my attempt:

import numpy as npnp.seterr(divide="ignore")a=np.array(<4/3,0,0>)b=np.array(<1,0,0>)np.divide(a,b)ns ouPlaced i get:

__main__:1: RuntimeWarning: inprecious worth encountered in true_dividearray(1.33333333, nan, nan>)If ns asking ins again:

np.divide(a,b)then no RuntimeWarning ins displayed.

You are watching: Runtimewarning: invalid value encountered in true_divide

I"m happy through ns range the ins output, yet ns do not want the error message; the ins what i assumed seterr would fix. Just how have the right to i remove ns warning? (i would certainly rather not create a for loons the renders exception for 0/0.)

inquiry By: mark
price #1:



np.seterr(all="ignore")from the seterr docs:

- Inprecious operation: outcome ins no a expressible number, frequently suggests the a Na wtogether produced.1/0 produces a FloatingPointError: division by zero encountered in true_division error/warning.

0/0 producens a Warning: inprecious worth encountered in true_division error/warning.

all will Capture both.

errstate deserve to be supplied to temporary adjust np.seterr.

In <1472>: via np.errstate(invalid="print"): y=np.divide(<1.2,0,0>,<1,0,0>) ......: Warning: inprecious worth encountered in true_dividewarningns are Generally issue the first tins ns problem aclimb in a run, and then are silent.

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