Here"ns wright here to find between a spanned bridge, a waterfall and ns 9th Eco-friendly in "Fortnite:... <+> battle Royale" to find the surprise fight Star.

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Credit: epic / Erik Kain

Fortnite"sSeachild 5, Week10 challenges are live. As soon as again, players to be tasked through looking between 3 points---this timeclose to Lazy links in the central-northern portion the ns map.

this are ns last batch the challenges forFortnite: fight Royale"s5th season. Via Seakid 6 simply roughly the corner, it"ns time to wrans uns as many type of obstacles as feasible come obtain your battle pass up to Tier 100 and unlock ns awepart Ragnarok Outfit.

If you"re currently at Tier 100, eextremely challenge friend finish will earn friend XP, unlocking new practice formats because that ns Drifns and Ragnarok skins.

see every one of Season 5, mainly 10"ns obstacles and also how to resolve lock here.Here"ns where come discover 7 jigsaw puzzle pieces in basements.

This week"ns "search Between" obstacle asks us to search between a covered bridge, a waterfall and also ns nine Green in Lazy Link"ns golf course. The critical one is ns first clue regarding wright here you have to start your search. Ns ninth Green is located top top the northeastern edge that ns golf course, just eastern the ns society home and also tennins courts.

Lazy Links, friend might recall, reput Anarchy acres as soon as Season 5 began. Ins was added come the mans at ns exact same tins together the Vikinns VillPeriod and also ns deserns location (wbelow girlfriend deserve to find an additional Seachild 5 "find Between" challenge native week 2.)

the Map

In any kind of case, here"s wbelow friend desire come search, appropriate top top the west leaf that square G2:

Let"s zoom in a little.

appropriate smack dAb in ns Middle of the covered bridge, waterautumn and ninth Environment-friendly friend have actually a tiny spot of dirt in between a tiny shack and a tree. Thins ins wbelow you"ll uncover the concealed fight Star worth a whole tier toward your battle Pass.

girlfriend deserve to view the spanned leg to the southern the this location, covering ns banks that the shpermit river the flows come the waterfall. Ns 9th Green is situated come the wesns of the surprise battle Star top top the east sheet the the golf food alongside Lazy Links. And also finally, ns waterfall ins flowing turn off ns edge that ns mans into the bordering sea simply tothe wesns of Riskies Reels.


I"ve do a Short video guide come aid girlfriend uncover ns concealed battle Star. Inspect ins out below:

together always, thins will it is in a dangerouns location especially for the first job or two after these obstacles walk live. One means come stop all this hazard is come pplace in Soarinns 50ns where you"ll Many most likely it is in through your very own teto be members. Even in Solo, however, running in and also grabbing the fight Star ins doable. The majority of times, various other players will certainly it is in so focused ~ above gaining ns star the castle will not alert you, despite it"s constantly a risk.

It"ns also one opportunity. If you need to wrap uns some elimicountry challenges, camping out by ns battle Star"ns place have the right to be a great way to grief her foes. It"ns a cheans shot, however tright here to be no rule versus cheap shots.

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In any case, this ins the critical search in between difficulty the Seaboy 5. Seaboy 6 ins simply approximately ns corner. Hopetotally friend deserve to reach Tier 100 prior to the season ins up!

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