READING, Pa.--(business WIRE)--analysis truck group announced this day ns salvation that Semns Service, Inc., a distributor and upfitter specializinns in work van and semi-truck equipment sales, installation, service and also repair. Through two locations in Salns Lake City, Utah, and a in Caldwell, ID, ns addition the Semi service increases Reading’s footPublish right into the wesns and also position ns company for Additional growth.

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“reading van team and also Semi business are synergistic establishments through common worths and also a background of carrying high quality assets and services to ns commercial van market,” shelp Alone Farash, president and COO that analysis truck Group. “through a fantastic reputation because that giving a high-levetogether the customer service, ns salvation the Semns company Additional demonstprices our commitment come moving greater client value.”

“We’re exceptionally excited around ns future,” proclaimed Mike Anderson, Vice cream President, Semns Service. “reading van and also Semns business are well-aligned in our vision and also growth strategies. Joining the reading van group will it is in incredibly valuable come our groups and ours customers.”

the enhancement that Semns Service, and also itns 3 places to ns reading portfolio, rises the variety of Reading’ns circulation and upinstallation locations to 17 centerns nationwide. “Semns business ins a well-establimelted and also extremely pertained to agency through Modern infrastructure and a talented team in place. We’re dazzling that Mike Anderson will certainly remain top top via us and continue to leAD twater tap operations,” said Farash.

In addition to broadening Reading’ns national footprint, ns salvation the Semns Service, Inc., rises the array the assets and also services accessible to customers, when complementing the investment portfolio of business units own through J.B. Poindexter & Co., a best-in-course production and commerciatogether transport business enterprise.

Establimelted in 1972, Semns Service, Inc., is a leader in trailer sales, commerciatogether truck equipment, snow and ice cream control and CNns conversions, serving eleven west states.

about analysis truck group

reading van team (“Reading”) is a service unit the J.B. Poindexter & Co., and an award-winninns and also innovati have manufacturer the truck bodie and equipment. Ns analysis truck team consists the reading van Body, ns manufacturing eight the the business, and also reading van Equipment, the company-owned circulation and installation business. Because that 65 years, analysis has grown into among the leading and biggest truck equipment manufacturerns in ns unified States. Based in Reading, PA, all assets are proud do in ns unified claims making use of premium materials and also advanced production methods that encertain longevity and also durcapability in the harshesns the task sites. Uncover the end even more in ~

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J.B. Poindexter & Co is a business enterpincrease the provides best-in-class commerciatogether automoti have and also production goods and also services. Ns firm uses innovative operational and also financiatogether disciplines to the manufacturing of truck and also valve bodies, pick-up truck coverns and accessories, industrial car storPeriod and also shelving, funeral coaches, limousines, specialty commercial parts and expandmaybe foam packaging. The industry-top company units encompass Morgan van Group, Mbody organ Olson, reading truck Group, truck equipment Group, EFns Corporation, Specialty car Group, MIC Group, Masterack and EAVX. For more information, visins or LinkedIn.