome take it a hay rideand also take her breath amethod riderole in itrole in ze hayYodeladie,Yodeladie,YodeladieYodeladie,Yodeladie,YodeladieYodeladie,Yodeladie,YodeladieYodeladie,Yodeladie,Ladie,Ladie,LadieYodeladie,Yodeladie,Yodeladie,YodeladieYodeldee

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(Howling)Frederick: What'ns that?Inga:VervolvesFrederick:Werewolves!Igor: THERE! Tright here WOLVES!Frederick: What?Igor:There WOLVES!There CASTLE!Frederick: Why are friend talk favor that?Igor: ns DON't KNOW! ns don'ns know, i don't...i don'ns knowns assumed friend wanted me toFrederick: fine ns don'tIgor: Hmm. Have actually it her way. I'm easyInga: Yodeladie,ho-dee-dae,yodeladieHo-dee-dae,yodel-dee-dae,yodel-dee-daeYodeladie,yodeldee,yodeladie,yodeladieYodeladie,yodeladie,yodel-dee-daerole in ze deeYodeladie,ho-dee-dae,yodeladie, ho-dee-dae,yodeladie,yodeladie,yodeladieYodeldee,yodeladie,yodeladie,yodeladieYodeladie,yodeladie,yodeladie,yodeladieYodeladie,yodeladie,yodeladie,yodeldeeFredestack & Igor: so let's roll, roll, roll. We'ltogether every roll, roll, rollInga: Come with ns and rollFredestack & Igor:(Sunns in unison)roll in it, role in itroll in it, role in it, roll in it, roll in itFrederick,Inga & Igor: roll in ns hay!