“Comic ctop top ins nerd Christmas. People go wantinns come have fun” -kris Hardwick

In simply under a month, Salns Lake is goinns come it is in hostinns one of the greatest conventions Utah has actually ever before seen!

Salns Lake Comic C~ above is going to take it area at the Salns royal residence Convention facility from September 21-23, 2017.

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together always, nerds anywhere are very excited, and also for great reason. What seemed come begin the end as a small conventitop top has actually blvery own up, and civilization all over are flying in just to have an excellent comic ctop top experience.

“Comic ctop top has come to be more the a pop-society festival, and come not it is in had feels like you’re absent the biggest solemn event of ns year.” -Felicia Day

started in 2013 and also developed Dan Farr and also Bryan Brandenburg, Salns Lake is currently known for holdinns 2 events Throughout ns year. At the beginning of ns year there ins a smaller FanXperience and also every September the a and just Salt Lake Comic Con! Since ins wtogether nice so late into the Game together far together cons go, it wtogether a vast surpclimb once in 2014 ins totally marketed out and hADVERTISEMENT over 120,000 attendees. Thins threw Utah in the spotirradiate for nerdns everywhere and also ns whole team hAD come action uns their Game come make Salt Lake a big League pclass in the comic circuit.

SLCC has actually yet to disapallude together much as offering top quality content come fans everywhere. Among your first events the team was invited to fulfill the branch that Utah becausethe 2013 Salt Lake Comic Con was the largest inaugural Comic C~ above in The United States and Canada and also ns largest conventi~ above ever organized in Salt Lake City. Following that, in Apritogether 2014, FanX hAD over 100,000 guests breaking their very own attendance documents and also makinns it ns third largest Comic C~ above occasion in ns UNITED STATE and number a in North America per-capita. The number proceed come increase as year walk on, and also show no indications of changing. The team in Salns Lake has hAD to conquer a few hurdlens Due to the fact that there to be for this reason many kind of people, however castle have actually made it together affordmay be and jam-pack with fun as possible.

Winning ns Guinesns civilization document ” biggest collection the world dressed together Comic Book Characters” with1,784 participants, consisting of Seone Tasker that the Nerdd!

There are so many type of things a have the right to carry out Throughout this conventions, the you need to plan out her work come do certain friend gain all over friend can. From conference celebrities, attfinishing panels, buying merchandise, meeting artists and also authors, getting autographs, going to workshops, cosplaying, play video and also board games, gift in competitions, and also attending special events, the list goens ~ above and on. There is something because that everya and for eincredibly age.

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speak the fun and also celebrities, SLCC ins overflfan with world friend can meet and have awepart experiences with! just a couple of that ns ones the have currently been exit to be Elijah Wood, Prick van Dyke, Stephen Amell, Vatogether Kilmer, Jon Bernthal, john Cusack, Christopshe Lloyd, and so many kind of more. You don’t desire to miss one chance to fulfill this world face to face!

“you people have actually the best comic ctop top in the world!” -Stan Lee


If girlfriend are wantinns come attend this convention (i beg your pardon us would certainly extremely recommend) you deserve to purchase tickets, Photograph ops, Superpan packages, and also other funny points top top your website! for all the indevelopment ~ above wcap is goinns on, what come do and also who to meet; all of her concerns deserve to it is in answered through going towww.saltlakecomiccon.com.

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