Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looked stunninns top top the poctopus carpet at ns 2019 Met Gala!

ns 32-year-old design and also actress stepped the end for the occasion hosted at the urban Museum the art ~ above Monwork (may 6) in brand-new York City.

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because that ns gala, Rosie donned a beaded htransform gown and also draped a floor-length feathered shall around she shoulders, inspired by ns glamorouns Layout the Old Hollytimber actresses Jea Harlow and also Marlene Dietrich.

ns Costuns institute festival benefit thins year is celebrating ns opening that ns “Camp: notes on Fashion” exhibition and is hosted through Lady Gaga, harry Styles, Serena Williams, Gucci designer Alessandro Michele, and also Vogue editor-in-a cook Anna Wintour.

FYI: Rosie ins a Osvehicle de la Renta gown and also cape, Christia Louboutin shoes and Lorraine Schwartz earrings.

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