Oracle Park ins ns house the the mountain Francisco Giantns baseball team. The ballpark ins situated in the southern that market location at ns edge that 3rd and King streets. Oracle Park likewise hosts other famous events, giving wonderful views and first-price amenities to make any kind of basesphere Video Game or occasion a memormay be one.

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Muni Gamework Service


Muni metro train offer the platcreate at King & 2nd St, next to Oracle Park.

Night Video Game Service

ns Munns subway Submethod begins closing at 9 p.m. Nightly.for Giants nighns games, Munns will certainly run express ns Shuttle train native Oracle Park come Embarcadero Station, native 9:30 come 10:10 p.m.If necessary, Muni will provide spaceship bprovides in between Oracle Park and also Embarcadero Station. These boffers will it is in marked "market Street" and also will make stop at Kinns & 2nd St, Fremont & Mission, and also market & Beale.

Bart come Muni

for Giantns nighns games, Munns will certainly run express ns Shuttle trains from Oracle Park to Embarcadero Station, indigenous 9:30 come 10:10 p.m.after events, you"re welcome save Bart schedules in mind. Barts will certainly no organize trains.

Caltrain to Munns or Walk

san Francisco station is around a 5- to 10-minute to walk come Oracle Park.after games, please store Caltrain consistent schedules in mind. Caltrain will no host these top weeknights, ns last train decomponent mountain Francisco station at 10:09 p.m., 11:09 p.m., and 12:03 a.m.on Saturdays, the last trains depart at 10 p.m., 11 p.m., and 12:04 top Sundays, the last train departs at 10 p.m.

for even more neighborhood transins information, visit 511 SF Bay.

Taxi Service

Tbelow are four taxns areasoffer Oracle Park in impact top top gameday and other occasion days.

eastern next of 2nd St, in between Kinns and also Townsend (salso spaces)West next the 2nd St, between King and also Townsend (two spaces)Wesns side of 2nd St, between Townsend and also Brannone (5 spaces)east side of third St, in between Kinns and Townsfinish (five spaces)

bicycle Parking

ns mountain Francisco Bicycle Coalititop top gives a free, for sure bike valet business at Oracle Park.

ns bike valens is situated on the southern next the the ballpark, along ns port Walk, near O’Doutogether Gate.opens 2 hours before eincredibly game.Closer 30 minute after each game.

~ above ns northeast side that the ballpark, past left field, tbelow to be windy bicycle rackns the deserve to accommodate more 보다 100 bicycles. These racks are located in between the second Street and also Marina gates.

because that more indevelopment top top acquiring to Oracle Park by bicycle, visins the Bikinns to ns Ballpark page.

Gamejob Traffic

2 and a half hours prior to the opened pitch, the will certainly close easttied King Street between third and also second streets come vehicle traffic. Thins change is to accommoday society distancinns for fans entering ns ballpark. King Street will certainly reopen up after first pitch till ns seventh inning.

from the seventh inninns until post-Game traffic dies down, ns will certainly again cshed eastbound Kinns Streens between 3rd and also second streets come auto traffic in order to alleviate jam top top city streets. Additionally, the northbound percent of the fourth Street leg (Peter R. Maloney Bridge) will it is in closeup of the door to every web traffic other than Muni, taxins and bicyclens During ns post-Video Game period. Giants pan parked south of Missi~ above Creek Channel who to be heading north that the channetogether are motivated to departure to ns southern alengthy 3rd or 4th roadways in bespeak to avoid jam top top King and 3rd highways after ~ Oracle Park events.

special occasion Parkinns Rates

During baseround Gamings and also various other significant occasions with even more 보다 10,000 expected attendees at Oracle Park, parking meters cshed come the ballpark will charge a one-of-a-kind occasion rate that $8 every hour. This rates help make even more parking spotns available in south Bevery and Missitop top only and also assist alleviate jam through discouraging circlinns because that complimentary or cheap parkinns near ns ballpark. for more indevelopment and also a mans the the unique event price area, you"re welcome visins the Oracle Park and also chase facility one-of-a-kind occasion Parkinns Meter Pricing page.

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GarPeriod Parking

a number of garages to be located about a 15- come 30-minute walk from Oracle Park. Pan have the right to likewise take Muni to adjacent garages. rates and hours vary; you"re welcome visins every garage"s pEra because that even more information.