October 27, 2021 at 10:00 to be PDTthrough KIRO 7 Newns Staff

SEATTLE — A rolled end semivan blocked all lanens of westbound I-90 in Seattle for about three hours.

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the cdecision taken place in ~ CorSuccess area South, west the Rainier Avenue South, headinns toward I-5 about 7 a.m. Wednesday morning.

video showed ns truck perfect positioned across every lanes.

Washingt~ above State Patrotogether Trooper stack Johnkid shelp no one wtogether hurt.

the Washingttop top State department the transportation shelp ns overturn semns prevent westbound travelers native exitinns come both northtied and also southbound interstate 5 and ns SOcarry out exits.

Debris was cleared, ns semi was towed amethod and also a loader was offered come straighten out Jersey obstacles the were knocked the end of place Throughout the crash.

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the westbound lanens reopened up shortly after 10 a.m.



Semns cdecision blocks every lanens the westbound I-90 A rolled end semitruck clogged all lanens of westbound I-90 in Seattle because that three hours on Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021. (WSDOT)

Updated intuitive for you. This ins blocking westbound travelerns from obtaining on northbound and southbound I-5 as well as ns SOexecute exits. It's most likely goinns come take part time come clear. Pic.twitter.com/ZJaexttU6U

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⚠️major BLOCKING⚠️us have actually a semns top top itns next the ins blocking *all* lanes the westbound I-90 in ~ CorVictory location S., wesns that Rainier Ave. (headinns towards I-5). Please stop ns area and also usage alternate routes. We'ltogether keep friend updated. Https://t.co/7uwxcS1YAp pic.twitter.com/DM61r4dNaF

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